Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 99 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 2010
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0990

In Vitro Fertilization: Success, Controversy and Tragedy
p. 0991 | Balaram, P.

Nuclear power for energy production and hazardous waste regulations in India
p. 0993 | Sharma, Prabhakar; Goel, Gaurav

Union catalogues of India
p. 0994 | Dasgupta, A. K.

Is Master of Philosophy worth pursuing?
p. 0994 | Vendan, S. Ezhil; Anand, A. Alwin Prem

Grow natives
p. 0995 | Ghate, Ketaki; Karandikar, Manasi; Datar, Mandar N.

Publications versus research: promotion of science or self
p. 0995 | Khan, Asad U.

Relevance of voucher specimens in palynological publications
p. 0996 | Garg, Arti

Sacred groves from Kumaon Himalaya
p. 0996 | Agnihotri, Priyanka; Sharma, S.; Dixit, V.; Singh, H.; Husain, Tariq

Occurrence of mallard Anas platyrhynchos in high-altitude lakes of Tawang District, western Arunachal Pradesh, India
p. 0998 | Gogoi, Lohit; Mazumdar, Kripaljyoti; Dutta, Pijush Kumar

Sikkim silver brake fern at risk
p. 0999 | Kholia, B. S.

Old World's smallest frog discovered residing in killer plants
p. 1000 | Gururaja, K. V.

Is it necessary to do away with IIT-JEE?
p. 1000 | Chatterji, Dipankar

Meeting Report
The world of mathematics and mathematicians
p. 1001 | Malhotra, Richa; Monto, Geethanjali

A developing country with a developed talent - a ten-year experiment to energize our young students
p. 1003 | Lavakare, P. J.

Meeting Report
Aerosols and clouds: climate change perspectives
p. 1004 | Devara, P. C. S.; Ghosh, Sanjay K.; Raha, Sibaji

A new passage to India
p. 1007

Novel mechanisms of emergence of multidrug resistance/tolerance
p. 1008 | Jayaraman, R.

What we can learn from the inter-academy report
p. 1011 | Menon, Gautam I.; Siddharthan, Rahul

Empowerment of women professionals for an effective role in national planning and development programmes: a view from the geosciences
p. 1012 | Arora, Kusumita

Industry imperatives on generation of human capital
p. 1014 | Ramanarayanan, V.

Smile with Science: Sumanta Baruah
p. 1016

Scientific Correspondence
Nonlinear electrical conductivity response of shaly-sand reservoir - physical explanation
p. 1017 | Niwas, Sri

Mineralogy of disseminated sulphides from the volcanics of Andaman Island
p. 1021 | Ray, Dwijesh; Rajan, S.; Ravindra, Rasik

The enigma of leaf size and plant size in bamboos
p. 1025 | Koshy, K. C.; Dintu, K. P.; Gopakumar, B.

Stationary magnetotelluric monitoring system for earthquake research in Koyna region, Maharashtra
p. 1027 | Harinarayana, T.; Narayanan, Mahesh; Murthy, D. N.; Gupta, Arvind Kumar; Babu, Narendra

Expression analysis of b-actin promoter of rohu (Labeo rohita) by direct injection into muscle
p. 1030 | Barman, H. K.; Das, V.; Mohanta, R.; Mohapatra, C.; Panda, R. P.; Jayasankar, P.

Technical Note
Obtaining accurate body weights of captive elephants in Sri Lanka
p. 1033 | Wijeyamohan, S.; Read, Bruce; Santiapillai, Charles

General Articles
Sociobiology in turmoil again
p. 1036 | Gadagkar, Raghavendra

On multiple choice tests and negative marking
p. 1042 | Karandikar, Rajeeva L.

Role of social disorder-related environmental cues as signals in modulating social learning, norm non-compliance and collective decisions in human societies
p. 1046 | Rastogi, Neelkamal

Research Articles
Variations in soil organic carbon and litter decomposition across different tropical vegetal covers
p. 1051 | Dinakaran, J.; Krishnayya, N. S. R

A new wind-erosion sampler for monitoring dust-storm events in the Indian Thar Desert
p. 1061 | Santra, Priyabrata; Mertia, R. S.; Kushawa, H. L.

Research Communications
Photodissociation of water using colloidal nanoparticles of doped titanium (IV) oxide semiconductors for hydrogen production
p. 1068 | Kasem, Kasem K.; Dahn, Melissa

Stratosphere-troposphere exchange of ozone at Indian Antarctic station, Maitri
p. 1074 | Ganguly, Nandita D.

Reducing biofouling on titanium surface by electroless deposition of antibacterial copper nano films
p. 1079 | Therasa, J. Josephine; Vishwakarma, Vinita; George, R. P.; Kamruddin, M.; Kalavathi, S.; Manoharan, N.; Tyagi, A. K.; Dayal, R. K.

Preclinical studies on the use of medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum as an adjuvant in radiotherapy of cancer
p. 1084 | Gopakumar, G.; Martin, Femy; Antony, Sherin K.; Pillai, Thulasi G.; Nair, Cherupally Krishnan K.

DNA microarray analysis targeting pmoA gene reveals diverse community of methanotrophs in the rhizosphere of tropical rice soils
p. 1090 | Vishwakarma, Pranjali; Dubey, Suresh K.

Assessment of genotoxic potential of herbomineral preparations - bhasmas
p. 1096 | Vardhini, N. V.; Sathya, T. N.; Murthy, P. Balakrishna

Free diterpenes cafestol and kahweol in beans and in vitro cultures of Coffea species
p. 1101 | Sridevi, V.; Giridhar, P.; Ravishankar, G. A.

Anemophily, accidental cantharophily, seed dispersal and seedling ecology of Cycas sphaerica Roxb. (Cycadaceae), a data-deficient red-listed species of northern Eastern Ghats
p. 1105 | Raju, A. J. Solomon; Jonathan, K. Henry

Karlodinium veneficum in India: effect of fixatives on morphology and allelopathy in relation to Skeletonema costatum
p. 1112 | Naik, R. K.; Chitari, R. R.; Anil, A. C.

European Cryptothallus mirabilis v. Malmb. matured in India - its morphological and LM & SEM palynological studies, with comments on utility for modern and fossil studies
p. 1116 | Gupta, Asha

Personal News
Rustom Roy (1924-2010)
p. 1121 | Bose, Dwarka

Book Reviews
Malaria in South Asia: Eradication and Resurgence during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century by Rais Akhtar, Ashok K. Dutt and Vandana Wadhwa (eds)
p. 1122 | Dev, Vas

Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bengaluru: Imaginations and their Times by Narendar Pani, Sindhu Ramakrishna and Kishor G. Bhat (eds)
p. 1124 | Sampath, Vikram

How India Earns, Spends and Saves: Unmasking the Real India by Rajesh Shukla
p. 1125 | Pani, Narendar

Historical Notes
C. V. Raman's research in astronomy
p. 1127 | Singh, Rajinder

p. 1133

International Conference on Quantum Effects on Solids of Today-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
p. 1135

Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2011
p. 1136

Modular Courses-IBAB
p. 1137

Science Academies Refresher Course on Modern Biotechnological Techniques
p. 1138

Admission for Research Scholars Programme-II-2010-CDFD
p. 1139

UGC Networking Resource Centre in Chemical Engineering
p. 1140

Faculty Positions in Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai
p. 1141

Science Academies' Summer Research Fellowship Programme for Students and Teachers - 2011
p. 1142

Apply for PhD or Post-doc positions-EMBO
p. 1143

Advertisement for Research Scientist/Technical Officer on Contractual Basis-S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1144

Appointment of Faculty on Regular Basis-S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1145

Workshop on 'Development of Concept in Modern Biology'-School of Life Sciences
p. 1146

Academic Programmes - 2011-Indian Institute of Astrophysics
p. 1146

Junior Research Fellow and Project Assistant-University of Hyderabad
p. 1147

Junior Research Fellow-Department of Geology, Centre of Advanced Studies
p. 1147

Research Associate (1)/Junior Research Fellow (3)/Project Assistant (1)/Field Assistant (1)-Sardar Patel University
p. 1148

Junior Research Fellow (2 position)-Sardar Patel University
p. 1148

Senior Research Fellow-School of Petroleum Technology
p. 1149

Junior Research Fellow-Centre for Advanced Studies
p. 1149

Junior Research Fellow-Mangalore University
p. 1150

Junior Research Fellow-University of Kalyani
p. 1150

Symposium on Insect Pest Management
p. 1150

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