Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 95 - Issue 6: 25 Sep, 2008
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 0698

Rutherford's Nucleus and the CERN Experiment
p. 0699 | Balaram, P.

In defence of Vice-Chancellors
p. 0701 | Rao, A. S.

Science writing
p. 0701 | Pandit, M. K.

Access to science journals: Pros and cons
p. 0702 | Rajput, Abhay S. D.

Seismic hazard, active faults and the Alquist-Priolo Act of California
p. 0703 | Ray, Sumit Kumar

Nallamala Hills, Andhra Pradesh: A biodiversity conservation priority area in southeastern India
p. 0703 | Srinivasulu, C.; Srinivasulu, Bhargavi

India as a global leader in knowledge economy
p. 0704 | Narasimharao, B. Panduranga

On the resolutions of the twin paradox
p. 0706 | Hazra, Kaberi

On the resolutions of the twin paradox(Response)
p. 0707 | Unnikrishnan, C. S.

A 'copy and paste' review article published in Current Science
p. 0708 | Prasad, G. S.

Women scientists meet in Delhi on International Women's Day
p. 0709 | Bal, Vineeta; Sharma, Vinita

Combating land degradation for sustainable agriculture - Is conservation agriculture the way forward for India?
p. 0711 | Sangar, Sunita; Vasudev, Sanjeev; Abrol, I. P.

Earthquake-resistant practices in architecture
p. 0713 | Jain, Sudhir K.

Research News
Galactic triggering of geologic events in earth's history
p. 0714 | Sankaran, A. V.

Microbial contamination of raw materials: A major reason for the decline of India's share in the global herbal market
p. 0717 | Dubey, N. K.; Kumar, Ashok; Singh, Priyanka; Shukla, Ravindra

Special plantation drive - Towards livelihood security in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0718 | Krishnan, P. Ratha

Lions in India - A question of survival
p. 0720 | Xavier, Nicky K.

A philosophy for integration of ayurveda with modern medicine: A biochemist's perspective
p. 0721 | Hegde, M. V.; Patil, Sham; Bhalerao, Surekha

Scientific Correspondence
A simple method for constructing and calibrating an optical tweezer
p. 0723 | De, Arijit Kumar; Roy, Debjit; Saha, Bikram; Goswami, Debabrata

Preliminary remanent magnetism results from the Jurassic sediments of Kachchh, India
p. 0725 | Venkateshwarlu, M.; Ojha, J. R.; Pandey, B.; Krishna, J.

General Articles
Some issues on interlinking of rivers in India
p. 0728 | Jain, S. K.; Kumar, Vijay; Panigrahy, N.

Review Articles
Geological evolution of the Caribbean plate: Some critical aspects in the two divergent models
p. 0736 | Rao, T. Ramamohana

Research Articles
Synthesis and characterization of carboxylated thiophene co-polymers and their use in photovoltaic cells
p. 0743 | Fernando, J. M. R. C.; Senadeera, G. K. R.

Facilitated oxygen diffusion in muscle fibre
p. 0751 | Ansari, A. H.

Research Communications
Self-distortion of a short laser pulse in a plasma
p. 0760 | Sharma, H.; Parashar, J.; Gaur, N. K.

Characterization of clay bound organic matter using activation energy calculated by weight loss on ignition method
p. 0763 | Ratnayake, R. R.; Seneviratne, G.; Kulasooriya, S. A.

On the mathematical significance of the dimensions of the Delhi Iron Pillar
p. 0766 | Balasubramaniam, R.

Determination of calcium dose for minimizing fluoride bioavailability in rabbits
p. 0770 | Pius, Anitha; Viswanathan, G.

Municipal solid waste disposal in Pune city - An analysis of air and groundwater pollution
p. 0773 | Dhere, Amar M.; Pawar, Chandrasekhar B.; Pardeshi, Pratapsingh B.; PatiI, Dhanraj A.

Ruthenium-exchanged US-Y Zeolites for NO reduction by CO
p. 0778 | Labhsetwar, Nitin; Dhakad, M.; Rayalu, S.; Minamino, H.; Wanjari, S.; Kumar, Suresh; Doggali, P.; Tijare, S.; Valechha, D.; Watanabe, A.; Mitsuhashi, T.; Haneda, H.

Book Reviews
Chemistry of Water by A. A. Rao
p. 0783 | Rao, Sudhakar M.

Legumes in India: Applications in Food, Medicine and Industry by Mamatha Rao
p. 0784 | Abrol, Yash P.

Slow Viscous Flows: Qualitative Features and Quantitative Analysis Using Complex Eigenfunction Expansions by P. N. Shankar
p. 0784 | Kumaran, V.

Personal Reminiscences
D. D. Pant (1919-2008)
p. 0786 | Thakur, S. N.

Historical Notes
Max Planck and the genesis of the energy quanta in historical context
p. 0788 | Singh, Rajinder

Department of Biotechnology Small Business Innovation Research Initiative (SBIRI)
p. 0793

p. 0794

p. 0795

p. 0796

p. 0797

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology
p. 0798

Department of Physics
p. 0799

p. 0799

p. 0800

Dr D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme
p. 0800

p. 0801

Rajiv Gandhi University
p. 0801

p. 0802

p. 0802

'Marine GIS'
p. 0803

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