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Volume 94 - Issue 02: 25 Jan, 2008
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0152

Universities: Restructuring and Reform
p. 0153 | Balaram, P.

Probing scientific misconduct
p. 0155 | Valluri, S. R.

Accommodate waitlisted candidates from NET exams
p. 0155 | Rao, A. S.

Watering the desert
p. 0156 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Is Leptadenia reticulata a threatened species?
p. 0157 | Rao, C. Kameswara

Ash beds from the Himalayan Foreland Basin: Their nature and significance
p. 0157 | Acharyya, Subhrangsu Kanta

Taxonomic vandalism: The case of the giant wrinkled frog
p. 0158 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

Formation of mini warm pool in the Arabian Sea
p. 0159 | Sanilkumar, K. V.; Hareesh, P. V.

Formation of mini warm pool in the Arabian Sea(Response)
p. 0159 | Deepa, R.; Seetaramayya, P.; Gnanaseelan, C.; Nagar, S. G.

Prof. V. V. Sivarajan Gold Medal award to V. S. Raju
p. 0163 | Reddy, C. Sudhakar

Earth Science Olympiad, South Korea
p. 0163 | Shankar, R.

Meeting Report
A call to end water fluoridation
p. 0164 | Basha, P. Mahaboob; Madhusudhan, N.

Large branchiopods symposium
p. 0164 | Prasad, Durga; Munuswamy, N.; Pandian, T. J.

Research News
World's first single carbon nanotube radio
p. 0166 | Sur, Ujjal Kumar

Conflicting interests in drug pricing: Innovation vs social needs
p. 0168 | Ehtesham, Sheja; Mansingh, Niranjan

Death sentence on taxonomy in India
p. 0170 | Prathapan, K. D.; Rajan, Priyadarsanan Dharma; Narendran, T. C; Viraktamath, C. A.; Aravind, N. A.; Poorani, J.

Scientific Correspondence
Stability of oral polio vaccine at different temperatures and its correlation with vaccine vial monitors
p. 0172 | Sahu, A. K.; Saha, K.; Chand, Tara; Singh, Vinit; Meena, Jaipal; Singh, S.

Climatically sensitive 'Arctic': Another scientific frontier for India
p. 0176 | Khare, N.

Isolating diesel-degrading bacteria from air
p. 0178 | Awasthi, Prachi; Sood, Isha; Syal, Sudhir

Ingress of lantana in dry tropical forest fragments: Edge and shade effects
p. 0180 | Raizada, Purnima; Sharma, Gyan P.; Raghubanshi, A. S.

A dichotomously branched fossil palm stem from the Deccan Intertrappean beds of India
p. 0182 | Bonde, S. D.; Chate, S. V.; Gamre, P. G.; Nipunage, D. S.

Technical Note
Holographic optics-based schlieren diffraction interferometer
p. 0184 | Kumar, Raj; Kaura, Sushil K.; Chhachhia, D. P.; Mohan, D.; Aggarwal, A. K.

General Articles
Planetary exploration: Scientific importance and future prospects
p. 0189 | Bhandari, Narendra

Water loss from tree plantations in the tropics
p. 0201 | Kallarackal, Jose; Somen, C. K.

Review Articles
Results from MiniBooNE
p. 0211 | Laha, Ranjan; Vempati, Sudhir K.

Research Articles
Fluxes of methane and nitrous oxide from an Indian mangrove
p. 0218 | Krithika, K.; Purvaja, R.; Ramesh, R.

Analysis of in-frame dinucleotides, encoded amino acids and synonymous codon choice in bacterial genomes reveals a common pattern
p. 0225 | Ranjan, Amit; Sinha, Akhauri Yash; Dubey, Badrinath; Saikia, Ankur; Buragohain, Alak Kumar; Ray, Suvendra Kumar

Research Communications
Diurnal and spatial variations of condensation particles in Kerala, South India
p. 0233 | Varikoden, Hamza; Kumar, V. Sasi; Sampath, S.; Muralidas, S.; Mohankumar, G.

Detection of biomarker in breath: A step towards noninvasive diabetes monitoring
p. 0237 | Chakraborty, Shirshendu; Banerjee, Dibyajyoti; Ray, Indrani; Sen, Amarnath

Traditional land races of rice in Karnataka: Reservoirs of valuable traits
p. 0242 | Hanamaratti, N. G.; Prashanthi, S. K.; Salimath, P. M.; Hanchinal, R. R.; Mohankumar, H. D.; Parameshwarappa, K. G.; Raikar, S. D.

Palaeoethnobotanical record of cultivated crops and associated weeds and wild taxa from Neolithic site, Tokwa, Uttar Pradesh, India
p. 0248 | Pokharia, Anil K.

Assessing the applicability of d18O Globigerina bulloides to estimate palaeotemperature from the southwestern Indian Ocean
p. 0255 | Khare, N.; Saraswat, R.; Chaturvedi, S. K.

Estimation of retreat rate of Gangotri glacier using rapid static and kinematic GPS survey
p. 0258 | Kumar, Kireet; Dumka, Rakesh K.; Miral, M. S.; Satyal, G. S.; Pant, M.

Magnetic anomalies and basement structure of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt and southwest Krishna basin in parts of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0262 | Swamy, K. V.; Rao, P. Rama; Murthy, I. V. Radhakrishna

Book Reviews
Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine by Piyush Gupta and O. P. Ghai (eds)
p. 0269 | Kutty, V. Raman

Micropalaentology: Application in Stratigraphy and Palae­oceanography by Devesh K. Sinha
p. 0270 | Bhandari, Anil

The Nano-Micro Interface: Bridging the Micro and Nano Worlds by Han-Jorg Fecht and Matthias Werner (eds)
p. 0271 | Mukherjee, G. S.

Looking into Living Things…. through MRI, by R. S. Chaughule and S. S. Ranade (eds)
p. 0272 | Ramanathan, K. V.

Academy News
Indian Academy of Sciences elects new Fellows - 2008
p. 0273

p. 0274

p. 0277

Saf Labs
p. 0278

p. 0279

p. 0279

Conservation of Biological Resources Using Biotechnology Tools' DBT Sponsored Training Programme for College Teachers
p. 0280

Bose Institute
p. 0280

Sir Dorabji Tata Centre for Research in Tropical Diseases
p. 0281

p. 0281

p. 0282

Lecture Workshop on 'Gene Structure and Function - Concepts to New Developments' Announcements
p. 0283

p. 0283

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