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Volume 93 - Issue 01: 10 Jul, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0004

Journal impact factor: An essential primary quality indicator
p. 0005 | Sharma, Om P.

Save Rospuda Valley
p. 0006 | Kozak, Marcin

Research paper writing: Skill in effective writing and communication
p. 0006 | Moharir, A. V.

The NCCS case
p. 0006 | Padmanaban, G.

Modernization and global warming
p. 0007 | Karanth, R. V.

Imperatives for tsunami education
p. 0008 | Rao, K. Nageswara

Is syndromic approach appropriate for managing STIs
p. 0009 | Rao, V. G.; Anvikar, A. R.; Savargaonkar, Deepali; Kumar, Dinesh

Rocks of the Aravalli and Delhi Supergroups
p. 0010 | Guha, D. B.

Rocks of the Aravalli and Delhi Supergroups(Response)
p. 0011 | Saini, Pankaj

Tropical dry evergreen forests
p. 0011 | Meher-homji, V. M.

Research News
Helium isotopic memories of episodic mantle melting and crustal growth
p. 0013 | Gopalan, K.

Scientific Correspondence
Phylogenetic characterization of Chikungunya virus isolates from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
p. 0015 | Raj, G. Dhinakar; Rajanathan, T. M. Chozhavel; Parthiban, M.; Ramadass, P.

Morphogenetic somatic sieve facilitates 'genomic shock' transmission across cell lineage in plants
p. 0016 | Lavania, U. C.

On the estimation of evapotranspiration, water-use efficiency and crop coefficient of lucerne (Medicago sativa L. ) in central India
p. 0017 | Singh, J. B.; Behari, Pradeep; Yadava, R. B.

In vitro screening of chickpea genotypes for Fusarium wilt resistance through root feeding of pathotoxin
p. 0020 | Ravikumar, R. L.; Babu, D. Ratna

Absence of symbiotic Wolbachia endobacteria in Setaria cervi from Birbhum, West Bengal, India
p. 0022 | Datta, Sutapa; Maitra, Sudipta; Gayen, Prajna; Babu, S. P. Sinha

Purification and characterization of riboflavin binding protein in egg white of peacock (Pavo cristatus)
p. 0024 | Rajender, G.; Benarjee, G.; Prasad, M. S. K.

General Articles
International efforts to improve atomic and nuclear databases for energy and non-energy applications
p. 0026 | Nichols, Alan L.

Skilled mirror craft of intermetallic delta high-tin bronze (Cu31Sn8, 32. 6% tin) from Aranmula, Kerala
p. 0035 | Srinivasan, Sharada; Glover, Ian

Research Articles
Satellite and ground-based ULF/ELF emissions observed before Gujarat earthquake in March 2006
p. 0041 | Bhattacharya, S.; Sarkar, S.; Gwal, A. K.; Parrot, M.

Immunopharmacological basis of the healing of indomethacin-induced gastric mucosal damage in rats by the constituents of Phyllanthus emblica
p. 0047 | Bhattacharya, Sayanti; Chatterjee, Saurabh; Bauri, Ajay; Bandivdeker, A. H.; Chattopadhyay, Subrata; Bandyopadhyay, Sandip K.; Poduval, T. B.

A new strategy for phase detection in seismic signals using an adaptive Markov amplitude model
p. 0054 | Mohanty, William Kumar; Routray, Aurobinda; Nath, Sankar Kumar

Research Communications
Evaluation of resistance gene (R-gene) specific primer sets and characterization of resistance gene candidates in ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc. )
p. 0061 | Nair, R. Aswati; Thomas, George

Assessing genetic diversity of Tecomella undulata (Sm. ) - An endangered tree species using amplified fragment length polymorphisms-based molecular markers
p. 0067 | Bhau, B. S.; Negi, M. S.; Jindal, S. K.; Singh, M.; Lakshmikumaran, M.

Cloning of two chickpea cDNAs encoding calcium-dependent protein kinase isoforms
p. 0072 | Prakash, S. R. Syam; Jayabaskaran, Chelliah

Delivery of N-methyltransferase and 11S globulin promoters of Coffea canephora Pex Fr. by tissue electroporation and analysis of transformational events
p. 0077 | Kumar, Vinod; Satyanarayana, K. V.; Ramakrishna, A.; Chandrashekar, A.; Ravishankar, G. A.

Distribution and threat status of the cytotypes of Pteris vittata L. (Pteridaceae) species complex in India
p. 0081 | Srivastava, Jyoti; Ranade, Shirish A.; Khare, Prem B.

Assessment of land subsidence phenomenon in Kolkata city, India using satellite-based D-InSAR technique
p. 0085 | Chatterjee, R. S.; Roy, P. S.; Dadhwal, V. K.; Lakhera, R. C.; Quang, T. X.; Saha, R.

Chronology of the Late Quaternary glaciation around Badrinath (Upper Alaknanda Basin): Preliminary observations
p. 0090 | Nainwal, H. C.; Chaudhary, M.; Rana, N.; Negi, B. D. S.; Negi, R. S.; Juyal, N.; Singhvi, A. K.

Identification of bovine viral diarrhoea virus type 1 in Indian buffaloes and their genetic relationship with cattle strains in 5' UTR
p. 0097 | Mishra, Niranjan; Dubey, Rahul; Galav, Vikas; Tosh, Chakradhar; Rajukumar, Katherukamem; Pitale, Shruti Shrikant; Pradhan, Hare Krishna

Book Reviews
Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies in Groundwater Hydrology: Past, Present and Future by Madan Kumar Jha and Stefan Peiffer
p. 0101 | Kumar, D. Nagesh

Groundwater Governance: Ownership of Groundwater and its Pricing by S. Romani Et Al(eds)
p. 0101 | Das, S.

Personal News
Kailash Nath Khattri (1934-2007)
p. 0103 | Rohella, Sushil Kumar

p. 0104

Refresher Course on 'Marine Geology and Geophysics'
p. 0105

Gujarat University
p. 0106

p. 0107

Dibrugarh University
p. 0108

Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)
p. 0108

p. 0109

Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute
p. 0109

DST National Facility for Low Temperatures and High Magnetic Fields
p. 0110

DST-sponsored Contact course on Application of Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS in Earth Sciences
p. 0110

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)
p. 0111

High Pressure Low Temperature Lab
p. 0111

Manipal University
p. 0112

University of Mysore Second Cover Third Cover: Announcements
p. 0112

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