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Volume 92 - Issue 7: 10 Apr, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0872

Download plus citation counts - a useful indicator to measure research impact
p. 0873 | Sharma, Hari Prasad

Bioinformatics: A web of biological information
p. 0874 | Sharma, Sudhir

Nepotism: A handicap in Indian science
p. 0874 | Raman, Rajasekar

Rediscovering Consilience
p. 0875 | Vencatesan, Jayshree

Authentication and voucher number for crude plant drugs
p. 0875 | Mujumdar, A. M.; Upadhye, Anuradha S.

The crisis in Indian science is more than meets the eye
p. 0876 | Shah, Manzoor A.

Thickness estimation of Deccan Flood Basalt of the Koyna area, Maharashtra (India) and implications for recurring seismic activity
p. 0877 | Naik, Pradeep K.; Prakash, Dinesh; Awasthi, Arun K.

Sea-walls - A necessary evil
p. 0878 | Meher-homji, V. M.

Sea-walls - A necessary evil(Response)
p. 0879 | Shareef, N. M.

Meeting Report
Port Blair Declaration pledged to establish and develop Andaman and Nicobar Ocean Biogeographic Information System
p. 0879 | Chavan, Vishwas; Achuthankutty, C. T.; Nazar, A. K. Abdul

Molecular systematics
p. 0881 | Pandey, Arun K.

Semiochemicals in crop protection
p. 0882 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Research News
Meson scattering at high precision
p. 0886 | Ananthanarayan, B.

Alternative model of doctoral research based on the concept of cumulative intelligence
p. 0888 | Rai, Jagdish; Singh, P. K.; Chourasia, S. K.

Scientific Correspondence
Is active human schistosomiasis present in India?
p. 0889 | Agrawal, M. C.; Rao, V. G.; Vohra, S.; Bhondeley, M. K.; Ukey, M. J.; Anvikar, A. R.; Yadav, R.

Shift work adversely affects human longevity
p. 0890 | Pati, Atanu Kumar; Achari, K. Venu

Quantification of trace gas emissions from shifting cultivation areas using remote sensing and ground-based measurements
p. 0891 | Chand, T. R. Kiran; Badarinath, K. V. S.

Mutational analysis of H5N1 and H1H1 for ascertaining test systems
p. 0894 | Kumar, Dharmendra; Agrawal, Pushpa; Saradesai, Prashantha V.; Aravinda, B. J.; Deshpande, Shreyash N.

Isolation of halotolerant Penicillium species from mangroves and salterns and their resistance to heavy metals
p. 0895 | Marbaniang, T.; Nazareth, S.

Capers: A food for Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs of Pisdura, India
p. 0897 | Dutta, Debi; Ambwani, K.

General Articles
Associations, mergers and acquisitions in the biological world
p. 0900 | Maheshwari, Ramesh

Ethnobotanical information of medicinal plants used for treatment of cancer in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
p. 0906 | Koduru, Srinivas; Grierson, D. S.; Afolayan, A. J.

ICRISAT-Indian NARS partnership sorghum improvement research: Strategies and impacts
p. 0909 | Reddy, Belum V. S.; Ramesh, S.; Borikar, S. T.; Sahib, K. Hussain

Review Articles
Status of natural dyes and dye-yielding plants in India
p. 0916 | Siva, R.

A repository of earth resource information - CORONA satellite programme
p. 0926 | Dashora, Ajay; Lohani, Bharat; Malik, Javed N.

Research Articles
Magnetic fabrics under high-energy fluvial regime of the Himalayan Foreland Basin, NW Himalaya
p. 0933 | Rathi, G.; Sangode, S. J.; Kumar, Rohtash; Ghosh, Sumit K.

Methodology for site-response studies using multi-channel analysis of surface wave technique in Dehradun city
p. 0945 | Mahajan, A. K.; Sporry, Rob J.; Ray, P. K. Champati; Ranjan, Rajiv; Slob, Siefko; Van, Westen Cees

Research Communications
Linkage of concepts of good nutrition in yoga and modern science
p. 0956 | Agte, Vaishali V.; Chiplonkar, Shashi A.

Transferability of STS markers for studying genetic diversity within the genus Cenchrus (Poaceae)
p. 0961 | Chandra, Amaresh; Dubey, Archana

Alien flora of Doon Valley, Northwest Himalaya
p. 0968 | Negi, P. S.; Hajra, P. K.

Effect of burial on productivity and extinction of Oxalis latifolia Kunth
p. 0979 | Royo-esnal, A.; López, M. L.

Isolation and identification of five alcohol-defying Bacillus spp. covertly associated with in vitro culture of seedless watermelon
p. 0983 | Thomas, Pious

Rice variety Dhanrasi, an example of improving yield potential and disease resistance by introgressing gene(s) from wild species (Oryza rufipogon)
p. 0987 | Ram, T.; Majumder, N. D.; Krishnaveni, D.; Ansari, M. M.

Arcellaceans and pollen/spores of a late Harappan settlement near Porbandar, west coast of India: Implications for palaeoecology and environmental monitoring
p. 0992 | Farooqui, Anjum; Gaur, A. S.

Reconnaissance-level mapping of vulnerable areas in a tsunami-prone coast using shuttle radar-derived Digital Elevation Model
p. 0999 | Sarunjith, K. J.; Sanjeevi, S.

Synthesis and characterization of organic bentonite using Gujarat and Rajasthan clays
p. 1004 | Patel, Hasmukh A.; Somani, Rajesh S.; Bajaj, Hari C.; Jasra, Raksh V.

Book Reviews
Marine Turtles of the Indian Subcontinent by Kartik Shanker and B. C. Choudhury (eds)
p. 1010 | Hejmadi, P. Mohanty

Governing Water: Contentious Trans­national Politics and Global Institution Building by Ken Conca
p. 1012 | Rajamani, V.

Hans Bethe and his Physics by Gerald E. Brown and Chang-Hwan Lee (eds)
p. 1014 | Singh, Rajinder

The Atlas of Ideas: How Asian Innovation Can Benefit Us All by Charles Leadbeater and James Wisdon; India: The Uneven Innovator by Kirsten Bound; China: The Next Science Superpower? by James Wisdon and James Keeley; South Korea: Mass Innovation Comes of A
p. 1015 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

OASTCs of the Ministry of Earth Sciences
p. 1016

p. 1017

Department of Geology
p. 1017

p. 1018

University of Mumbai
p. 1018

Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology
p. 1019

Scientific Affairs Specialists
p. 1019

Research Position Announcement
p. 1020

University of Baroda
p. 1020

p. 1021

University of Mumbai - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 1021

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology Third Cover Fourth Cover
p. 1021

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