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Volume 92 - Issue 11: 10 Jun, 2007
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1465

Probing Misconduct: Treading a Dangerous Path
p. 1467 | Balaram, P.

Investigating misconduct in science
p. 1469 | Modak, Sohan P.

Investigating misconduct in science(Response)
p. 1470 | Kundu, Gopal; Rangaswami, Hema

The NCCS case
p. 1471 | Padmanaban, G.

The NCCS case(Response)
p. 1473 | Modak, Sohan P.

Climate change will pose new challenges to disaster management
p. 1474 | Mitra, Sudip

Need for a comprehensive eco-friendly approach for development
p. 1474 | Oswal, Bharat K.

Taxonomy, the legacy of Linnaeus, transformed to phylogenomics
p. 1475 | Kumar, Sushil

Tropical dry evergreen forests
p. 1476 | Meher-homji, V. M.

Meeting Report
Environmental biotechnology
p. 1477 | Manoharan, T.

Research News
Combating antibiotic resistance in bacteria by combination drug therapy
p. 1478 | Maheshwari, Ramesh

'To be a techie or not to be' - Science and technology scenario in India
p. 1479 | Dhathathreyan, Aruna

Scientific Correspondence
Catalytic activity of superoxide dismutase: A method based on its concentration-dependent constant decrease in rate of autoxidation of pyrogallol
p. 1481 | Ramasarma, T.; Rao, Aparna V. S.

Hide and seek of Monosolenium tenerum Griff. (Hepaticae: Monosoleniaceae) in Indian bryoflora
p. 1483 | Singh, D. K.; Singh, S. K.

Ex situ conservation of Alectra chitrakutensis (Rau) R. Prasad & R. D. Dixit
p. 1485 | Sikarwar, R. L. S.

Arenaria curvifolia Majumdar (Caryophyllaceae): An endangered and endemic Himalayan herb rediscovered
p. 1486 | Rawat, D. S.; Rana, Charan Singh

Occurrence of zygotic twin seedlings in mandarin orange plants of the northeastern Himalayan region
p. 1488 | Das, A.; Mandal, Bidisha; Sarkar, J.; Chaudhuri, S.

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in some commercial fishes and crabs of the Gulf of Cambay, India
p. 1489 | Reddy, Mallampati Srinivasa; Mehta, Bhavesh; Dave, Sunil; Joshi, Manish; Karthikeyan, Leena; Sarma, Venkatrama Krishna Susarla; Basha, Shaik; Ramachandraiah, Gadde; Bhatt, Prashant

General Articles
Global nanotechnology research literature overview
p. 1492 | Kostoff, Ronald N.; Koytcheff, Raymond G.; Lau, Clifford G. Y.

Need to develop inter-cultural standards for quality, safety and efficacy of traditional Indian systems of medicine
p. 1499 | Shankar, Darshan; Unnikrishnan, P. M.; Venkatasubramanian, Padma

Review Articles
Approaches for removal of arsenic from groundwater of northeastern India
p. 1506 | Singh, A. K.

Special Section: Malaria (Guest Editor: G. Padmanabhan)
Genetic diversity and evolutionary history of Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax
p. 1516 | Das, Aparup; Bajaj, Ruchi; Mohanty, Sujata; Swain, Vijaylakshmi

Vaccines for malaria - prospects and promise
p. 1525 | Chauhan, V. S.

A vaccine to prevent transmission of human malaria: A long way to travel on a dusty and often bumpy road
p. 1535 | Kumar, Nirbhay

Drugs and drug targets against malaria
p. 1545 | Padmanaban, Govindarajan; Nagaraj, V. Arun; Rangarajan, Pundi N.

Understanding resistance to antimalarial 4-aminoquinolines, cinchona alkaloids and the highly hydrophobic arylaminoalcohols
p. 1556 | Warhurst, D. C.

Subcellular pH and Ca2+ in Plasmodium falciparum: Implications for understanding drug resistance mechanisms
p. 1561 | Lanzer, Michael; Rohrbach, Petra

The biology and control of malaria vectors in India
p. 1571 | Dash, A. P.; Adak, T.; Raghavendra, K.; Singh, O. P.

Research Articles
Validation of model-simulated sea surface current and sea surface temperature with observations in the Southern Indian Ocean
p. 1579 | Mishra, Anshu Prakash; Rai, S.; Pandey, A. C.

Solubility enhancement of hydrophobic drugs using synergistically interacting cyclo­dextrins and cosolvent
p. 1586 | Chaudhari, Praveen; Sharma, Pramod Kumar; Barhate, Nilesh; Kulkarni, Parag; Mistry, Chetan

Fish diversity in relation to landscape and vegetation in central Western Ghats, India
p. 1592 | Sreekantha; Chandran, M. D. Subash; Mesta, D. K.; Rao, G. R.; Gururaja, K. V.; Ramachandra, T. V.

Research Communications
Soil colour designation using Adobe PhotoshopTM in estimating soil fertility restoration by Acacia auriculiformis plantation on degraded land
p. 1604 | Doi, R.; Ranamukhaarachchi, S. L.

Movement of chloroplasts in mesophyll cells of Garcinia indica in response to UV-B radiation
p. 1610 | Rodrigues, Vanessa; Bhandari, Rupali; Khurana, Jitendra P.; Sharma, Prabhat Kumar

Purification of DNA from chloroplast and mitochondria of sugarcane
p. 1613 | Virupakshi, S.; Naik, G. R.

Seed germination and seed storage behaviour of Nardostachys jatamansi DC., an endangered medicinal herb of high-altitude Himalaya
p. 1620 | Chauhan, R. S.; Nautiyal, M. C.

On the seismic risk in the Hindukush-Pamir-Himalaya and their vicinity
p. 1625 | Shanker, D.; Yadav, R. B. S.; Singh, H. N.

Evaluation of a simple tagging method to monitor the growth of endangered species of seahorse
p. 1631 | Lipton, A. P.; Thangaraj, M.

Book Reviews
Nano: The Essentials - Understanding Nanoscience and Nanotechnology by T. Pradeep
p. 1633 | Vijayamohanan, K.

Annual Review of Microbiology 2006, L. Nicholas Ornston Et Al(eds)
p. 1633 | Varshney, Umesh

Plant Micronutrients by C. P. Sharma (ed. )
p. 1635 | Sharma, Priyanka; Raghuram, Nandula

Principles of Pharmacology by H. K. Sharma and K. K. Sharma
p. 1635 | Dhawan, B. N.

Personal News
K. V. Ramanathan (1926-2007)
p. 1637 | Venkataraman, Balu

Rama N. Singh (1933-2007)
p. 1638 | Dwivedi, B. N.

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
p. 1639

Bose Institute
p. 1640

Indo-French Postdoctoral Research Position
p. 1641

Government of India BOYSCAST FELLOWSHIP FOR THE YEAR 2007-08
p. 1642

Indira Gandhi National Open University
p. 1643

p. 1644

Orissa Bigyan Academy
p. 1645

Applications invited for Sr. Breeder (Field Crops)
p. 1645

Bharathidasan University
p. 1646

KJ Research Foundation
p. 1646

Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation (HERF) Seeking to Recruit Scientists
p. 1647

Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation (HERF) Recruiting Research Fellows for Ph. D. Degree and Postdoctoral Research Associates
p. 1647

Indian National Science Academy - Invitation for Nominations
p. 1648

p. 1648

CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute
p. 1649

National Research Centre for Soybean
p. 1649

Banaras Hindu University
p. 1650

Indian Institute of Science
p. 1650

National Institute of Technology
p. 1650

National Institute of Technology Second Cover Third Cover Fourth Cover Announcements
p. 1650

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