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Volume 91 - Issue 2: 25 Jul, 2006
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In this issue
p. 0144

Guest Editorial
From Green Revolution to Evergreen Revolution: Pathways and Terminologies
p. 0145 | Kesavan, P. C.; Swaminathan, M. S.

Phonetic pharmaceutical brands causing havoc in the healthcare system
p. 0147 | Sreedhar, D.; Subramanian, G.; Udupa, N.

Loss of water from Martian surface and depletion of atmospheric CO2
p. 0147 | Shrivastava, M. K.

Biodiversity loss linked to poverty
p. 0148 | Soni, Vineet

Plight of botany practicals in universities
p. 0148 | Singh, Pooja

Identifying dietary source of ,Helicoverpa armigera using carbon isotope signatures - A critique
p. 0149 | Srinivasa, Y. B.

Identifying dietary source of ,Helicoverpa armigera using carbon isotope signatures - A critique(Reply)
p. 0149 | Sheshshayee, M. S.

Genomics and proteomics of diabetes
p. 0151 | Balasubramanyam, M.; Rema, M.; Mohan, V.

Art of petrography: Eyes of a petrographer and mind of a petrologist
p. 0154 | Sensarma, Sarajit; Banerjee, M.; Saha, Lopamudra; Udaya­ganesan, P.

Flowering asynchrony can maintain genetic purity in rice landraces
p. 0155 | Deb, Debal

Scientific Correspondence
Crystal structure of HgFe2O4
p. 0157 | Prashant, D. Zade; Dharmadhikari, D. M.; Kulkarni, D. K.

Molecular detection of Phomopsis azadirachtae, the causative agent of dieback disease of neem by polymerase chain reaction
p. 0158 | Prasad, M. N. Nagendra; Bhat, S. S.; Raj, A. P. Charith; Janardhana, G. R.

Ubiquitous presence and activity of sulfur-oxidizing lithoautotrophic microorganisms in the rhizospheres of tropical plants
p. 0159 | Ghosh, Wriddhiman; Roy, Pradosh

Insect pests of Jatropha curcas L. and the potential for their management
p. 0162 | Shanker, Chitra; Dhyani, S. K.

Review Articles
Indian seaweed resources and sustainable utilization: Scenario at the dawn of a new century
p. 0164 | Rao, P. V. Subba; Mantri, Vaibhav A.

Research Account
Development of laser-heated diamond anvil cell facility for synthesis of novel materials
p. 0175 | Subramanian, N.; Shekar, N. V. Chandra; Kumar, N. R. Sanjay; Sahu, P. Ch.

Research Articles
Gas hydrate-related proxies inferred from multidisciplinary investigations in the Indian offshore areas
p. 0183 | Ramana, M. V.; Ramprasad, T.; Desa, M.; Sathe, A. V.; Sethi, A. K.

Development of a digitally-controlled three-axis earthquake shake table
p. 0190 | Ammanagi, S.; Poornima, V.; Sera, A.; Sunder, R.

Research Communications
Arsenic sequestration by metallic iron under strongly reducing conditions
p. 0204 | Sharma, Bhawana; Bose, Purnendu

Determination and quantification of camptothecin in an endophytic fungus by liquid chromatography - positive mode electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry
p. 0208 | Amna, Touseef; Khajuria, Ravi K.; Puri, Satish C.; Verma, Vijeshwar; Qazi, Ghulam N.

Microbial genetic resource mapping of East Calcutta wetlands
p. 0212 | Chaudhuri, S. Ray; Thakur, A. R.

Do gas seepage sites support distinct macrofaunal community? - an observation in the tropical shelf region of Goa, Arabian Sea, India
p. 0217 | Harkantra, Sadanand N.; Nagvenkar, Smita S.

Record of Metagoniolithon (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) from the Burdigalian of western India
p. 0221 | Kundal, P.; Humane, Sumedh K.

Interpretation of post-geodetic and seismic data of the 2001 Bhuj earthquake, Mw 7. 7
p. 0225 | Likhar, Supriya; Kulkarni, Madhav N.; Kayal, J. R.

Observation of seismogenic ultra low frequency electric field fluctuations detected as a burst in the ionosphere during tsunamis over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
p. 0229 | Gwal, A. K.; Shrivastava, Abhishek; Malhotra, Kalpana

Interlaboratory collaborative analysis of rainwater reference material
p. 0235 | Satyanarayanan, M.; Balaram, V.; Roy, Parijat; Rao, T. Gnaneshwar

Book Reviews
Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Science by Sundar Sarukkai
p. 0239 | Subbarayappa, B. V.

Practical Isotope Hydrology by S. M. Rao
p. 0240 | Iya, V. K.

Personal News
Cyril Jeffrey Babapulle(1939-2006)
p. 0242 | Santiapillai, Charles

Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI)
p. 0244

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany
p. 0245

INSA Medal for Young Scientist - 2007
p. 0246

Indo-French Research Collaboration
p. 0246

Deputation of Indian Scientists abroad under Bilateral Exchange Programme: 2007-2008
p. 0247

National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health
p. 0247

INSA-JSPS Joint Research Project Programme - 2007
p. 0248

Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
p. 0248

p. 0249

p. 0249

Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai (Madras)
p. 0250

Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai (Madras)
p. 0250

Jiwaji University
p. 0251

p. 0251

p. 0251

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