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Volume 91 - Issue 06: 25 Sep, 2006
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0734

Research and teaching or research versus teaching?
p. 0735 | Chakrabarti, Bhupati

Petty patents
p. 0735 | Janodia, Manthan D.; Pandey, Sureshwar; Udupa, N.

Order of authorship
p. 0736 | Menezes, Ritesh G.; Sharma, Priya S.; Manipady, Shahnavaz; Kanchan, Tanuj

Public opinion on GM food: Will the scientists please help?
p. 0737 | Basu, Aparna

Ministry of Earth Sciences and the Geological Survey of India
p. 0737 | Rai, Vikram

Regulation of NF-kB
p. 0738 | Suresh, P. K.

International Cosmos Prize
p. 0739

Natural resource management in mountains
p. 0740 | Melkania, Uma; Prasad, H. J. S.; Prasad, Jyothi

Research News
The contentious Archaean biosignatures
p. 0742 | Sankaran, A. V.

Scientific Correspondence
Frullania udarii sp. nov. - A new species from Meghalaya, India
p. 0744 | Nath, Virendra; Singh, Ajit Pratap

Landrace/gender-based differences in phenol and thiocyanate contents and biological activity in Piper betle L.
p. 0746 | Tripathi, Shweta; Singh, Nasib; Shakya, Shilpy; Dangi, Anil; Misra-Bhattacharya, Shailja; Dube, Anuradha; Kumar, Nikhil

Cauliflower gene in sugarcane?
p. 0750 | Premachandran, M. N.

Detection of volcanic eruption in Barren Island using IRS P6 AWiFS data
p. 0752 | Kumar, K. Vinod; Martha, Tapas Ranjan; Roy, P. S.

General Articles
Would tree ring data of Betula utilis be potential for the analysis of Himalayan glacial fluctuations?
p. 0754 | Bhattacharyya, Amalava; Shah, Santosh K.; Chaudhary, Vandana

Application of geoinformatics for conservation and management of rare and threatened plant species
p. 0762 | Varghese, A. O.; Murthy, Y. V. N. Krishna

Research Articles
In vitro response of select regions of Azadirachta indica A. Juss (Meliaceae) as elucidated by biochemical and molecular variations
p. 0770 | Kota, Srikanth; Rao, N. D. Raghupati; Chary, Parvathi

Palaeoclimatic scenario during Holocene around Sangla valley, Kinnaur northwest Himalaya based on multi proxy records
p. 0777 | Chakraborty, S.; Bhattacharya, S. K.; Ranhotra, P. S.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Bhushan, R.

Research Communications
Application potentials of synthetic aperture radar interferometry for land-cover mapping and crop-height estimation
p. 0783 | Srivastava, Hari Shanker; Patel, Parul; Navalgund, Ranganath R.

Statistical analysis of counts and spacing of consistent repeating patterns in a set of homologous DNA sequences
p. 0789 | Raje, D. V.; Purohit, H. J.; Lijnzaad, P.; Singh, R. N.

Pollination biology of Aristolochia tagala, a rare species of medicinal importance
p. 0795 | Murugan, R.; Shivanna, K. R.; Rao, R. R.

Characterization of a Citrus exocortis viroid variant in yellow corky vein disease of citrus in India
p. 0798 | Roy, Anirban; Ramachandran, Padma

Pathogenic virus and insect tissues: an effective way of pest control
p. 0803 | Prasad, Arti; Wadhwani, Yogita

Antiviral property of marine actinomycetes against White Spot Syndrome Virus in penaeid shrimps
p. 0807 | Kumar, Sree S.; Philip, Rosamma; Achuthankutty, C. T.

Discrete generation cycles in the tropical moth Opisina arenosella
p. 0811 | Ramkumar; Muralimohan, K.; Kiranmayi, L.; Srinivasa, Y. B.

Change detection studies in coastal zone features of Goa, India by remote sensing
p. 0816 | Murali, R. Mani; Vethamony, P.; Saran, A. K.; Jayakumar, S.

Seasonal evaluation of hydro-geochemical parameters using correlation and regression analysis
p. 0820 | Raju, N. Janardhana

Influence of source distance on site-effects in Delhi city
p. 0827 | Parvez, Imtiyaz A.; Vaccari, F.; Panza, G. F.

Synthesis and fluorescence studies of fluorescently labelled phosphoramidites: synthons for multiple labelled oligonucleotides
p. 0836 | Singh, Shipra; Singh, Ramendra K.

Book Reviews
Creating More Effective Graphs by Naomi B. Robbins
p. 0840 | Joshi, Yateendra

Crop Diseases and their Management by H. S. Chaube and V. S. Pundhir
p. 0840 | Baligar, Prakash N.

Quaternary Geology - Indian Perspective by U. B. Mathur
p. 0841 | Chamyal, L. S.

Planetary Sciences and Exploration Programme (PLANEX)
p. 0842

Government of India Subject: Call for Research Proposals on 'Biotech Product and Process Development'
p. 0843

Planet Earth 94th Indian Science Congress, 3rd to 7th January 2007
p. 0844

UK-India Education and Research Initiative
p. 0845

p. 0846

Atmiya Institute of Gerontology - REQUIRES
p. 0846

Bright career opportunities in R&D of medicinal and aromatic plants at CIMAP
p. 0847

Bose Institute
p. 0847

University of Madras
p. 0848

p. 0848

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