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Volume 90 - Issue 4: 25 Feb, 2006
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0472

Guest Editorial
Some Reflections on the Pursuit and Evaluation of Science
p. 0473 | Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Satellite altimetry
p. 0475 | Dinesh, A. C.; Maran, N.; Jayaprakash, C.

The jhumias of Tripura may be frustrated
p. 0475 | Paul, P. K.; Paul, P. P.

Response: Satellite altimetry
p. 0476 | Majumdar, T. J.; Bhattacharyya, R.

Is phytoremediation the solution for arsenic contamination of groundwater in India and Bangladesh?
p. 0476 | Mohan, B. S.; Agrawal, Pushpa

Emerging technologies in resistance dynamics in insect-plant interactions
p. 0477 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

International Symposium and IABMS Annual Conference 2005
p. 0480 | De, Minakshi

Integrating science and management of biodiversity in the Western Ghats
p. 0481 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

Research News
The source region of the solar wind
p. 0482 | Dwivedi, B. N.

Indian Institutes of Technology: Report of the review committee-2004
p. 0485 | Arakeri, Vijay H.

Taxonomy of rhizobia: Current status
p. 0486 | Sahgal, Manvika; Johri, Bhavdish N.

Technical Note
AMS facility at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar: Inter-laboratory comparison of results
p. 0488 | Prasad, G. V. Ravi; Rajagopalan, G.; Choudhury, R. K.; Gopalan, K.; Somayajulu, B. L. K.

Fabrication of an inverse photoemission spectrometer to study unoccupied electronic states
p. 0490 | Shukla, A. K.; Banik, S.; Barman, S. R.

Scientific Correspondence
Microbial diversity at marine salterns near Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
p. 0497 | Dave, Shailesh R.; Desai, Harsha B.

Source of dissolved sulphate in the Alakananda-Bhagirathi rivers in the Himalayas
p. 0500 | Chakrapani, G. J.; Veizer, Jan

Bhuj earthquake of 26 January 2001: Tectonic inversion, lithospheric flexure and plate motion and comparison with Shillong and New Madrid earthquakes
p. 0504 | Mishra, D. C.; Rajasekhar, R. P.

2005 Kashmir earthquake: not a Kashmir Himalaya seismic gap event
p. 0507 | Gahalaut, Vineet K.

General Articles
Leaf-colonizing lichens: their diversity, ecology and future prospects
p. 0509 | Pinokiyo, A.; Singh, K. P.; Singh, J. S.

Review Articles
NF-kB transcription factor: a key player in the generation of immune response
p. 0519 | Tripathi, Parul; Aggarwal, Amita

Rhododendron conservation in Sikkim Himalaya
p. 0532 | Tiwari, Onkar N.; Chauhan, U. K.

Research Articles
Fault classification in structures with incomplete measured data using autoassociative neural networks and genetic algorithm
p. 0542 | Marwala, Tshilidzi; Chakraverty, S.

Characterization of glycosylation in COS-7 cells using recombinant soluble Thy-1
p. 0549 | Devasahayam, Mercy

Research Communications
Parity in the number of atoms in residue composition in proteins and contact preferences
p. 0558 | Saha, Rudra Prasad; Chakrabarti, Pinak

Infestation of oak trees by the flowering parasite (Taxillus vestitus (Wall. ) Danser) at Nainital in Uttaranchal
p. 0562 | Ram, Jeet; Tewari, Beena; Pant, Chanda

Genetic diversity study of Cercospora canescens (Ellis & Martin) isolates, the pathogen of Cercospora leaf spot in legumes
p. 0564 | Joshi, A.; Souframanien, J.; Chand, R.; Pawar, S. E.

Cytochalasin B and taxol modulate cell surface ultrastructure in hydra
p. 0568 | Chaugule, Bhagyashri; Ghaskadbi, Saroj S.; Patwardhan, Vidya; Ghaskadbi, Surendra

Presence of illites in Bay of Bengal - An analysis of the sample obtained from GEODROME
p. 0574 | Sridhar, A. R.; Kumar, A. Pradeep; Shankar, Uma; Thakur, N. K.

Precambrian mega lineaments across the Indian sub-continent - preliminary evidence from offshore magnetic data
p. 0578 | Subrahmanyam, V.; Subrahmanyam, A. S.; Murthy, K. S. R.; Murty, G. P. S.; Sarma, K. V. L. N. S.; Rani, P. Suneetha; Anuradha, A.

Three dimensional attenuation structure of the central seismic gap region of Himalaya obtained from inversion of seismic intensity data
p. 0581 | Joshi, A.

Book Reviews
The Expanded Quotable Einstein. Collected and Edited by Alice Calaprice
p. 0586 | Pasupathy, J.

India's Legendary Wootz Steel: An Advanced Material of the Ancient World by Sharada Srinivasan and Srinivasa Ranganathan
p. 0587 | Balasubramanian, A. V.

Heliothis/Helicoverpa Management: Emerging Trends and Strategy for Future Research. Hari C. Sharma(ed)
p. 0589 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Hope - On-farm Conservation of Indigenous Genetic Resources: The Asian Experience by K. Vijayalakshmi and A. V. Balasubramanian
p. 0590 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Personal News
T. V. Desikachary (1919-2005)
p. 0591 | Anand, N.

Publications received
Publications received
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The International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)
p. 0605

Regional Research Laboratory
p. 0606

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education - Research Scholarships
p. 0607

Postdoctoral Position Available at CERMAV-CNRS, France
p. 0607

Physical Research Laboratory Announcements Fourth Cover
p. 0608

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