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Volume 90 - Issue 11: 10 Jun, 2006
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In this issue
p. 1452

Guest Editorial
Some Perspectives on Research in Mechanical Engineering
p. 1453 | Narasimhan, R.

Deemed or doomed?
p. 1455 | Rajanikanth, A.

Bio-nanotechnology: muse for scientists and engineers
p. 1456 | Rathore, M. S.; Panwar, D.; Shekhawat, N. S.

Authorship criteria for maintaining healthy culture of research publications
p. 1457 | Mendki, Prashant S.

A proposal for human resources development for scientific research
p. 1457 | Roy, D. P.

Freshwater shortages and strategy for wetland rice cultivation
p. 1458 | Sahrawat, K. L.

Raghavendra Gadgakar elected as a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, USA
p. 1459

Award of Officier des Palmes Académiques for K. J. Rao
p. 1459

Perspectives in mathematics
p. 1459 | Bujurke, N. M.

Ethnopharmacology and alternative medicine
p. 1460 | Janardhanan, K. K.; George, V.

Research News
New brain hormone
p. 1462 | Prasad, S. K.

Fungal farming: A story of four partner evolution
p. 1463 | Kumar, Himanshu; S. Patole, Milind; S. Shouche, Yogesh

New combination vaccines: backdoor entry into India’s universal immunization programme?
p. 1465 | Madhavi, Y.

Infectious diseases – outbreaks and epidemics
p. 1470 | Virdi, J. S.

Scientific Correspondence
Biosynthetic potential of in vitro grown callus cells of Cassia senna L. var. senna
p. 1472 | Shrivastava, Neeta; Patel, Tejas; Srivastava, Anshu

Stimulatory effect of adonitol on redifferentiation potential of soybean root nodule bacteroids
p. 1474 | Harwani, D.; Meghvansi, M. K.; Prasad, K.; Mahna, S. K.; Werner, D.

General Articles
Regulating stem cell research in India: Wedding the public to the policy
p. 1476 | Basu, Saionton

Research Articles
Optimum surface profile design and performance evaluation of inclined slider bearings
p. 1480 | Ozalp, A. A.; Umur, H.

Development of rubber pressure moulding technique using polybutadiene rubber to fabricate fibre reinforced plastic components based on glass fibre and epoxy resin
p. 1492 | Kar, Kamal K.; Sharma, S. D.; Behera, Suraj K.; Kumar, Prashant

Late Quaternary glaciation and seismicity in the Higher Central Himalaya: evidence from Shalang basin (Goriganga), Uttaranchal
p. 1500 | Pant, R. K.; Juyal, N.; Basavaiah, N.; Singhvi, A. K.

Research Communications
Non-invasive ophthalmic imaging of adult zebrafish eye using optical coherence tomo­graphy
p. 1506 | Rao, K. Divakar; Verma, Y.; Patel, H. S.; Gupta, P. K.

Molecular cloning and sequencing of a polymorphic band from rubber tree [Hevea brasiliensis (Muell. ) Arg. ]: the nucleotide sequence revealed partial homology with proline-specific permease gene sequence
p. 1510 | Venkatachalam, P.; Priya, P.; Gireesh, T.; Amma, C. K. Saraswathy; Thulaseedharan, A.

Polymorphic distribution and phenotypic diversity of Frankia strains in nodule lobes of Hippöphae salicifolia D. Don
p. 1516 | Sarma, Hridip Kumar; Sharma, Bipin Kumar; Singh, Satya Shila; Tiwari, S. C.; Mishra, Arun Kumar

Diversity of phlD alleles in the rhizosphere of wheat cropped under annual rice–wheat rotation in fields of the Indo-Gangetic plains: influence of cultivation conditions
p. 1521 | Imfeld, Gwenael; Shani, Noam; Roesti, David; Fromin, Nathalie; Johri, Bhavdish N.; Gaur, Rachna; Rossi, Pierre; Locatelli, Laurent; Poly, Frank; Aragno, Michel

Prediction of hydraulic conductivity of soils from particle-size distribution
p. 1526 | Chakraborty, Debashis; Chakraborty, Abhishek; Santra, Priyabrata; Tomar, R. K.; Garg, R. N.; Sahoo, R. N.; Choudhury, S. Ghosal; Bhavanarayana, M.; Kalra, Naveen

Impact of tsunami on terrestrial ecosystems of Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
p. 1531 | Fernando, Prithiviraj; Wikramanayake, Eric D.; Pastorini, Jennifer

Factors guiding tsunami surge at the Nagapattinam–Cuddalore shelf, Tamil Nadu, east coast of India
p. 1535 | Murthy, K. S. R.; Subrahmanyam, A. S.; Murty, G. P. S.; Sarma, K. V. L. N. S.; Subrahmanyam, V.; Rao, K. Mohana; Rani, P. Suneetha; Anuradha, A.; Adilakshmi, B.; Devi, T. Sri

Acheulian cave at Susrondi, Konkan, Maharashtra
p. 1538 | Marathe, Ashok

FTIR signatures of type-II clathrates of carbon dioxide in natural quartz veins
p. 1544 | Prasad, P. S. R.; Prasad, K. Shiva; Thakur, N. K.

On the Holocene record of phytoliths of wild and cultivated rice from Ganga Plain: evidence for rice-based agriculture
p. 1547 | Saxena, A.; Prasad, V.; Singh, I. B.; Chauhan, M. S.; Hasan, R.

Lichenometry of yellow Rhizocarpon geographicum as database for the recent geological activities in Himachal Pradesh
p. 1552 | Chaujar, Ravinder Kumar

Oozing of water in parts of Andhra Pradesh, India
p. 1555 | Chandra, S.; Atal, S.; Murthy, N. S. K.; Subrahmanyam, K.; Rangarajan, R.; Reddy, D. V.; Nagbhushanam, P.; Murthy, J. V. S.; Ahmed, S.; Dimri, V. P.

Book Reviews
Neighbouring Nobel: The History of Thirteen Danish Nobel Prizes
p. 1561 | Singh, Rajinder

Time in the Living World
p. 1563 | Saidapur, S. K.

Personal News
M. K. Banerjee (1931-2006)
p. 1564 | Dasgupta, P.

p. 1565

Bharathidasan University
p. 1567

p. 1568

p. 1569

Jawaharlal Nehru University
p. 1570

Shri M. & N. Virani Science College, Rajkot
p. 1571

p. 1572

National Institute of Immunology, India
p. 1573

p. 1574

p. 1574

p. 1575

p. 1575

p. 1576

Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellow and Technical Assistant
p. 1576

JSS Institute of Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Research
p. 1577

Mumbai University - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 1577

Postdoctoral position available
p. 1578

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
p. 1578

Electrical Research and Development Association Fourth Cover
p. 1578

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