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Volume 89 - Issue 02: 25 Jul, 2005
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0236

Guest Editorial
Foretelling the monsoon: Freedom and responsibility
p. 0237 | Gadgil, Sulochana; Srinivasan, J.

The future of postdocs
p. 0239 | Muthusamy, A.; Mariappan, P.

India's contribution to science
p. 0239 | Ravi, Anuradha

CSIR/UGC (NET) exams suppress research enthusiasts
p. 0241 | Nilavu, S.

The American patent model
p. 0241 | Narasimhan, T. N.

Citation web-crawler, Google Scholar
p. 0242 | Dash, Jitendra Narayan

Hair sheep
p. 0242 | Nimbkar, B. V.

Phenology and climate change
p. 0243 | Moza, Monika Koul; Bhatnagar, A. K.

Need for reassessment in the post-tsunami scenario
p. 0244 | Subrahmanyam, A. S.; Murthy, K. S. R.

Why is homopterophagous butterfly, Spalgis epius (Westwood) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) amyrmecophilous?
p. 0245 | Venkatesha, M. G.

Sethusamudram shipping canal project and the eternal silence of the Indian earth scientists
p. 0246 | Rajendran, C. P.

Cholera: The scourge of India and Bangladesh
p. 0247 | De, Minakshi

Aswathanarayana receives AGU award
p. 0248

Towards a tsunami warning system in the Indian Ocean
p. 0248 | Gupta, G. D.

Research News
Hunting for pentaquarks
p. 0250 | Ananthanarayan, B.; Makhija, Ekta; Shivaraj, K.

Organic farming vis-à-vis modern agriculture
p. 0252 | Prasad, Rajendra

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0254

Technical Note
Development and experimental investigations of extrinsic Fabry-Pérot interferometric sensor-bonding techniques for strain measurement in concrete and metallic structures
p. 0255 | Jain, Subhash Chander; Singh, Nahar; Chhabra, J. K.; Varma, Veto; Charan, J. J.; Vaze, K. K.; Aggarwal, A. K.; Kushwaha, H. S.; Dhawan, S. C.; Bajpai, R. P.

Scientific Correspondence
Mycorrhizal fossil fungi from the Miocene sediments of Mizoram, Northeast India
p. 0257 | Kar, R. K.; Mandaokar, B. D.; Kar, Ratan

Occurrence and intensity of some parasites in five sturgeon species (Chondrostei: Acipenseridae) southwest of Caspian Sea
p. 0259 | Sattari, M.; Mokhayer, B.

General Articles
Current status of ethnomedicinal plants in the Darjeeling Himalaya
p. 0264 | Chhetri, D. R.; Basnet, Deewa; Chiu, Po Fong; Kalikotay, Sujata; Chhetri, Gagan; Parajuli, Sippy

Review Articles
Anti-HIV natural products
p. 0269 | Singh, Inder Pal; Bharate, Sandip B.; Bhutani, K. K.

Research Articles
Temporal and intra-plant variability of Cry1Ac expression in Bt-cotton and its influence on the survival of the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)
p. 0291 | Kranthi, K. R.; Naidu, S.; Dhawad, C. S.; Tatwawadi, A.; Mate, K.; Patil, E.; Bharose, A. A.; Behere, G. T.; Wadaskar, R. M.; Kranthi, S.

Comparative studies on trace metal geochemistry in Indian and Chinese rivers
p. 0299 | Alagarsamy, Rengasamy; Zhang, Jing

Special Section: Chromosomes to Food Security
The M. S. Swaminathan I know
p. 0310 | Alberts, Bruce

Chemical mutagenesis: From plants to human
p. 0312 | Natarajan, A. T.

Oxygen effect in radiation biology: Caffeine and serendipity
p. 0318 | Kesavan, P. C.

Biochemical mechanisms of initiation and termination of plasmid DNA replication
p. 0329 | Bastia, Deepak

Chromosome aberrations: Plants to human and Feulgen to FISH
p. 0335 | Natarajan, A. T.

Mutants dissecting development and behaviour in Drosophila
p. 0341 | Joshi, Adita; Chandrashekaran, Shanti; Sharma, R. P.

Mutagenesis: Investigating the process and processing the outcome for crop improvement
p. 0353 | Chopra, V. L.

Cytogenetics for dosimetry in cases of radiation accidents and assessing the safety of irradiated food material
p. 0360 | Natarajan, A. T.; Kesavan, P. C.

BOOK REVIEW: Scientist and Humanist: M. S. Swaminathan. R. D. Iyer; The Man Who Harvests Sunshine - The Modern Gandhi: M. S. Swaminathan. Andréi Erdélyi; Toward a Hunger-Free World: Life and Work of M. S. Swaminathan. Anwar Dil(ed), Science and Agriculture: M. S. Swaminathan and the Movement for sel
p. 0366 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Research Communications
Analysis of string-searching algorithms on biological sequence databases
p. 0368 | Sheik, S. S.; Aggarwal, Sumit K.; Poddar, A.; Sathiyabhama, B.; Balakrishnan, N.; Sekar, K.

Compositional symmetry of DNA duplex in bacterial genomes
p. 0374 | Verma, Sujit Kumar; Das, Debojyoti; Satapathy, Siddharatha Sankar; Buragohain, Alak Kumar; Ray, Suvendra Kumar

Evaluation of heat acclimation and salicylic acid treatments as potent inducers of thermotolerance in Cicer arietinum L.
p. 0384 | Chakraborty, Usha; Tongden, Cyaria

Nitrogen resorption in leaves of tree and shrub seedlings in response to increasing soil fertility
p. 0389 | Singh, S. P.; Bargali, Kiran; Joshi, Asha; Chaudhry, Smita

Estimation of groundwater recharge through neutron moisture probe in Hayatnagar micro-watershed, India
p. 0396 | Chand, Ramesh; Mondal, N. C.; Singh, V. S.

Book Reviews
Empire of the Stars. Friendship, Obsession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes by Arthur I. Miller
p. 0401 | Chaulia, Sreeram

Insect Neuroendocrines by V. B. Awasthi
p. 0402 | Muraleedharan, D.

Stress: From Burnout to Balance by Vinay Joshi
p. 0402 | Kartha, C. C.

p. 0404

Government of India Call for proposal under Instrumentation Development Programme (IDP)
p. 0405

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
p. 0406

Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visva Vidyalayam
p. 0406

Department of Physics
p. 0407

p. 0407

Department of Science and Technology NANOSCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE
p. 0408

Government of India Bhabha Atomic Research Center
p. 0408

p. 0409

Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy
p. 0409

p. 0410

Karnatak University Department of Studies in Physics
p. 0410

p. 0411

JSPS RONPAKU (Dissertation Ph.D.) Programme, 2006
p. 0411

Centre for Earth Sciences Studies
p. 0412

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology
p. 0412

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
p. 0413

p. 0413

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