Current Science
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Volume 87 - Issue 1: 10 Jul, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0004

Senses, science and the press
p. 0005 | Balaram, P.

Does India shine in scientific research?
p. 0007 | Virk, H. S.

Sivaraj Ramaseshan -- Reminiscences
p. 0008 | Rajanikanth, A.

Cotton scenario in India
p. 0008 | Shivagaje, Ashok; Kasture, Madhukar; Yadav, Dadabhau; Pandharikar, Nanda; Mathankar, Mayura

How to convert subtraction into addition
p. 0009 | Balasubrahmanyam, S. N.

Flaw in statistical method
p. 0010 | Sashidhar, V. R.

p. 0010 | Sengupta, S.

Error in angles
p. 0011 | Abhyankar, K. D.

p. 0011 | Balasubramanian, R.

Grid computing: Technology propelling frontiers of research
p. 0011 | Rao, K. R.

Research News
ATP synthase and the torsional mechanism: Resolving a 50-year-old mystery
p. 0016 | Jain, S.; Murugavel, R.; Hansen, L. D.

Man-made drought and the looming water crisis
p. 0020 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0022

Scientific Correspondence
Isolation of microspore protoplasts in Rosa L.
p. 0023 | Pati, Pratap Kumar; Sharma, Madhu; Ahuja, P. S.

RAPD analysis of hybrid nature of the offspring of Gossypium hirsutum × G. raimondii
p. 0025 | Mehetre, S. S.; Gomes, M.; Eapen, S.

Bird-pollination in Sterculia colorata Roxb. (Sterculiaceae), a rare tree species in the Eastern Ghats of Visakhapatnam and East Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh
p. 0028 | Raju, A. J. Solomon; Rao, S. Purnachandra; Ezradanam, V.

General Articles
Designing a curriculum for university-level engineering programme
p. 0032 | Srinath, L. S.

India and the WSSD (Rio + 10), Johannesburg: Issues of national concern and international strategies
p. 0037 | Gupta, Anil K.; Yunus, Mohammad

Review Articles
Turmeric and curcumin: Biological actions and medicinal applications
p. 0044 | Chattopadhyay, Ishita; Biswas, Kaushik; Bandyopadhyay, Uday; Banerjee, Ranajit K.

Origin of agriculture and domestication of plants and animals linked to early Holocene climate amelioration
p. 0054 | Gupta, Anil K.

Research Articles
Molecular profiling and development of DNA marker associated with drought tolerance in tea clones growing in Darjeeling
p. 0060 | Mishra, Ranjan Kumar; Sen-Mandi, Swati

A three-step screening procedure for detection of covert and endophytic bacteria in plant tissue cultures
p. 0067 | Thomas, Pious

Residues of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers in soil and water samples from Delhi and adjoining areas
p. 0073 | Prakash, Om; Suar, Mrutyunjay; Raina, Vishakha; Dogra, Charu; Pal, Rinku; Lal, Rup

Research Communications
Iodine deficiency disorders among school children of Birbhum, West Bengal
p. 0078 | Biswas, Akhil Bandhu; Chakraborty, Indranil; Das, Dilip Kumar; Roy, Rabindra Nath; Mukhopadhyay, Sujishnu; Chatterjee, Subhramoy

Breeding ecology of a rare microhylid, Ramanella montana, in the forests of Western Ghats, India
p. 0080 | Krishna, Savitha N.; Krishna, Sharath B.; Vijayalaxmi, K. K.

Capacity of some Graphidaceous lichens to scavenge superoxide and inhibition of tyrosinase and xanthine oxidase activities
p. 0083 | Behera, B. C.; Adawadkar, Bharathi; Makhija, Urmila

Effect of UV-B radiation on antioxidant enzymes and its modulation by benzoquinone and a-tocopherol in cucumber cotyledons
p. 0087 | Jain, Karishma; Kataria, Sunita; Guruprasad, K. N.

Status, utility, threats and conservation options for rattan resources in Manipur
p. 0090 | Singh, H. Birkumar; Puni, L.; Jain, Alka; Singh, R. S.; Rao, P. G.

Sex versus non-sex versus cheaters
p. 0095 | Watve, Milind; Champhekar, Kanchan; Rao, Naina; Sarma, Kavitha; Shah, Beejal; Mahajani, Kshama

Fuzzy rule-based system for prediction of direct action avalanches
p. 0099 | Pant, Lalit Mohan; Ganju, Ashwagosha

Breakdown of synthetic potassic cordierite at low P--T conditions
p. 0104 | Ganesha, A. V.; Basavalingu, B.; Tareen, J. A. K.; Pasha, M. A.

Ultra structure of subitaneous and diapausing eggs of planktonic copepod Sinodiaptomus (Rhinediaptomus) indicus
p. 0109 | Dharani, G.; Altaff, K.

Book Reviews
Genes, Trade and Regulation: The Seeds of Conflict in Food Biotechnology by Thomas Bernauer
p. 0113 | Bhatia, C. R.

Red List of Threatened Vascular Plant Species in India -- Compiled from the 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants by C. Kameshwara Rao
p. 0114 | Rao, R. R.

Advances in Marine Biology, A. J. Southward Et Al(eds)
p. 0115 | Pandian, T. J.

CAVIN KARE - Discover a bright future in our new R&D Centre
p. 0116

p. 0117

p. 0118

p. 0118

p. 0119

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
p. 0119

p. 0120

Bombay College of Pharmacy
p. 0120

School of Life Sciences
p. 0121

School of Environmental Studies
p. 0121

Indian Jute Industries Research Association
p. 0121

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