Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 86 - Issue 11: 10 Jun, 2004
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1466

Governance: Science and Technology
p. 1467 | Balaram, P.

Cost of research index: What is an SCI paper worth?
p. 1469 | Prathap, Gangan

Reporting science correctly: Who is responsible?
p. 1469 | Srivastava, Vibhuti

Promotion of Bt cotton in India
p. 1470 | Arunachalam, V.

Reply to the comments by Mathur (Curr. Sci., 2004, 86, 761-762)
p. 1470 | Bhatt, D. K.

Croak, croak, croak: Are there more frogs to be discovered in the Western Ghats?
p. 1471 | Aravind, N. A.; Shaanker, R. Uma; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

Meeting Report
CBD: The unmaking of a treaty
p. 1472 | Faizi, S.

BOYSCAST programme
p. 1474 | Malhotra, P. K.

Research News
Methanobrevibacter: Is it a potential pathogen?
p. 1475 | Jangid, Kamlesh; Rastogi, Gurdeep; Patole, Milind S.; Shouche, Yogesh S.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1476

Scientific Correspondence
On the anomalous extreme ultraviolet emission lines in helium-hydrogen plasma
p. 1477 | Tiwari, S. C.

Plant regeneration from leaf and stem explants of MSolanum trilobatum L.
p. 1478 | Alagumanian, S.; Perumal, V. Saravana; Balachandar, R.; Rameshkannan, K.; Rao, M. V.

Floral preformation in alpine plants of the Himalaya
p. 1481 | Rawat, D. S.; Gaur, R. D.

A potential mass-scale assay for level of immune competence in Drosophila
p. 1482 | Bharathi, N. Sharmila; Mohan, J.; Joshi, Amitabh

Late Holocene palaeo-winds and climatic changes in Eastern Antarctica as indicated by long-distance transported pollen-spores and local microbiota in polar lake core sediments
p. 1485 | Bera, S. K.

General Articles
Scientific challenges of CHANDRAYAAN-1: The Indian lunar polar orbiter mission
p. 1489 | Bhandari, Narendra

Understanding Mars from meteorites - the nitrogen and noble gas perspective
p. 1499 | Mohapatra, Ratan K.

Review Articles
Biotechnological potential of marine sponges
p. 1506 | Thakur, Narsinh L.; Müller, Werner E. G.

Structure and function of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors
p. 1513 | Srikanth, Sonal; Hasan, Gaiti

Research Articles
Wave characteristics off Visakhapatnam coast during a cyclone
p. 1524 | Kumar, V. Sanil; Kumar, K. Ashok; Raju, N. S. N.

Research Communications
Efficacy of nested-PCR for the detection of phytoplasma causing spike disease of sandal
p. 1530 | Khan, J. A.; Srivastava, P.; Singh, S. K.

Population viability analysis for herbaceous vegetation: A stochastic model and projections by simulation
p. 1534 | Krishnayya, N. S. R.; Sreehari, M.; Pandya, Biren; Kadam, Sagar

Identification of shared allergenic components from four common and dominant pollen taxa of Arecaceae
p. 1539 | Chakraborty, Pampa; Gupta-bhattacharya, Swati; Roy, Indrani; Chanda, Sunirmal

Geochemistry of the basement gneisses and gneissic enclaves from Bastar craton: Geodynamic implications
p. 1543 | Hussain, M. Faruque; Mondal, M. E. A.; Ahmad, T.

Magnetic basement along the Jadcharla-Vasco transect, Dharwar Craton, India
p. 1548 | Ramadass, G.; Himabindu, D.; Rao, I. B. Ramaprasada

Active tectonics of Himalayan Frontal Thrust and Seismic Hazard to Ganga Plain
p. 1554 | Thakur, V. C.

Book Reviews
Niche Construction - The Neglected Process in Evolution by F. John Olding-smee Et Al
p. 1561 | Sinha, Somdatta

Bioinformatics - A Practical Approach by K. Mani and N. Vijayaraj
p. 1562 | Bhalla, Upinder S.

Biotechnology Applications and Careers by Meenakshi Munshi and S. P. Sopory
p. 1563 | Bali, Geetha

Dawkins vs Gould: Survival of the Fittest by Kim Sterelny
p. 1563 | Thiagarajan, Bala

Personal News
B. R. Nag
p. 1565 | Bose, Dwarka

p. 1567

p. 1568

p. 1569

International Symposium on Steroid Hormone Receptor Superfamily and Molecular Signaling
p. 1570

The Second Indian Symposium of the Protein Society-Protein Structure and Function
p. 1571

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 1572

Centre for Liquid Crystal Research
p. 1572

University of Calcutta, Department of Botany
p. 1573

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology
p. 1573

The Puri Foundation Research Fellowship
p. 1574

University of Madras
p. 1574

Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research
p. 1574

Indian Institute of Science
p. 1574

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