Current Science
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Volume 84 - Issue 09: 10 May, 2003
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1162

Coexisting with viruses
p. 1163 | Balaram, P.

Herbal remedies and the bias against Ayurveda
p. 1165 | Patwardhan, Bhushan; Chopra, Arvind; Vaidya, Ashok D. B.

Measuring science and missing generation
p. 1166 | Raval, U.

H. R. Krishnamurthy and B. Sriram Shastry
p. 1167

Ethics and the scientist
p. 1168 | Barthwal, Brijesh

Science in India---on the comments of Arunachalam
p. 1168 | Garg, K. C.; Gupta, B. M.

Some important medical resources available on the Internet
p. 1170 | Jain, N. C.

Forecasting mosquito abundance to prevent Japanese encephalitis
p. 1172 | Sabesan, S.

Microbes strike again
p. 1173 | Tandon, P. N.

Visas to the United States: Return of the Preying Mantis
p. 1174

Slow pace of engi­neer­ing education reforms
p. 1175 | Sen, Nirupa

Research News
A possible explanation for MACHOs: A candidate for dark matter -- from quark--hadron phase transition
p. 1179 | Majumdar, Debasish

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1180

Random selections
Random selections
p. 1181

The impact of civil war on wildlife in Sri Lanka
p. 1182 | Wijeyamohan, Charlessantiapillaiands

Scientific Correspondence
New possible insect growth regulators from Catharanthus roseus
p. 1184 | Singh, Dwijendra; Mehta, Sucheta S.; Neoliya, Nirmal K.; Shukla, Yogendra N.; Mishra, Mamta

Hepatopro­tective activity of Sarcostemma brevistigma against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic damage in rats
p. 1186 | Sethuraman, M. G.; Lalitha, K. G.; Kapoor, B. Raj

Plasmodium ovale: First case report from Assam, India
p. 1187 | Prakash, Anil; Mohapatra, P. K.; Bhatta­charyya, D. R.; Goswami, B. K.; Mahanta, J.

Fossilized elephant bones in the Quarternary gypsum deposits at Bhadawasi, Nagaur district, Rajasthan
p. 1188 | Aliwal, B. S. P.

General Articles
Mathematical modelling of AIDS epidemic in India
p. 1192 | Rao, Arni S. R. Srinivasa

Decline in science education in India -- A case study at + 2 and undergraduate level
p. 1198 | Gargand, K. C.; Gupta, B. M.

Review Articles
Molecular level structural studies of metalloproteins/metalloenzymes by scanning tunnel­ling microscopy: Scopes and promises
p. 1202 | Mukhopadhyay, R.

Research Articles
Precision manufacture of spherical and aspheric surfaces on plastics, glass, silicon and germanium
p. 1211 | Venkatesh, V. C.

First evidence for anomalous thick crust beneath mid-Archean western Dharwar craton
p. 1219 | Gupta, Sandeep; Rai, S. S.; Prakasam, K. S.; Srinagesh, D.; Chadha, R. K.; Priestley, Keith; Gaur, V. K.

Research Communications
Identification of the expression of inhibitory gamma subunit of phosphodiesterase-6 in non-retinal murine tissues
p. 1227 | Venugopal, J.; Boyle, N.; Kelly, J. P.

Tissue-specific localization of b -carotene and iron in transgenic indica rice (Oryza sativa L. )
p. 1232 | Krishnan, Sellappan; Datta, Karabi; Baisakh, Niranjan; Vasconcelos, Marta De; Datta, Swapan K.

Molecular discrimination of Phytophthora isolates on cocoa and their relationship with coconut, black pepper and bell pepper isolates based on rDNA repeat and AFLP finger­prints
p. 1235 | Chowdappa, P.; Brayford, D.; Smith, J.; Flood, J.

A case study of twilight probing of the atmosphere during Leonid meteor shower 2001
p. 1238 | Kumari, B. Padma; Trimbake, H. K.; Londhe, A. L.; Jadhav, D. B.

Comparison of surface and sub-surface geophysical investigations in delineating fracture zones
p. 1242 | Krishnamurthy, N. S.; Kumar, Dewashish; Rao, V. Ananda; Jain, S. C.; Ahmed, Shakeel

Dominance of dinoflagellates in microzooplankton community in the oceanic regions of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea
p. 1247 | Jyothibabu, R.; Madhu, N. V.; Maheswaran, P. A.; Nair, K. K. C.; Venugopal, P.; Bala­subramanian, T.

Discovery of a cave as the day roost of a rarest fruit bat Latidens salimalii
p. 1253 | Singaravelan, N.; Marimuthu, G.

Book Reviews
Probability and Statistics
p. 1257 | Parthasarathy, K. R.

Forest Cover Assessment in Asia. Proceeding of the International Workshop: Asian Forest Cover Assessment and Conservation Issues
p. 1258 | Dhar, Uppeandra

From Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg
p. 1259 | Ravindranath, N. H.

The Shattered Self: The end of natural evolution
p. 1260 | Ramaswamy, R.

Analytical Biotechnology
p. 1261 | Chatterji, Dipankar

Personal News
Vinod J. Modi
p. 1262 | Narasimha, R.

National Centre for Biological Sciences ; Fellowships
p. 1264

IAS, Bangalore & Saurashtra University, Rajkot: Refresher Course
p. 1265

p. 1266

Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore ; Refresher Course
p. 1267

7th National Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy (ISPAT)
p. 1268

All India Biotech Association (AIBA), New Delhi: Awards
p. 1268

Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi: Call For Nominations
p. 1269

Central Research Institute for Jute & Allied Fibres (ICAR), Kolkata: Appointment
p. 1269

Department of Science & Technology: Fellowships
p. 1270

Ranbaxy Science Foundation: Ranbaxy Research Awards -- 2002
p. 1271

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