Current Science
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Volume 81 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 2001
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1272

Science and the ascent of man
p. 1273 | Balaram, P.

Effectiveness of secondary services for knowledge and sciento-informetric analyses
p. 1275 | Sen, Subir K.; Sharma, Hari Prasad

Selection of research scholars for ad hoc research projects and other academic posts
p. 1275 | Seshadri, S.

Appointment and academic leadership of Vice-Chancellors
p. 1277 | Mehrotra, R. C.

Importance of science policy and planning in India
p. 1277 | Virk, H. S.

Reclamation of mill tailings
p. 1278 | Chaphekar, Sharad

Taxonomy, palaeobotany and biodiversity
p. 1278 | Srivastava, A. K.

Key regulators of the cell cycle': 2001 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
p. 1280 | Gupta, P. K.

First Indian Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Information Scientists
p. 1287

Stockholm Challenge Award for M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
p. 1287

Prof. Y. T. Thathachari Research Award for science - 2001: A report
p. 1287 | Prasad, J. Shashidhara; Sridhar, M. A.

Research News
A revised look at p-electron delocalization in benzene
p. 1288 | Sastry, G. Narahari

In Conversation
An interview with Ambassador John Ritch, Director General, World Nuclear Association
p. 1291 | Sen, Nirupa

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1294

Scientific Correspondence
A quantum field theoretic description of the delayed choice experiment
p. 1295 | Srikanth, R.

Effect of doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the performance of in vitro propagated bulblets of Lilium sp. (Asiatic hybrids)
p. 1296 | Varshney, Anushri; Srivastava, P. S.; Dhawan, Vibha

Molecular evidence for Wolbachia in rice insects
p. 1299 | Behera, L.; Sahu, S. C.; Rajamani, S.; Mohan, M.

Selective loss of exocrine tissue during islet storage at -70°C
p. 1300 | Bhonde, Ramesh R.

General Articles
Projection of HIV infections in India: An alternative to back-calculation
p. 1302 | Rao, C. Nagaraja; Srivenkataramana, T.

Review Articles
Quality protein maize
p. 1308 | Prasanna, B. M.; Vasal, S. K.; Kassahun, B.; Singh, N. N.

Research Articles
GATA/GACA repeat sequences are transcribed in the normal fertile rat Rattus norvegicus, but not in the infertile ones
p. 1320 | Gangadharan, Supriya; Kapur, Vipra; Ali, Sher

Research Communications
Sensitivity of molecular dynamics simulations of lipids to the size of the ester carbon
p. 1325 | Chandrasekhar, Indira; Gunsteren, Wilfred F. Van

Continuous somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from hypocotyl segments of Psoralea corylifolia Linn., an endangered and medicinally important Fabaceae plant
p. 1328 | Sahrawat, Ashok Kumar; Chand, Suresh

Pre-impoundment study of biotic communities of Kistobazar Nala in Purulia, West Bengal
p. 1332 | Bhatt, J. P.; Jain, Ajay; Bhaskar, A.; Pandit, M. K.

Stability and yield performance of genotypes: A proposal for regrouping world rice area into mega-environments
p. 1337 | Prasad, G. S. V.; Muralidharan, K.; Rao, C. S.; Prasad, A. S. R.

Effect of salinity on development of zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio
p. 1347 | Sawant, M. S.; Zhang, S.; Li, L.

31P magnetic resonance spectroscopic study of healthy human calf muscle
p. 1350 | Khushu, S.; Kumaran, S. S.; Sanker, R.; Gupta, A.; Tripathi, R. P.; Jain, P. C.; Jain, V.

Re-examination of quartz-sillimanite-hypersthene-cordierite gneisses from the Vijayanagaram district: Does surinamite occur in the Eastern Ghats Belt?
p. 1353 | Grew, E. S.; Rao, A. T.; Raju, K. K. V. S.; Yates, M. G.

Discovery of coesite from Indian Himalaya: A record of ultra-high pressure metamorphism in Indian Continental Crust
p. 1358 | Mukherjee, Barun K.; Sachan, Himanshu K.

Heavy sediment influx during early Holocene: Inference from clay mineral studies in a core from the Western Bay of Bengal
p. 1361 | Reddy, N. P. C.; Rao, K. Mohana

Implications of post-disturbance studies on the grain size of the sediments from the Central Indian Basin
p. 1365 | Valsangkar, Anil B.

Book Reviews
Nine Crazy Ideas in Science, A few may even be true
p. 1374 | Sitaramam, V.

Drying Technology and Agriculture and Food Sciences
p. 1375 | Prakash, V.

Academy Initiative in University Science Education
p. 1376

Post Doctoral Fellowships in Astronomy and Astrophysics
p. 1377

Ocean Science and Technology Cell
p. 1378

National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources
p. 1379

National Symposium on Functional Genomics
p. 1379

IBAB: Admission Announcement
p. 1380

p. 1380

VIDYANANTHA (a registered society for the promotion of education) Publication available on donation.
p. 1380

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