Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 79 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 2000
In this Issue
In this Issue
p. 1409

New institutions
p. 1411 | Balaram, P.

How to improve credibility of Indian journals
p. 1413 | Virk, H. S.

Science journals
p. 1414 | Gopal, Brij

Suggestions for mapping fish research in India
p. 1414 | Pandian, T. J.

Drug delivery - Today's scenario and opportunities for Indian pharmaceutical industry
p. 1415 | Maitra, Amarnath

Research News
A mix of molecules: Banana and rod-formation of a new SmA20 phase in liquid crystals
p. 1417 | Sen, Nirupa

Scientific Correspondence
Mycorrhizal biomass in Central Himalayan oaks: Method and estimates
p. 1419 | Rana, B. S.; Ginwal, H. S.; Singh, Kundan

Development of pencil joints in a red bole bed at Dighi, Raigad district, Maharashtra, India
p. 1422 | Sarkar, P. K.; Chakranarayan, A. B.; Deshwandikar, A. K.; Fernandes, M. R.; Raut, S. D.

Mapping of Indus ophiolites: Need for introspection
p. 1423 | Acharyya, S. K.

Mapping of Indus ophiolites: Need for introspection(Reply)
p. 1424 | Thakur, V. C.

Quantum-no-deleting principle
p. 1426 | Pati, Arun K.; Braunstein, Samuel L.

General Articles
Human race at the crossroads
p. 1428 | Khoshoo, T. N.

Monitoring and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural fields of India: Relevance, problems, research and policy needs
p. 1435 | Majumdar, Deepanjan

Review Articles
Current concepts of PPAR-g signaling in diabetes mellitus
p. 1440 | Balasubramanyam, M.; Mohan, V.

Research Account
Quantum computation using NMR
p. 1447 | Dorai, Kavita; Mahesh, T. S.; Arvind; Kumar, Anil

Research Articles
Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the coastal sand dunes of the west coast of India
p. 1459 | Beena, K. R.; Raviraja, N. S.; Arun, A. B.; Sridhar, K. R.

Research Communications
Assessment of availability and habitat preference of Jatamansi - a critically endangered medicinal plant of west Himalaya
p. 1467 | Airi, S.; Rawal, R. S.; Dhar, U.; Purohit, A. N.

Decaying wood as a natural habitat of melanin-forming (Mel ) variant of Cryptococcus laurentii
p. 1471 | Mussa, A. Y.; Randhawa, H. S.; Khan, Z. U.

Relative insecticidal value: An index for identifying neem trees with high insecticidal yield
p. 1474 | Kumar, A. R. V.; Jayappa, J.; Chandrashekara, K.

A new, diminutive Eocene whale from Kachchh (Gujarat, India) and its implications for locomotor evolution of cetaceans
p. 1478 | Bajpai, Sunil; Thewissen, J. G. M.

Two new fossil fruits from Oligocene sediments of Makum Coalfield, Assam, India
p. 1482 | Mehrotra, R. C.

Holocene sea-level and climatic fluctuations: Pulicat lagoon - A case study
p. 1484 | Farooqui, Anjum; Vaz, G. G.

Book Reviews
The Scientific Imagination
p. 1489 | Sengupta, Shyamal

Number - From Ahmes to Cantor
p. 1490 | Shirali, Shailesh A.

An Introduction to the Mechanics of Fluids
p. 1491 | Shankar, P. N.

Problems Facing Plant Breeding
p. 1493 | Shivanna, K. R.

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Current Issue
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