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Volume 79 - Issue 06: 25 Sep, 2000
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0683

p. 0685 | Balaram, P.

Oral polio vaccine: How safe is safe?
p. 0687 | John, T. Jacob

Lessons from the Mahabharat
p. 0687 | Petkar, D. V.

Bird flowers and pollination ecology
p. 0689 | Ganesh, T.; Devy, M. Soubadra

Gold in the Meghalaya Plateau!
p. 0689 | Subbaraman, J. V.

Gold in the Meghalaya Plateau!(Reply)
p. 0690 | Subrahmanyam, A. V.; Kumar, Sushil; Singh, Diwakar; Kak, S. N.

Research News
Deformation-assisted percolative core formation in early earth
p. 0690 | Sankaran, A. V.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0693

Scientific Correspondence
Mass flowering in the HImalayan dwarf bamboo
p. 0694 | Singh, S. P.

Zoogeographical relationships of the Upper Cretaceous nonmarine Ostracoda of India
p. 0694 | Whatley, R. C.; Bajpai, Sunil

Agar depolymerizing (Agarolytic) bacteria isolated from mangrove soil samples of Andaman
p. 0696 | Shome, B. R.; Shome, Rajeswari; Ahlawat, S. P. S.; Verma, N. D.

General Articles
Mesoscale weather prediction
p. 0698 | Tyagi, Ajit

Review Articles
How viruses evade host responses
p. 0711 | Agrawal, Neema; Korkaya, Hasan; Jameel, Shahid

Special Section: Instabilities, Transition and Turbulence (Dhawan issue) (Guest Editors: R. Narasimha)
Three basic problems in the theory of hydrodynamic stability
p. 0725 | Zhou, H.

Minimal composite equations and the stability of non-parallel flows
p. 0730 | Narasimha, R.; Govindarajan, Rama

The role of the critical layer in the stability of viscous shear flow
p. 0741 | Govindarajan, Rama

Studies of Coriolis force induced transition in internal flows in a rotating system
p. 0747 | Ram, Venkatesa I. Vasanta; Schmidts, Maren

Hydrodynamics and compliant walls: Does the dolphin have a secret?
p. 0758 | Carpenter, P. W.; Davies, C.; Lucey, A. D.

Classification of instabilities in the flow past flexible surfaces
p. 0766 | Kumaran, V.

Active control of boundary layer instabilities using MEMs
p. 0774 | Gaster, M.

Experimental study of a L-structure development and its transformation into the turbulent spot
p. 0781 | Grek, G. R.; Kozlov, V. V.; Katasonov, M. M.; Chernorai, V. G.

Laminar-flow design for a Mach-6 quiet-flow wind tunnel nozzle
p. 0790 | Schneider, Steven P.

Three-dimensional boundary layer transition study
p. 0800 | Kohama, Y. P.

Free disturbances and spot formation: (i) on a surface roughness, (ii) in a near-wake, (iii) under an adverse pressure gradient
p. 0808 | Smith, F. T.

Direct numerical simulations of spots
p. 0816 | Mathew, Joseph; Das, Arup

Transition zone in constant pressure converging flows
p. 0821 | Vasudevan, K. P.; Dey, J.

Transition related studies on two low-drag airfoils
p. 0829 | Krishnan, V.; Sundaram, S.; Viswanath, P. R.

On the problem of turbulence
p. 0834 | Roshko, Anatol

Hydrodynamic stability theory and wall turbulence
p. 0840 | Sen, P. K.; Veeravalli, Srinivas V.

Generation of near-wall coherent structures in a turbulent boundary layer
p. 0849 | Schoppa, Wade; Hussain, Fazle

Convection in a long vertical tube due to unstable stratification - A new type of turbulent flow?
p. 0859 | Arakeri, Jaywant H.; Avila, Fransisco E.; Dada, Jorge M.; Tovar, Ramon O.

The control of combustion instability: A perspective
p. 0867 | Sreenivasan, K. R.; Raghu, S.

Research Communications
Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide by immobilized nickel(II) and ruthenium(II) complexes into a Nafion membrane
p. 0884 | Ramaraj, Ramasamy; Premkumar, J. Rajan

In vitro propagation of Vanilla planifolia, a tropical orchid
p. 0886 | Geetha, S.; Shetty, Sudheer A.

GA-induced stage-specific changes in flower colour and size of Portulaca grandiflora cv NL-CR-PyP
p. 0889 | Ogale, V. K.; Venu-babu, P.; Mishra, S. D.

Silver nitrate influences in vitro root formation in Decalepis hamiltonii Wight & Arn.
p. 0894 | Bais, Harsh Pal; Sudha, G.; Suresh, B.; Ravishankar, G. A.

Is strontium isotope record a strict proxy for chemical weathering rates during the late Miocene (Ocean Drilling Program Site 758A)?
p. 0899 | Gupta, Anil K.; Ahmad, S. M.; Dayal, A. M.; Gopalan, K.

Book Reviews
Digital Remote Sensing
p. 0903 | Nagendra, Harini

Conversion Coatings - A Reference for Phosphating, Chromating and Anodizing Processes
p. 0903 | Narayanan, T. S. N. Sankara

The Flora of the Palni Hills, Parts 1-3
p. 0904 | Dsouza, L.

Personal News
K. Narahari Rao: An obituary
p. 0905 | Narasimham, N. A.; Balasubramanian, T. K.; Reddy, S. Paddi; Dasari, Ramachandra R.

National Research Centre on Equines
p. 0907

Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
p. 0908

Department of Chemistry-University of Roorkee
p. 0908

National Chemical Laboratory
p. 0909

Senior Software Developers
p. 0909

Regional Plant Resource Centre
p. 0910

Fast Track Proposals for Young Scientists
p. 0910

Kerala Agricultural University - Recruitment of Research Fellows
p. 0911

Corrigendum-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (ICAR)
p. 0911

Institute for Research in Reproduction (ICMR)
p. 0912

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
p. 0912

NCBS Symposium on Cell and Developmental Biology
p. 0913

Vector Control Research Centre
p. 0914

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre - Ph.D. Programme in Bio-Medical Sciences
p. 0914

Indian Veterinary Research Institute
p. 0915

SPIC Science Foundation - Scientist's position (Biochemist-Enzymologist)
p. 0915

Central Rice Research Institute
p. 0916

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