Current Science
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Volume 79 - Issue 04: 25 Aug, 2000
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0391

A foundation for science
p. 0393 | Balaram, P.

Science and technology in India and brain drain: Unanswered questions
p. 0395 | Mariappan, P.

The golden era of Indian science
p. 0395 | Bhattacharyya, Kankan

Brain drain: Crocodile tears galore
p. 0396 | Raghavan, T. Madhan

Gresham's Law
p. 0397 | Vishwanath, P. R.

RHIC, a new heavy ion collider in search of quark-gluon plasma
p. 0397 | Rao, K. R.

Malaria and the modified mosquito
p. 0399 | Sen, Nirupa

Research News
A new, broad-spectrum anti-tubercular drug on the horizon
p. 0400 | Sharma, Pawan

A new paradigm in the functioning of G-protein-coupled receptors
p. 0402 | Shanti, K.; Chattopadhyay, Amitabha

Random selections
Random selection
p. 0403

From the archives
From the archives
p. 0404

A review of coalbed methane exploration and exploitation
p. 0404 | Sircar, Anirbid

Scientific Correspondence
Usefulness of dipstick test (ParaSightTM F) in high-risk groups for Plasmodium falciparum in Central India
p. 0406 | Singh, Neeru

In vitro propagation of Decalepis hamiltonii Wight & Arn., an endangered shrub, through axillary bud cultures
p. 0408 | Bais, Harsh Pal; George, Jacob; Ravishankar, G. A.

A model-based statistical analysis of life sciences research in India during 1992-94
p. 0411 | Kale, B. K.; Yerneni, Vidya

Review Articles
Transgenics, pest management and the environment
p. 0421 | Sharma, H. C.; Ortiz, Rodomiro

Research Articles
Holocene tectonic movements and stress field in the western Gangetic plains
p. 0438 | Parkash, B.; Kumar, Sudhir; Rao, M. Someshwar; Giri, S. C.; Kumar, C. Suresh; Gupta, Shekhar; Srivastava, Pankaj

Special Section: Public Access to Indian Geographical Data (Guest Editors: R. Narasimhan and S. R. Shetye)
Public access to Indian geographical data
p. 0450 | Ramachandran, R.

Geographic data needed in the interpretation of Indian satellite-based remote sensing data: Opportunities and realities
p. 0468 | Rao, D. P.

Survey of India's plan to meet the country's need for digital geographical data
p. 0474 | Srivastava, R. N.

Free access to topographical maps: Coping with natural hazards, assessing development potential and monitoring environmental changes
p. 0479 | Valdiya, K. S.

Ensuring public access to data
p. 0481 | Vittal, N.

Restriction on maps: A denial of valid geographic information
p. 0484 | Srikantia, S. V.

SWOT analysis of geographic information: The case of India
p. 0489 | Gupta, Ravi

Geographical data - do we have a fundamental right to access it?
p. 0499 | Matthan, Rahul

Research Communications
Amino acid selective 'unlabelling' for residue specific NMR assignments in proteins
p. 0504 | Atreya, H. S.; Chary, K. V. R.

Wavelength of light mimics the effects of the duration and intensity of a long photoperiod in stimulation of gonadal responses in the male blackheaded bunting (Emberiza melanocephala)
p. 0508 | Kumar, Vinod; Rani, Sangeeta; Malik, Shalie

Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and Yersinia intermedia from wastewaters and their biochemical and serological characteristics
p. 0510 | Sinha, Indrajit; Choudhary, Indu; Virdi, J. S.

Semen characteristic profiles of men of different ages and duration of infertility
p. 0513 | Gopalkrishnan, Kamala; Padwal, Varsha; Balaiah, Donta; Meherji, P.; Gokral, J.; Shah, R.

A documentation on burrows in hard substrates of ferromanganese crusts and associated soft sediments from the Central Indian Basin
p. 0517 | Banerjee, Ranadip

Book Reviews
Uphill All the Way: An Autobiography
p. 0522 | Tandon, P. N.

Biochemical Models of Leaf Photosynthesis. Techniques in Plant Sciences No. 2
p. 0523 | Das, V. S. Rama

Mathematics of Wave Propagation
p. 0524 | Sachdev, P. L.

Department of Science and Technology - DST-ICTP Fellowship Program for the year 2001
p. 0525

National Women Bioscientist Awards: 2000
p. 0526

Gujarat Agricultural University-Recruitment of Research Fellows
p. 0528

Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre-Indian Institute Technology
p. 0529

Nominations for National Award for Women's development through application of Science and Technology
p. 0530

Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre - Office of the Dean(R and D)
p. 0533

Opportunities in Centre for Biochemical Technology!!!
p. 0534

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology Biomedical Technology Wing, Poojapura, Tiruvanathapuram
p. 0535

Department of Physics-Guru Nanak Dev University
p. 0535

Department of Science and Technology(DST)-German Academic Exchange Services(DAAD)
p. 0536

Mangalore University-Department of Applied Botany
p. 0537

Bose Institute Calcutta
p. 0537

Winter School of Modern Biology
p. 0538

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