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Volume 78 - Issue 12: 25 Jun, 2000
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1404

Genes and genomes
p. 1405 | Balaram, P.

Science and Technology in India and brain drain- Some suggestions
p. 1407 | Seshadri, S.; Karthiravan, K.; Ignacimuthu, S.

National Science Policy without Earth Sciences
p. 1408 | Barthwal, Brijesh

Need to define deep crustal structure of the Bay of Bengal, a major constituent of the north-eastern Indian Ocean
p. 1408 | Ramana, M. V.; Ramprasad, T.

Vaginal pheromone and other unusual compounds in mung bean aroma
p. 1410 | Brahmachary, R. L.; Ghosh(basu), Mahua

Predicting climate change
p. 1410 | Vats, S. K.; Ahuja, P. S.

Drying up of Saraswati
p. 1411 | Ranade, Sudhanshu

Who should be credited for the discovery and first reporting of arsenicosis in Koudikasa in Madhya Pradesh?
p. 1412 | Pandey, Piyush Kant

China's new basic research strategy designed to eschew 'blind following of developed countries'
p. 1412

Meeting Report
Global partnerships towards creation of knowledge societies - A way forward
p. 1413 | Nair, Sudha

Biology today: Urgent need for an integrative approach
p. 1414 | Lakhotia, S. C.

Annual meeting of the Mycological Society of India
p. 1415 | Raghukumar, S.

From the archives
From the archives
p. 1416

Reformation of science education in Indian universities
p. 1417 | Prakash, S.

Scientific Correspondence
Indoor radon levels and inhalation doses to population in Punjab
p. 1418 | Virk, H. S.; Sharma, Navjeet

Fluorosis in Assam, India
p. 1421 | Chakraborti, D.; Chanda, C. R.; Samanta, G.; Chowdhury, U. K.; Mukherjee, S. C.; Pal, A. B.; Sharma, B.; Mahanta, K. J.; Ahmed, H. A.; Singh, B.

General Articles
Copying life's devices
p. 1424 | Vogel, S.; Vogel, J. G.

International interactions in science - The Indian experience
p. 1430 | Vijayan, M.

Review Articles
Synthetic seed: Prospects and limitations
p. 1438 | Ara, Hussain; Jaiswal, Uma; Jaiswal, V. S.

Special Section: Surface Characterization (Guest Editor: M. K. Sanyal)
Progress in scanning probe microscopy: High resolution force microscopy and spectroscopy
p. 1445 | Erlandsson, R.; Apell, Peter

Neutron scattering for surface characterization
p. 1458 | Penfold, J.

X-ray reflectivity and diffuse scattering
p. 1467 | Gibaud, A.; Hazra, S.

Grazing incidence X-Ray diffraction
p. 1478 | Dutta, Pulak

Investigations of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces by X-ray grazing incidence diffraction
p. 1484 | Pietsch, Ullrich

X-ray scattering at liquid surfaces and interfaces
p. 1496 | Daillant, Jean

Surface physics at Saha Institute
p. 1507 | Banerjee, S.; Bhattacharyya, S. R.; Chakraborty, P.; Datta, A.; Ghose, D.; Kundu, S.; Sanyal, M. K.

Aspects of surface and interface characterizations by X-rays: The research programme at IOP, Bhubaneswar
p. 1511 | Dev, B. N.

Surface and interface studies at IUC-DAEF, Indore
p. 1515 | Dasannacharya, B. A.; Gupta, Ajay; Chaudhari, S. M.; Ganesan, V.; Shripathi, T.

Twenty years of surface science in the Department of Physics, University of Pune
p. 1519 | Kulkarni, S. K.

Surface analytical facility at NPL, New Delhi
p. 1523 | Chakraborty, B. R.; Mohan, Pardeep; Shivaprasad, S. M.; Sharma, D. R.; Anandan, C.; Gupta, A. C.; Raychaudhuri, A. K.

Surface characterization of thin film devices and optical elements
p. 1528 | Sahoo, N. K.; Bhattacharyya, D.; Thakur, S.; Udupa, Dinesh; Shukla, R. P.; Das, N. C.; Roy, A. P.

Research Communications
In vitro clonal propagation of annatto (Bixa orellana L. )
p. 1532 | Sharon, Madhuri; Prasad, M. M.; Dsouza, Marie Claire

The 'K' selected oligophilic bacteria: A key to uncultured diversity?
p. 1535 | Watve, Milind; Shejval, Vaishali; Sonawane, Charushila; Rahalkar, Monali; Matapurkar, Anagha; Shouche, Yogesh S.; Patole, Milind S.; Phadnis, Nitin; Champhenkar, Ameya; Damle, Kalyani; Karandikar, Sulabha; Kshirsagar, Vasudev; Jog, Maithili

UMSBP from Leishmania donovani UR6 recognizes single-stranded nucleotides at the site of origin of replication of kinetoplast minicircles
p. 1542 | Sen, Sribir; Khalkho, Neeta V. M.; Mittra, Bidyottam; Dasgupta, Arindam; Majumder, H. K.

Study of dissociation of human chorionic gonadotropin monoclonal antibody complexes using nitrocellulose as an insoluble support
p. 1548 | Srilatha, N. S.; Murthy, G. S.

Mitogenic and melanogenic activity of human placental protein/peptides on melanoma cell
p. 1552 | Mandal, Samir Kumar; Mallick, Shampa; Dutta, P. K.; Bhadra, Ranjan

Identification of probable faults in the vicinity of Harnai-Ratnagiri region of the Konkan coast, Maharashtra, India
p. 1556 | Kundu, Biswaketan; Matam, Anand

Book Reviews
New Species Syndrome in Indian Pteridology and the Ferns of Nepal
p. 1561 | Pant, D. D.; Srivastava, G. K.

The Indian Subcontinent and Gondwana: A Palaeomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Perspective (Mem. 44)
p. 1562 | Murthy, I. V. Radhakrishna

Personal News
George K. Batchelor - An obituary
p. 1564 | Narasimhan, R.

David G. Crighton - An obituary
p. 1565 | Narasimha, R.

Historical Notes
Sir Asutosh Mookerjee - Educationist, leader and Institution-builder
p. 1566 | Gupta, D. P. Sen

Professor K. K. Balasubramanian's 60th Birthday Felicitation
p. 1574

Regional Research Laboratory
p. 1575

University of Agricultural Sciences - (RA) and (SRF)
p. 1576

University of Agricultural Sciences
p. 1576

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