Current Science
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Volume 77 - Issue 12: 25 Dec, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1563

Biology at millennium's end
p. 1565 | Balaram, P.

Women in science
p. 1567 | Godbole, Rohini M.

Future of science in India
p. 1568 | Ramamurthy, V.

Science in service of society: A proposal and request for suggestions
p. 1568 | Pasupathy, J.

Earthquake prediction - A distant dream
p. 1569 | Subbaraman, J. V.

Global geological resource locator
p. 1569 | Ramkumar, M.

A novel method of growing bulk single crystals
p. 1570 | Vijayaraghavan, D.

Nuclear structure and dynamics
p. 1571 | Shyam, R.; Amita

Biogeochemistry of trace elements
p. 1572 | Singh, Kuldeep

Research News
Diamonds in komatiites and some contemporary views about this gem-carbon
p. 1574 | Sankaran, A. V.

Emerging trends in agricultural biotechnology research: Use of abiotic stress-induced promoter to drive expression of a stress resistance gene in the transgenic system leads to high level stress tolerance associated with minimal negative effects on growth
p. 1577 | Katiyar-agarwal, Surekha; Agarwal, Manu; Grover, Anil

Scientific Correspondence
Evaluation of parameters affecting the isolation and culture of protoplasts of Hevea brasiliensis (Muell. Arg. )
p. 1580 | Sushamakumari, S.; Sobha, S.; Jayasree, R.; Asokan, M. P.

Comparing men and women: A proposal concerning the genes vs gender issue in studies of cognitive abilities
p. 1582 | Chandra, H. Sharat

General Articles
Combating opium-linked global abuses and supplementing the production of edible seed and seed oil: A novel non-narcotic var. Sujata of opium poppy ( )
p. 1584 | Sharma, J. R.; Lal, R. K.; Misra, H. O.; Naqvi, A. A.; Patra, D. D.

Human dimensions of climate change: Results of a survey of scientists and engineers
p. 1589 | Pruthi, S.; Khan, Subhan; Qureshi, M. A.

The Coastal Regulation Zone of Goa: Oceanographic, environmental and societal perspectives
p. 1598 | Mascarenhas, Antonio

Review Articles
Crystal structure of Peninsular Shield, India from DSS studies
p. 1606 | Reddy, P. R.; Venkateswarlu, N.; Rao, P. Koteswara; Prasad, A. S. S. S. R. S.

Research Articles
Joint application of seismic refraction and vertical electrical sounding for the delineation of shallow aquifers
p. 1612 | Nath, Sankar Kumar; Shahid, Shamsuddin

Special Section: String Theory (Guest Editor: Sunil Mukhi)
The theory of strings: An introduction
p. 1624 | Mukhi, Sunil

Duality symmetries in string theory
p. 1635 | Sen, Ashoke

String theory and Hawking radiationb
p. 1646 | Das, Sumit R.

The gravity-guage theory correspondence
p. 1659

Research Communications
Indian explosions of 11 May 1998: Analysis of regional Lg and Rayleigh waves
p. 1669 | Roy, Falguni; Nair, G. J.; Sikka, S. K.; Kakodkar, Anil; Chidambaram, R.; Bhattachary, S. N.; Ramamurthy, V. S.

In vitro haemorrhage-like activity of Russell's viper (Vipera russelli russelli) venom from Eastern India with mice organs
p. 1673 | Datta, Kausiki; Bhattacharyya, Debasish

Structural aberrations in fluorosed human teeth: Biochemical and scanning electron microscopic studies
p. 1677 | Susheela, A. K; Bhatnagar, Madhu; Gnanasundram, N.; Saraswathy, T. R.

Sr-Nd isotopic composition of lamprophyre dykes from Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica
p. 1681 | Dayal, A. M.; Hussain, S. M.

Phyllonites from Attur Shear Zone and its tectonic significance in Southern Granulite Terrain, South India
p. 1685 | Bhadra, B. K.

Book Reviews
The Best of Annals of Improbable Research
p. 1688 | Pai, Sanjay A.

Harmonic Analysis and Hypergroups
p. 1688 | Sitaram, Alladi

The Physics of Fluids and Plasmas
p. 1689 | Thyagaraja, A.

Cyanobacterial Biotechnology
p. 1690 | Deobagkar, Deepti D.

Annual Review of Physiology 1999
p. 1691 | Sikdar, S. K.

Personal News
Bal Dattatreya Tilak - An obituary
p. 1693 | Panse, G. T.

p. 1694

p. 1695

Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth
p. 1698

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
p. 1698

Regional Research Laboratory
p. 1699

Orissa Bigyan Academy - Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award for 1998 and 1999
p. 1699

Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute(CSMCRI)
p. 1700

Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Biotechnology
p. 1702

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