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Volume 77 - Issue 11: 10 Dec, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1379

Conflicts of interest
p. 1381 | Balaram, P.

Can we say bye to BCG?
p. 1383 | Bhonde, Ramesh; Parab, Pradeep

Freeing science from the tyrannies of funding and peer review
p. 1384 | Roy, Rustum

The condition of science in India - Further thoughts
p. 1385 | Sheth, Hetu C.

The importance of debating issues in 'personal squabbles' for the Indian scientific community
p. 1386 | Bhattacharjee, S. K.

What is genius?
p. 1387 | Pai, Sanjay A.

Measurement of copper and mercury
p. 1387 | Selvaraj, K.

Occurrence of Golden Mystery Snail Pomacea bridgesi (Gastropoda: Ampullaridae) in West Bengal, India
p. 1389 | Raut, S. K; Aditya, G.

Nobel Prize in physics: The triumph of quantum field theory
p. 1390 | Pasupathy, J.

Molecular addresses in proteins
p. 1396 | Nagaraj, R.

Progress in genetic manipulation of Plasmodium
p. 1398 | Sharma, Shobhona

Swarnajayanti Fellowships for 1998-1999 announced
p. 1400

India and the US to cooperate in achieving Kyoto goals through environment-friendly energy technologie
p. 1400

Is it fair to describe a protein recruited for many cellular chores as 'moonlighting' and 'promiscuous'?
p. 1401

Scientific Correspondence
Arun's law of impact factor depreciation
p. 1405 | Prathap, Gangan

Genetics of hot-water epilepsy: A preliminary analysis
p. 1407 | Sinha, Anindya; Ullal, Gautam R.; Shankar, S. K.; Satishchandra, P.

Maintenance of callus growth during subculturing is a genotype-dependent response in rice: Mature seed-derived callus from IR 54 rice cultivar lacks culturability
p. 1410 | Minhas, Deepika; Rajam, M. V.; Grover, Anil

Trace element distribution and cobalt content in sulphide ores of Kalyadi, Karnataka
p. 1413 | Mathew, Biju; Chandrasekharam, D.

Component community structure of larval trematodes in the snail Cerithium scabridum from southern Kuwait Bay
p. 1416 | Abdul-salam, J.; Sreelatha, B. S.

General Articles
Intellectual property rights on biological resources: Benefiting from biodiversity and people's knowledge
p. 1418 | Utkarsh, Ghate; Gadgil, Madhav; Rao, P. R. Sheshagiri

The informatization of development
p. 1426 | Cleveland, Harlan

How to get a research grant
p. 1431 | Kalla, N. R.

Review Articles
An overview of bacterial blight disease of rice and strategies for its management
p. 1435 | Gnanamanickam, S. S.; Priyadarisini, V. Brindha; Narayanan, N. N.; Vasudevan, Preeti; Kavitha, S.

Special Section: Solar Physics (Guest Editor: B. N. Dwivedi)
The physics laboratory in the sky
p. 1445 | Parker, E. N.

Seismic Sun
p. 1454 | Chitre, S. M.; Antia, H. M.

Rotation of the solar interior
p. 1460 | Thompson, Michael J.; Christensen-dalsgaard, Jørgen

Solar tomography
p. 1467 | Kosovichev, A. G; Jr, T. L. Duvall

The solar dynamo
p. 1475 | Choudhuri, Arnab Rai

Solar neutrinos: An overview
p. 1487 | Bahcall, J. N.

The dynamics and heating of the quiet solar chromosphere
p. 1496 | Kalkofen, Wolfgang; Ulmschneider, Peter

Solar activity: An overview
p. 1503 | Švestka, Zdenek

Probing the Sun's hot atmosphere
p. 1511 | Phillips, Kenneth J. H.; Dwivedi, Bhola N.

A new Sun: Probing solar plasmas in the extreme-ultraviolet light from SUMER on SOHO
p. 1521 | Dwivedi, Bhola N.; Mohan, Anita; Wilhelm, Klaus

Research Articles
Fast surface oxidation induced growth of AlO(OH). a H2O molecular fibres at nascent Al-metal surface in ambient atmosphere
p. 1530 | Ram, S.; Rana, S.

Research Communications
An Eulerian photochemical model for tropospheric ozone over the tropics
p. 1537 | Debaje, S. B.; Jadhav, D. B.

Engineering resistance against physalis mottle tymovirus by expression of the coat protein and 3¢ noncoding region
p. 1542 | Ranjith-kumar, C. T.; Manoharan, M.; Prasad, S. Krishna; Cherian, Shob; Umashankar, M.; Sita, G. Lakshmi; Savithri, H. S.

Book Reviews
Atomic Energy in India - 50 Years
p. 1548 | Banerjee, Haridas

Classical and Spatial Stochastic Processes
p. 1549 | Roy, Rahul

I Predict: Exploring India's Population Scenario
p. 1550 | Reddy, P. H.

Ecology: A Pocket Guide
p. 1551 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit

Personal News
R. S. Krishnan - An obituary
p. 1552 | Gopal, E. S. R.

Centre for Sponsored Schemes and Projects
p. 1554

Centre for Sponsored Schemes and Projects - Indian Institute of Science
p. 1555

Post-Doctoral Positions in Optical Instrumentation, Cell Applications and Organic Chemistry
p. 1556

University of Hyderbad - P. O. Central University
p. 1557

Agharkar Research Institute
p. 1558

Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur 208 016(UP)
p. 1558

University of Pune - Recruitment of JRF
p. 1558

Burhani Foundation - NEERI Award 1999
p. 1559

School of Life Sciences Devi Ahilya University
p. 1559

Advertising in Current Science
p. 1560

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