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Volume 76 - Issue 4: 25 Feb, 1999
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0462

Editorial: Ageing Scientists
p. 0463 | Balaram, P.

Nicotine is addictive
p. 0465 | Sant, Bharat R.

Fellowships slowly kill future prospects
p. 0465 | Bhagavan, Krishna

Transgenics, terminators and suppressors
p. 0466 | Gowda, M. Jade; Suresh, A.; Prathapan, K. D.

A methodology for clinical evaluation of existing practice, using traditional herbal medicinal formulations
p. 0467 | Narahari, S. R.; Prasanna, K. S.

Education in Germany
p. 0468 | Balasubramaniam, R.

Genetically modified organisms in agriculture: A risk-aversion package
p. 0468 | Swaminathan, M. S.

Research News
Telomere dynamism and developmental connection of differential telomerase activation in cell proliferation and replicative senescence
p. 0470 | Lavania, U. C.; Lavania, Seshu; Vimala, Y.

Scientific Correspondence
Characterization and utilization of iron-rich dry ash from an electric arc furnace
p. 0473 | Mudakavi, J. R.; Narayana, B. V.; Kiran, R.

Toxic and teratogenic effects of anti-epileptic drugs in Drosophila
p. 0476 | Sharma, Abhay; Kumar, Sushil

Scent marking in the Asiatic lion
p. 0480 | Brahmachary, R. L.; Singh, M.; Rajput, Manisha

The devastating landslide of August 1998 in Ukhimath area, Rudraprayag district, Garhwal Himalaya
p. 0481 | Bist, K. S.; Sah, M. P.

Malpa rockfall disaster, Kali valley, Kumaun Himalaya
p. 0485 | Paul, S. K.; Mahajan, A. K.

General Articles
Biotechnology and food security
p. 0488 | Leisinger, Klaus M.

New partnerships and new paradigms for the new century
p. 0501 | Serageldin, Ismail

The next green revolution: Its environmental underpinnings
p. 0507 | Myers, Norman

Review Articles
Rising Himalaya: Advent and intensification of monsoon
p. 0514 | Valdiya, K. S.

Biochemical defence mechanisms of plants to increased levels of ozone and other atmospheric pollutants
p. 0525 | Srivastava, H. S.

Research Account
Oxygenation and deoxygenation of organic compounds on irradiated semiconductor catalyst, TiO2
p. 0534 | Srinivasan, C.

Research Articles
Associative memory of low activity patterns without the problem of spurious attractors
p. 0540 | Athithan, G.

On growth and fluctuation of Indian foodgrain production
p. 0548 | Gadgil, Sulochana; Abrol, Y. P.; Rao, P. R. Seshagiri

Modelling impact of climate variability on rainfed groundnut
p. 0557 | Gadgil, Sulochana; Rao, P. R. Seshagiri; Sridhar, S.

Research Communications
A study of correlation of the order of chemical reactivity of a sequence of binary compounds of nitrogen and oxygen in terms of frontier orbital theory
p. 0570 | Ghosh, Dulal C.; Jana, Jibanananda

Do bee eaters have theory of mind?
p. 0574 | Smitha, B.; Thakar, Juilee; Watve, Milind

Sequences that facilitate high fidelity of pairing by RecA: A model
p. 0577 | Karthikeyan, G.; Rao, Basuthkar J.

Lability of sex differentiation in fish
p. 0580 | Pandian, T. J.; Koteeswaran, R.

Influence of eyestalk ablation and 5-hydroxytryptamine on the gonadal development of a female crab, Paratelphusa hydrodromous (Herbst)
p. 0583 | Ragunathan, M. G.; Arivazhagan, A.

Immunochemical detection of serum LDH1: An indigenous method in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction
p. 0587 | Mishra, Rajnikant; Shukla, S. P.

Book Reviews
Differential and Integral Operators
p. 0591 | Krishna, M.

Laws of Chaos -Invariant Measures and Dynamical Systems in One Dimension
p. 0591 | Nadkarni, M. G.

Diamonds in India
p. 0592 | Mathur, S. M.

Intraplate Deformation in the Central Indian Ocean Basin
p. 0593 | Sinha, Anshu Kumar

Historical Notes
Science and domination: India before and after Independence
p. 0596 | Kochhar, Rajesh

Personal News
An Obituary
p. 0602 | Sirsi, Madhava Rao

Academy News
Indian Academy of Sciences elects new Fellows - 1998
p. 0603

Publications received
Publications received
p. 0604

Antarctic Study Centre - Department of Ocean Development
p. 0607

Postdoctoral Research Programme in life Sciences and Biotechnology
p. 0608

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
p. 0608

Poorna Prajna Institute of Scientific Research
p. 0609

Current Science - Submission in Electronic Form
p. 0610

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Current Issue
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