Current Science
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Volume 76 - Issue 3: 10 Feb, 1999
General Articles
The ubiquitous radon
p. 0194 | Nagaratnam, A.

In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0260

Editorial: Research guides and students
p. 0261 | Balaram, P.

A new curriculum
p. 0263 | Ramachandran, Srinivasan

The cowboys in Indian science
p. 0264 | Sarkar, P. C.

India's nuclear tests and its consequences
p. 0265 | Dani, S. G.; Sen, Ashoke; Sengupta, D. P.; Sen, Diptiman

CSIR fellowships play hide and seek in universities
p. 0265 | Kumar, A. P. Pradeep

Quality of research in science
p. 0266 | Arunachalam, V.; Pandey, Vachaspati

Molecular diversity, molecular taxonomy and DNA fingerprinting
p. 0268 | Balakrishna, P.

PM's statement in Parliment spells out stand on CTBT an dFMCT: Extended range Agni being developed
p. 0269

NASA selects new name and sets new launch date for advanced space X-ray telescope
p. 0270

Research News
Steroid hormone action mechanisms
p. 0271 | Sharma, Ramesh

Can great discoveries be orchestrated
p. 0273 | Ramaseshan, S.

Scientific Correspondence
An analysis of the stability of Wien bridge oscillator and a novel way of studying nonlinear devices
p. 0274 | Chakrabarti, Surajit

Are sperm counts declining?
p. 0276 | Sadasuvab, G.; Deendayal, Mamta; Shivaji, S.

Direct shoot regeneration from excised leaves of invitro raised shoots of clonal appkle rootstock, MM106
p. 0278 | Modgil, M.; Handa, R.; Sharma, D. R.

General Articles
The origins and antecedents of the Ghauri missile - An assessment
p. 0280 | Chandrashekar, S.

Induced responses, signal diversity and plant defense: Implications in insect phytophagy
p. 0285 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Evolution of saline lakes in Rajasthan
p. 0290 | Roy, A. B.

Review Articles
Synthesis of morphotectonics and volcanics of the Central Indian Ocean Basin
p. 0296 | Mukherjee, A. D.; Iyer, S. D.

Research Account
Science and technology of ferrofluids
p. 0305 | Mehta, R. V.; Upadhyay, R. V.

Special Section: Fisheries: Science and Technology (Guest Editor: T. J. Pandian)
p. 0313

Marine capture fisheries of India: Challenges and opportunities
p. 0314 | Devaraj, M.; Vevekanandan, E.

Aquaculture development in India from a global perspective
p. 0333 | Kutty, M. N.

Recent advances in the hormonal regulation of gonadal maturation an spawning in fish
p. 0342 | Bhattacharya, S.

Endocrine regulation of egg production in economically important curstaceans
p. 0350 | Subramoniam, T.

Cryopreservation and aqualculture: A case study with penaeid shrimp larvae
p. 0361 | Subramoniam, T.; Arun, R.

Problems and prospects of hormone, chromosome and gene manipulations in fish
p. 0369 | Pandian, T. J.; Venugopal, T.; Koteeswaran, R.

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of microbial diseases of fish and shellfish
p. 0387 | Karunasagar, Indrani; Karunasagar, Iddya

K-value, an index for estimating fish freshness and quality
p. 0400 | Lakshmanan, P. T.; Gopakumar, K.

Strategy to increase export of fish and fishery products from India
p. 0405 | Sakthivel, M.

Research Articles
Do quantum-like theories imply non-classical observable effects
p. 0413 | Unnikrishnan, C. S.

Role of oral environment upon the life os dental composites
p. 0423 | Krishnan, V. Kalliyana; Jayan, Sini T.

Research Communications
Modelling of strong ground motions from dharmasala earthquake of 1986 (mb 5. 7)
p. 0429 | Sriram, V.; Khattri, K. N.

Long wavelength magnetic anomalies over the Bay of Bengal
p. 0439 | Thakur, N. K.; Rao, T. Gangadhara; Khanna, Ramesh; Subrahmanyam, C.

Description of tadpose Rana temporalis from Soth India
p. 0442 | Hiragond, N. C.; Saidapur, S. K.

Book Reviews
Internet Industry Almanac
p. 0445 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Groups and Geometries
p. 0445 | Venkataramana, T.

Annual Reiew of Nuclear and Particle Science 1997
p. 0445 | Pasupathy, J.

Men, machines, and ideas: An autobiographical essay
p. 0447 | Narasimhan, R.

Jiwaji University
p. 0455

Physical Research Laboratory
p. 0455

Training Course on Application of Gis and Remote Sensing to Assessment, Monitoring and Management of Mountain Natural Resources at Gbpihed
p. 0456

Department of Physics - University of Roorkee
p. 0456

Indian Institute of Science - Faculty Positions
p. 0457

Study of Semi-Classical Dynamics of Nuclear Phenomena
p. 0457

p. 0458

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