Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 75 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 1998
Reviewing a review
p. 0869 | Balaram, P.

Nuclear weapons
p. 0871 | Udgaonkar, B. M.

Impact factors
p. 0871 | Jagannathan, N. R.

C++ in schools
p. 0872 | Joshi, Y. P.

Facts about plague epidemic, 1994
p. 0872 | John, T. Jacob

Unfair to Hardy
p. 0873 | Tiwari, S. C.

At IAEA PM, Chidambaram castigate original sinners - call for re-focusing Agency's role
p. 0874

Research News
p53 degradation by Mdm2 - A novel mechanism for regulation of p53 stability
p. 0875 | Nampoothiri, V. K.

Why does object technology hasten slowly?
p. 0877 | Bera, Rajendra K.

Preservation of India's culture and environment
p. 0881 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

Scientific Correspondence
A rapid and simplified procedure for isolating DNA from scat samples
p. 0883 | Shankaranarayanan, Pattabhiraman; Singh, Lalji

Rapid land building activity along Vedaranniyam coast and its possible implications
p. 0884 | Ramasamy; Ramesh, D.; Paul, M. A.; Kusumgar, Sheela; Yadava, M. G.; Nair, A. R.; Sinha, U. K.; Joseph, T. B.

A preliminary report on fluoride content in groundwaters of Guntur area, Andhra Pradesh, India
p. 0887 | Rao, N. Subba; Rao, J. Prakasa; Rao, B. Nagamalleswara; Babu, P. Niranjan; Reddy, P. Madusudhana; Devadas, D. John

General Articles
Risk assessment and operations strategy f6r ISRO satellites during Leonid storm encounter
p. 0889 | Rangan, T. Parimala; Rao, P. Kesava; Rao, K. Nageswara; Soma, P.

Radiolaria as tracers of ocean-climate history
p. 0893 | Sharma, V.; Daneshian, J.

Side effects of some medicinal plants
p. 0897 | Gupta, L. M.; Raina, R.

Review Articles
Chemistry of bimetallic surfaces
p. 0901 | Rao, G. Ranga

Heme polymerization by malarial parasite: A potential target for antimalarial drug development
p. 0911 | Pandey, Amit Vikram; Chauhan, Virander Singh

Research Articles
Mitochondrial DNA sequence divergence among big cats and their hybrids
p. 0919 | Shankaranarayanan, Pattabhiraman; Singh, Lalji

Assessment of inbreeding depression in big cats: Testosterone levels and semen analysis
p. 0923 | Shivaji, S.; Jayaprakash, D.; Patil, Suresh B.

Cryopreservation of semen of tigers and lions: Computerized analysis of the motility parameters of the spermatozoa
p. 0930 | Patil, S. B.; Jayaprakash, D.; Shivaji, S.

Research Communications
Differential diagnosis of acute flaccid paralysis: Poliomyelitis in developing countries
p. 0936 | Wyatt, H. V.

Characteristics of semen parameters in a selected population of Indian men over a period of 10 years
p. 0939 | Gopalkrishnan, K.

The fate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in activated human macrophages
p. 0942 | Vishwanath, V.; Narayanan, Sujatha; Narayanan, P. R.

Identification of a new parameter, Δt (T), controlling the thermally induced effects on Kevlar 49 fibres
p. 0946 | Iyer, R. V.; Vijayan, Kalyani

Methane entrapment in different rice soils of India
p. 0951 | Majumdar, Deepanjan; Kumar, Sushil; Jain, M. C.

Coastal morphological influence for tropical cyclone track deviation along Andhra coast: GIS and remote sensing-based approach
p. 0955 | Kumar, K. Vinod; Bhattacharya, A.; Subramanyam, C.

In vitro effects of adrenergic agonists and antagonists on tissue respiration in Rana limnocharis and Rana cyanophlyctis
p. 0958 | Mahanta, A.; Gupta, B. B. P.

Book Reviews
Introduction to Subfactors
p. 0961 | Bhat, E. V. Rajarama

The World Wide Web for Scientists and Engineers - A Complete Reference for Navigating, Researching and Publishing Online
p. 0961 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Hotspots of Endemic Plants of India, Nepal and Bhutan
p. 0962 | Khoshoo, T. N.

Biomass Studies: Field Methods for Monitoring Biomass
p. 0963 | Kalbag, S. S.

Human Nutrition in the Developing World
p. 0963 | Sesikeran, B.; Krishnaswamy, Kamala

Historical Notes
Sir. C. V. Raman and the story of the Nobel prize
p. 0965 | Singh, Rajinder; Riess, Falk

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