Current Science
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Volume 74 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 1998
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0271

Protection of IPR
p. 0273 | Mishra, K. K.

Boundary layer transition in turbomachines
p. 0274 | Narasimha, Roddam

Research News
Force of life and death
p. 0279 | Bhandari, N.

Oceanic methane hydrates: Untapped fossil-fuel reservoirs
p. 0281 | Sankaran, A. V.

Scientific Correspondence
A 32-base numeral system
p. 0283 | Yajnik, Kirit S.

Betel leaf extract can be both antiperoxidative and peroxidative in nature
p. 0284 | Panda, Sunanda; Kar, Anand

Source dependent virulence of Vibrio harveyi against cultivable shrimps
p. 0286 | Ravi, K.; Jayabalan, N.; Abokare, K.; Anil, T. M.

General Articles
Nernst expression and Poisson's equation: Are they consistant?
p. 0288 | Vaidhyanathan, V. S.

Wait and see strategy for leaf miner control in rainfed groundnut
p. 0296 | Paranjpe, S. A.; Gore, A. P.

Special Section: Raman Spectroscopy (Guest Editor: S. Umapathy)
Unforgettable Raman
p. 0300 | Ito, Mitsuo

Heme proteins and development of resonance Raman Spectroscopy - A personal account
p. 0304 | Spiro, Thomas G.

Role of Raman spectroscopy in high pressure research
p. 0308 | Jayaraman, A.; Sharma, S. K.

Vibrational and electronic excitations in isotropically controlled diamonds
p. 0317 | Anthony, T. R.; Alvarenga, A. D.; Grimsditch, M.; Kim, Hyunjung; Ramdas, A. K.; Rodriguez, S.; Vogelgesang, R.

Interference enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of ultra thin crystalline Ge films
p. 0322 | Kanakaraju, A.; Sood, A. K.; Mohan, S.

Resonance Raman spectroscopy and Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics
p. 0328 | Biswas, Nandita; Umapathy, Siva

Review Articles
Application of phytoecdysteriods in sericulture
p. 0341 | Chandrakala, M. V.; Maribashetty, V. G.; Jyothi, H. K.

Research Articles
Calcutta's industrial pollution: Groundwater arsenic contamination in a residential area and suffering of people due to industrial effluent discharge - An eight-year sudy report
p. 0346 | Chakraborti, D.; Samanta, G.; Mandal, B. K.; Chowdhury, T. Roy; Chanda, C. R.; Biswas, B. K.; Dhar, R. K.; Basu, G. K.; Saha, K. C.

Research Communications
Molecular cloning and detection of cucumber mosaic cucumovirus causing infectious chlorosis disease of banana using DNA probes
p. 0356 | Kiranmai, G.; Satyanarayana, T.; Sreenivasulu, P.

Isolation of fungi from tropical peat of Southern India
p. 0359 | Girivasan, K. P.; Rajagopal, K.; Muruganandam, V.; Suryanarayanan, T. S.

Tiny digitate stromatolite (Yelma digitata Grey), Chitrabhanukot Formation, Kaladgi Basin, India
p. 0360 | Sharma, Mukund; Nair, Sushma; Patil, Shilpa; Shukla, Manoj; Kale, Vivek S.

Downslope soil movement in a periglacial region of Garhwal Himalaya: Rates, processes and climatic significance
p. 0365 | Naithani, Ajay K.; Prasad, C.

Book Reviews
Pollution control in the South and North: A Comparitive Assessment of Environmental Policy Approaches in India and the Netherlands
p. 0373 | Khanna, P.

Annual Review of Phytopathology
p. 0373 | Verma, Jeevan P.

Historical Notes
Sir. C. V. Raman
p. 0375

Draft of the letter from Max Born to Sir. C. V. Raman and the story of the unsuccessful attempt of Raman to get Born and other refugee-scientist from Germany to India
p. 0379 | Ramaseshan, S.

A change of wavelengthin light scattering (nature,1928, 121, 619)
p. 0381 | Raman, C. V.

A new type of secondary radiation (nature,1928, 121, 501-502)
p. 0381 | Raman, C. V.; Krishnan, K. S.

A new radiation (Indian J. Phys., 1928, 2, 387-398)
p. 0382

Academy News
Indian Academy of Science elects new fellows - 1997
p. 0387

Publications received
Publications Received
p. 0388

Indian Institute of Science-Faculty Positions at the level of Assistant Professor at the Department of Instrumentaion are open to Indian Citizens
p. 0390

Indian Institute of Science-Faculty Positions at the level of Assistant Professor are open to Indian Citizens at the Department of Mathematics
p. 0390

Punjab University
p. 0391

Bharathidasan University
p. 0391

Indo-Italian Programme of Cooperation in Science and Technology(1998-2001)
p. 0392

Current Issue
Current Issue
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