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Volume 72 - Issue 11: 10 Jun, 1997
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0771

ISRO spy scandal
p. 0773 | Singh, R. N.; Tiwari, S. C.

Life in extreme environments
p. 0774 | Vats, S. K.

Exodus of scientists from DRDO and ISRO
p. 0775

India accedes to chemical weapons convention - National Authority established to oversee implementation
p. 0775

Research News
A promising hybrid vaccine against malignant tertain malaria
p. 0776 | Kartha, C. C.

Experimental statistics for biology students: An experiment in motivation
p. 0777 | Sitaramam, V.

Scientific Correspondence
Experimental annual forecast of all-India mean summer monsoon rainfall for 1997 using a neural network model
p. 0781 | Goswami, Prashant; Ku, Pradeep

Temporal variation in gravity field during solar eclipse on 24 October 1995
p. 0782 | Mishra, D. C.; Rao, M. B. S. Vyaghreswara

Enzyme dot blot assay: A diagnostic tool for detecting rice tungro virus infection
p. 0784 | Arti, P.; Shenoy, V. V.; Ghosh, A.; Sarma, N. P.; Siddiq, E. A.

Possible occurence of a Fabry-Perot type of interference filter in a fish eye-lens
p. 0785 | Dey, Sudip

Special Section: Chemistry-Biology Interface (Guest Editors: P. Balaram)
Transition metal-saccharide chemistry and biology: An emerging field of multidisciplinary interest
p. 0788 | Bandwar, Rajiv P.; Rao, Chebrolu P.

Derivatization of heteroditopic cryptands: A new generation of amphiphile
p. 0797 | Ghosh, Pradyut; Bharadwaj, Parimal K.

Binuclear iron, manganese and copper centres in biology: Synthetic analogue approach
p. 0802 | Mukherjee, R. N.

New photonucleases based on tetrapyrrole, polypyridine and diazo-arene chromophores
p. 0808 | Maiya, Bhaskar G.

Antibody responses revisited
p. 0815 | Rao, Kanury V. S.

Structure-function relationships and engineering of host-defense peptides
p. 0819 | Nagaraj, R.

Structural studies of protein folding
p. 0826 | Ratnaparkhi, Girish S.; Varadarajan, R.

Molten globule state of human serum albumin in urea
p. 0831 | Muralidhara, B. K.; Prakash, V.

Intracellular dynamics seen through time-resolved fluorescence microscopy
p. 0835 | Krishnamoorthy, G.; Srivastava, Arvind

General Articles
Global change scenario: Current and future with reference to land cover changes and sustainable agriculture
p. 0846 | Sinha, Suresh K.

Research Articles
Crystal structure of the peanut lectin-T-antigen complex. Carbohydrate specificity generated by water bridges
p. 0855 | Ravi-shankar, R.; Ravindran, M.; Suguna, K.; Surolia, A.; Vijayan, M.

Toward a solution for the Himalayan puzzle: Mechanism of inverted metamorphism constrained by the Siwalik sedimentary record
p. 0862 | Sorkhabi, Rasoul B.; Arita, Kazunori

Research Communications
Shock-induced secondary vortices on a delta wing--An Euler simulation
p. 0874 | Kumar, Anand

Plasmid profile of Erwinia herbicola ATCC 21998
p. 0876 | Koul, S.; Verma, V.; Kumar, Anand; Qazi, G. N.

Satellite data reveals pre-earthquake thermal anomalies in Killari area, Maharashtra
p. 0880 | Srivastav, S. K.; Dangwal, Manoj; Bhattacharya, A.; Reddy, P. R.

Fission track dating of obsidian artefacts from Columbia
p. 0884 | Virk, H. S.; Randhawa, G. S.; Sandhu, A. S.

Asian elephants with larger tusks have lower parasite loads
p. 0885 | Watve, Milind G.; Sukumar, R.

Book Reviews
Alzheimer's Disease: From Molecular Biology to Therapy
p. 0890 | Balasubramanian, A. S.

Ethical Values for Excellence in Education and Science
p. 0890 | Chopra, K. L.

p. 0891 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Personal News
A genius called Abdus Salam, an obituary by H. S. Virk
p. 0892 | Virk, H. S.

Interaction Meeting in the Area of Chromsomes and Evolution
p. 0894

International Conference on Arsenic Pollution of Ground
p. 0895

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 0895

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