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Volume 71 - Issue 8: 25 Oct, 1996
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In this issue
p. 0595

p. 0597 | Srinivasan, M. C.

Scientific Correspondence
In situ pollen germination and selective ovular abortion in Trifolium dubium Sibth
p. 0598 | Sharma, Namrata; Koul, A. K.

General Articles
Discotic liquid crystals - Self-organizing molecular wires
p. 0599 | Boden, Neville; Bissell, Richard; Clements, Jonathan; Movaghar, Bryan

Modelling of industrial flow processes: Opportunities for performance enhancement
p. 0602 | Ranade, V. V.

Review Articles
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) in bone remodelling
p. 0613 | Maiti, S. K.; Singh, G. R.

Research Account
Bile acids in asymmetric synthesis and molecular recognition
p. 0617 | Maitra, Uday

Research Articles
Molecular band polarization in Comet Hyakutake C/1996 B2
p. 0624 | Joshi, U. C.; Ganesh, S.; Baliyan, K. S.; Deshpande, M. R.

Research Communications
Organochlorine pesticides and preterm labour in human beings
p. 0628 | Sharma, Mamta; Bhatnagar, Pradeep

Transfer factors of radionuclides 137Cs and 65Zn from soil to pearimillet and sorghum
p. 0631 | Sachdev, P.; Sachdev, M. S.; Deb, D. L.

Stylar length variation in Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Caesalpiniaceae) - Basic patterns
p. 0633 | Lokesha, R.; Vasudeva, R.; Sarala, B. S.; Reddy, P. Palakonda; Nayak, S. N.

Trondhjemite of the Alwar basin, Rajasthan: Implications of late Proterozoic rifting in the North Delhi Fold Belt
p. 0636 | Pandit, M. K.; Khatatneh, Maher Khaled; Saxena, Rakesh

Book Reviews
Quantum Biology
p. 0642 | Kothekar, V.

Personal News
Tadeus Reichstein (1897-1996) - An obituary
p. 0643 | Subbarao, G. S. R.

Chandrasekhar - some reminiscences
p. 0644 | Ramaseshan, S.

p. 0650

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p. 0651

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p. 0652

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