Current Science
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Volume 71 - Issue 10: 25 Nov, 1996
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0727

Role of DST
p. 0729 | Brahmachary, R. L.

Long-range forecasts of the total monsoon rainfall of India
p. 0729 | Pisharoty, P. R.

Research Snippets
Oldest emergent continental crust
p. 0730

Earthquake precursors
p. 0730

Herbivorous crocodile fossil
p. 0731

Food security in 2020 and beyond - Will the developing countries be dependent on the developed world?
p. 0732 | Sinha, Suresh K.

Review Articles
Biosynthesis of selenoproteins
p. 0735 | Reddy, P. Sreenivasula

Hormones, cytoskeletal proteins and cell shape
p. 0737 | Gupta, P. D.; Rangaraj, Nandini

Research Articles
Implications of increasing greenhouse gases and aerosols on the diurnal temperature cycle of the Indian subcontinent
p. 0746 | Lai, M.; Srinivasan, G.; Cubasch, U.

Forcing mechanisms of the Bay of Bengal circulation
p. 0753 | Vinayachandran, P. N.; Shetye, Satish R.; Sengupta, Debasis; Gadgil, Sulochana

Research Communications
Comparison of three different tests for detection of cucumber mosaic cucumovirus in banana (Musa paradisiaca)
p. 0764 | Kiranmai, G.; Sreenivasulu, P.; Nayudu, M. V.

Thin layer problems in geoelectrics
p. 0767 | Rao, I. B. Ramaprasada; Mathur, Ram Raj; Srinivas, S.

Geohydrology of springs in a mountain watershed: The need for problem solving research
p. 0772 | Negi, G. C. S.; Joshi, Varun

Recent crustal adjustments in Dehra Dun valley, western Uttar Pradesh, India
p. 0776 | Rautela, Piyoosh; Sati, D.

Special Section: The plague epidemic of 1994
The plague outbreaks of India, 1994 - A prologue
p. 0781 | Ramalingaswami, V.

An overview of the work carried out by the Technical Advisory Committee on plague
p. 0783

Isolation and identification of Yersinia pestis responsible for the recent plague outbreaks in India
p. 0787 | Batra, H. V.; Tuteja, Urmil; Agarwal, G. S.

Passive haemagglutination tests for Y. pestis infection in Surat pneumonic patients
p. 0792 | Agarwal, G. S.; Batra, H. V.

The 1994 plague epidemic of India: Molecular diagnosis and characterization of Yersinia pestis isolates from Surat and Beed
p. 0794 | Panda, S. K.; Nanda, S. K.; Ghosh, A.; Sharma, C.; Shivaji, S.; Kumar, G. Seshu; Kannan, K.; Batra, H. V.; Tuteja, U.; Ganguly, N. K.; Chakrabarty, A.; Chandra, H. Sharat

Ecology of flea-transmitted zoonotic infection in village Mamla, District Beed
p. 0800 | Saxena, Vijay K.; Verghese, T.

Observations on urban ecology of Surat and bubonic plague transmission in the city
p. 0803 | Saxena, Vijay K.; Verghese, T.

Epilogue - What next?
p. 0805 | Ramalingaswami, V.

Book Reviews
Plagues: Their Origin, History and Future
p. 0807 | Gowrishankar, J.

Indian Institute of Science
p. 0808

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