Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 70 - Issue 06: 25 Mar, 1996
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0415

Nurturing young scientists
p. 0417 | Srivastava, A. K.

Top-scorers need not be the best brains-the other side
p. 0417 | Kulkarni, P. V.

Research strategy and Ayurveda
p. 0418 | Tripathi, Yamini B.

Chemical science on Internet
p. 0418 | Mukesh, D.

Research News
How does a fungus know the time of day?
p. 0419 | Geetha, L.; Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Membrane ion channels: Visualizing the invisible
p. 0422 | Sikdar, S. K.

Scientific Correspondence
The Academy fellowship problem-no quick fixes
p. 0424 | Balakrishnan, V.

Hyphal interaction between Trichoderma koningii and Ustilago segetum tritici through scanning electron microscopy
p. 0425 | Mondal, Goutam; Aggarwal, Rashmi; Srivastava, K. D.

Ecology of forest fires in chir pine (Pinus roxburghii sarg. ) forests of Garhwal Himalaya
p. 0426 | Semwal, R. L.; Mehta, J. P.

General Articles
Nomenclature, classification and the basis of the Schedules in the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
p. 0428 | Mohanraj, Prashanth; Veenakumari, K.

Can expert system simulation techniques support the decision-making tasks of pest management in sericulture
p. 0433 | Naidu, B. V.; Gowda, K. Chidananda; Nagabhushanam, P.

Poliomyelitis in Indian children who have received oral poliovaccine: Vaccine failure or low potency ?
p. 0437 | Wyatt, H. V.

Review Articles
What makes a cell tick? The A, B and C of the matter
p. 0441 | Manjula, K.; Rao, M. R. S.

Research Articles
A novel neural network design for long range prediction of rainfall pattern
p. 0447 | Goswami, Prashant; Srividya

Research Communications
Occurrence of andromonoecious form in bottlegourd, Lagenaria siceraria exhibiting monogenic recessive inheritance
p. 0458 | Singh, Sheo Pujan; Maurya, I. B.; Singh, N. K.

Radioecological aspects of the Kaveri River environment
p. 0459 | Shaheed, K.; Hameed, P. Shahul; Somasundaram, S. S. N.; Iyengar, M. A. R.

Significance of the first record of nautiloid from the Upper Cretaceous bagh group of rocks
p. 0462 | Gangopadhyay, T. K.; Halder, K.

Structural provinces of India based on gravity trends
p. 0465 | Babu, H. V. Ram

Effect of abrupt salinity changes on survival of Artemia parthenogenetica
p. 0467 | Subramanian, V. Rama; Munuswamy, N.

Book Reviews
Wealth from West
p. 0469 | Kalbag, S. S.

Academy News
The Indian Academy of Sciences elects new fellows-1995
p. 0470

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 0473

National Institute of Immunology Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
p. 0474

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