Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 69 - Issue 4: 25 Aug, 1995
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0283

Chemical Abstracts on CD-ROM (285)
p. 0285 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Intensive course on 'applications of remotely sensed data on ocean colour'
p. 0285 | Swathi, P. S.

International Lithosphere Project
p. 0286 | Singh, Ramesh P.

Necessity of broadening science base in India
p. 0287 | Periasamy, Mariappan

More on the NSU
p. 0287 | Narasimhan, N. S.

p. 0288 | Srivastava, P. N.

Scientific Correspondence
Comments on 'what kind of a system is a human being? A cybernetic system?'
p. 0288 | Masani, P. R.

Comments on the review of the monograph The Scientific methodology in the Light of Cybernetics
p. 0289 | Masani, P. R.

Comments on the review of the monograph The Scientific methodology in the Light of Cybernetics(A reply)
p. 0292 | Narasimhan, R.

Methane emission from rice paddies: Need for a downward revision of global estimate
p. 0293 | Singh, J. S.; Singh, Smita

Nomenclature of super heavy elements
p. 0295 | Arya, S. K.; Vasan, S. S.

Special Section: Animal Welfare (Guest Editors: K. N. Ganeshaiah and Anindya Sinha)
Whose life is it anyway? A review of some ideas on the issue of animal rights
p. 0296 | Sinha, Anindya

On the use of animals in research and education
p. 0301 | Goodall, Jane

Human-animal interactions
p. 0303 | Waran, N. K.

Conflicts or coexistence ?
p. 0305 | Katti, Madhusudan

Environmental design
p. 0308 | Waran, N. K.

Stereotypies in the stabled horse: Causes, treatments and prevention
p. 0310 | Winskill, L.; Waran, N. K.; Channing, C.; Young, R.

General Articles
Seamless chemical engineering science: The emerging paradigm
p. 0317 | Mashelkar, R. A.

Review Articles
The neurotransmitter receptor triad: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, aminobutyric acid receptor and inhibitory glycine receptor
p. 0336 | Satish, P. R.; Balasubramanian, A. S.

Research Articles
On the usefulness of quantum chemical bond order as a local reaction path indicator: The case study of a model carbonyl addition reaction
p. 0343 | Maity, D. K.; Majumdar, D.; Bhattacharyya, S. P.

High-temperature tolerance of Petunai and Nicotiana pollen
p. 0351 | Rao, G. U.; Shivanna, K. R.; Sawhney, V. K.

Research Communications
Enhanced giant magnetoresistance in magnetic/nonmagnetic La1Mno3 oxide multilayers
p. 0356 | Manoharan, S. Sundar; Satyalakshmi, K. M.; Prasad, V.; Subramanyam, S. V.; Hegde, M. S.

Physiobiochemical aspects of development of hardseededness in Albizia lebbek
p. 0358 | Uniyal, R. C.; Nautiyal, A. R.

Fractal description of seismicity of India and inferences regarding earthquake hazard
p. 0361 | Khattri, K. N.

Book Reviews
Beyond the Quantum Paradox
p. 0367 | Ansari, Haque

The action principle in physics
p. 0368 | Dhar, Deepak

Laboratory Manual of Organic chemistry
p. 0369 | Rao, R. Balaji

Perspectives in nematode physiology and biochemistry
p. 0370 | Jairajpuri, M. Shamim

Ocean Technology-Perspectives
p. 0370 | Srinivasan, D.

Botany in India: history and progress
p. 0371 | Awasthi, D. D.

Personal News
Prof. T. R. Govindachari-An appreciation
p. 0373 | Nagarajan, K.

Historical Notes
Eugene paul wigner--A tribute
p. 0375 | Mukunda, N.

Indian Institute of Science
p. 0385

Scholarly Publications from the Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 0387

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Current Issue
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