Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 69 - Issue 07: 10 Oct, 1995
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0563

Assessment of research impact of engineering institutions
p. 0565 | Chopra, K. L.

Report on the 'International conference on symmetry methods in physics' (ICSMP-95)
p. 0566 | Rao, K. Srinivasa; Khare, A.

Scientific Correspondence
Traditional ecological knowledge and sustainable use of natural resources
p. 0569 | Daniels, R. J. Ranjit; Vencatesan, Jayshree

Endophytes - A crucial issue
p. 0570 | Sridhar, K. R.; Raviraja, N. S.

General Articles
Accelerators -Achivements and future projections
p. 0572 | Chidambaram, R.; Kailas, S.

Recent fertility trends and prospects in India
p. 0577 | Srinivasan, K.

Review Articles
Adaptive features of the predatorty ladybird beetles in uncertain and competitive habitats
p. 0587 | Agarwala, B. K.; Bhattacharya, S.

Research Articles
Radioactivity aspects of Indian coals
p. 0592 | Rajan, M. P.; Iyengar, M. A. R.; Ramachandran, T. V.

Composition and enzyme activities in Aspergillus flavipes grown on crude petroleum oil and glucose
p. 0596 | Savitha, J.; Subramanian, C. V.

Research Communications
Liv. 52 pretreatment inhibits the radiation-induced lipid peroxidation in mouse liver
p. 0601 | Ganapathi, N. G.; Jagetia, Ganesh Chandara

An onshore gas well blow-out and its impact observations using satellite data
p. 0604 | Badarinath, K. V. S.; Jeyaseelan, A. T.; Jha, C. S.; Gharai, Biswadip; Dutt, C. B. S.

Oxygen linkages in neodymium heptamolybdate single crystals-An XPS study
p. 0607 | Bhat, Sushma; Kotru, P. N.; Raju, K. S.

Tectonic evolution of the Central Gujarat plain, western India
p. 0610 | Maurya, D. M.; Chamyal, L. S.; Merh, S. S.

Occurrence and petrogenesis of Loda Pahar trondhjemitic gneiss from Bundelkhand craton, Central India: Remnant of an early curst
p. 0613 | Sharma, Kewal K.; Rahman, Abdul

Hypothalamic glutamyl transpeptidase activity in rats following morphine and naloxone treatment
p. 0617 | Sreenivasan, P.; Vijayan, E.

Inhibition of biogas production by isobutyric and isovaleric acids and their precursors
p. 0619 | Sharma, M. K.; Simlot, M. M.

Production of wheat haploids through embryorescue from wheat X maize crosses
p. 0621 | Bains, N. S.; Singh, Jaswinder; Ravi; Gosal, S. S.

Book Reviews
Molecular genetics of Bacterial pathogenesis
p. 0624 | Virdi, J. S

Life in Moving Fluids
p. 0625 | Gandhi, K. S.

Annual Review of Neurosciences 1995
p. 0626 | Hasan, Gaiti

Textbook of Molecular Biology
p. 0627 | Lakhotia, S. C.

Bose-Einstein condensation in a dilute atomic vapour
p. 0628 | Kumar, N.

Evaluation of efficacy of bricks as geochemical monitor of atmospheric heavy metal pollution
p. 0628 | Shrivastav, Rohit; Mathur, Sanjay Kumar; Shrivastav, Shobhit; Shrivastav, M. M.; Das, Sahab; Prakash, Satya

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