Current Science
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Volume 68 - Issue 12: 25 Jun, 1995
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1163

Editors Note
Editors' Note
p. 1164 | Balaram, P.; Ramaseshan, S.

Want more, not less
p. 1165 | Narasimhan, M. G.

Neglected science
p. 1165 | Brahmachary, R. L.

More comments on the NSU and related matters
p. 1165 | Desiraju, Gautam R.

Promoting physics education: The Orissa example
p. 1166 | Singh, Lambodar P.

Industrial research and Indian industry
p. 1167 | Datta, S. M.

India's emergence as a global R&D platform: The new challenges and opportunities
p. 1170 | Mashelkar, R. A.

Global 'hotspots' of biodiversity
p. 1178 | Chatterjee, Sudipto

Research News
Can animals count?
p. 1180 | Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Special Section
NSU: An experimental unlikely to succeed
p. 1182 | Joshi, Y. P.

The National Science University and the politics of science in India
p. 1186 | Valluri, S. R.

National Science University: A rejoiner
p. 1190 | Srivastava, P. N.

National Science University: Final Report
p. 1191

General Articles
The devastating earthquake in kobe
p. 1199 | Sato, Tamao

Kobe earthquake: An urban disaster
p. 1205 | Somerville, Paul

Climate change studies: Need for a refocusing
p. 1208 | Kulshrestha, S. M.

Review Articles
Genetic approaches to study of anaesthesia
p. 1214 | Mir, Bashir A.; Krishnan, K. S.

Magnesium deficiency and the cardiovascular system
p. 1221 | Shivakumar, K.

Research Articles
Model calculations of competing climatic effects of SO2 and CO2 in fossil fuel combustion
p. 1226 | Rajeevan, M.; Ray, K. C. Sinha; Srivastava, H. N.

Magnetic polarity stratigraphy of the Pinjor Formation (Upper Siwalik) near Pinjore, Haryana
p. 1231 | Rao, A. Ranga; Nanda, A. C.; Sharma, U. N.; Bhalla, M. S.

Research Communications
Bispectra of a tropical coupled ocean-atmosphere system
p. 1236 | Biswas, M.; Chandrashekar, A.; Goswami, B. N.

Hepatoprotection by Phyllanthus amarus and Phyllanthus debilis in CCl4 induced liver dysfunction
p. 1243 | Sane, R. T.; Kuber, V. V.; Chalissery, Mary S.; Menon, S.

Increase in size of the gland is not always associated with increased secretion: An evidence from the larval salivary glands of Drosophila
p. 1246 | Shivanna, N.; Ramesh, S. R.

Determinants of fertility in rural Karnataka
p. 1250 | Patil, R. L.

Book Reviews
The Quantum theory of Motion
p. 1254 | Mukunda, N.

Dirac and Feynman - Pioneers in Quantum Mechanics
p. 1255 | Balakrishnan, U.

Renewable Energy: Sources for Fuels and Electricity
p. 1256 | Gupta, C. L.

The 'Indian scientist': Some reflections
p. 1260 | Mahajan, Swadesh M.; Sudarshan, E. C. G.

p. 1265

Travel Fellowship Programmes for Young Scientists for Participation in the 12th Biophysics Congress of IUPAB
p. 1267

The Academy of environmental biology announcement for awards: 1994
p. 1267

Government of India - Ministry of Science and Technology (DBT)
p. 1268

National Centre for Biological Sciences - Postdoctoral Positions
p. 1271

Madurai Kamaraj University-School of Biological Sciences
p. 1272

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Current Issue
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