Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 67 - Issue 6: 25 Sep, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0419

Comet shoemaker-Levy 9 collision with Jupiter: Pre- and post-crash observations by IIA
p. 0421 | Cowsik, R.

Brainstorming session in plant senescence-A report
p. 0425 | Palni, L. M. S.; Farooqui, Parveen

Research News
A resolution of the strong CP and U(1) problems
p. 0426

QUEST: Quality University Education for Scientific Talent
p. 0427 | Deb, B. M.

Scientific Correspondence
Discovery of a middle holocene sub-fossil bone from Tiruvallur Taluk, Chingleput District, Tamilnadu
p. 0431 | Pappu, Shanti; Kshirsagar, Anupama; Sathe, Vijay

General Articles
Creating and communicating science: The experience of the Royal Institution
p. 0434 | Day, Peter

Research Articles
Altered ultrastructure of rinderpest virus and its nucleocapsids induced by 5-fluorouracil
p. 0441 | Ghosh, Arundhati; Nayak, R.; Shaila, M. S.

A study on the comparision of CSAMT and MT data
p. 0446 | Rao, I. B. Ramaprasada; Mathur, Ram Raj; Srinivas, S.

Research Communications
When is I=log (2n/n) close to an integer?
p. 0454 | Ramachandra, K.

A Maastrichtian ostracode assemblage (Lameta Formation) from Jabalpur Cantonment, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0456 | Sahni, Ashok; Khosla, Ashu

Giant marine reptilian skulls from the Jurassic of Kachchh, Gujarat
p. 0460 | Phansalkar, V. G.; Sudha, G.; Khadkikar, A. S.

Atypical ferromanganese micronodules from middle fan-valley system, Bay of Bengal
p. 0462 | Chauhan, Onkar S.; Gujar, A. R.; Rao, M., Ch

Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza in an alkaline usar land ecosystem
p. 0465 | Janardhanan, K. K.; Khaliq, Abdul; Naushin, Fauzia; Ramaswamy, K.

Oil content and fatty acid composition of seeds from various ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana: A search for useful genetic variants
p. 0470 | Pathak, Manas K.; Ghosh, Dolly; Maiti, Mrinal K.; Ghosh, Sudhomoy

Effect of substance P on the melanophores of a fish and frog in vitro
p. 0472 | Chimania, Sunita Rani; Ovais, M.

Book Reviews
Numerical intergration IV
p. 0476 | Gowda, G. D. Veerappa

China bound, A guide to academic life and work in the PRC
p. 0479 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Personal News
Nihal Kishinchand Notani, an obituary by P. C. Kesavan
p. 0480 | Kesavan, P. C.

Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Biotechnology
p. 0482

Indian Association for the cultivation of Science
p. 0484

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Current Issue
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