Current Science
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Volume 67 - Issue 05: 10 Sep, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0299

Poverty of Indian chemistry periodicals
p. 0301 | Murugesan, T.

Accountability in medical research
p. 0302 | Pandya, Sunil K.

Indian planetary theory
p. 0302 | Ramasubramanian, K.; Srinivas, M. D.; Sriram, M. S.

Research News
Licence to replicate DNA
p. 0303 | Parnaik, Veena K.

Scientific Correspondence
Occurrence of Pityospermum Nathorst in the sriperumbudur Formation, Tamilnadu
p. 0305 | Jeyasingh, D. E. P.; Kumarasamy, D.

General Articles
Earthquakes and elevation changes in the Himalaya
p. 0306 | Chander, Ramesh

Special Section
Estimating strong ground motion parameters for Earthquke-resistant design
p. 0311 | Gaur, Vinod K.

Strong-motion earthquakes in Himalaya: Geological perspective
p. 0313 | Valdiya, K. S.

Evaluation of seismic hazard in India towards minimizing earthquake risk
p. 0324 | Gaur, Vinod K.

Analytical approaches to describe the near source effects
p. 0330 | Singh, Sarva Jit

Uncertainties with strong motion earthquake parameters
p. 0335 | Nigam, N. C.

Seismic hazard estimation using modelling of earthquake strong ground motions: A brief analysis of 1991 Uttarkashi eathquake, Himalaya and prognostication for a great earthquake in the region
p. 0343 | Khattri, K. N.; Yu, G.; Anderson, J. G.; Brune, J. N.; Zeng, Y.

Evaluation of design earthquake parameters for a site and utilization of strong motion data
p. 0353 | Chandrasekaran, A. R.

Specifying aseismic design inputs for critical structures
p. 0358 | Sharma, R. D.

Field investigations of the 30 September 1993 earthquake in Maharashtra
p. 0368 | Iyengar, R. N.; Manohar, C. S.; Jaiswal, O. R.

Damage to buildings in Latur earthquake
p. 0380 | Sinha, R.; Goyal, A.

Earthquake ground motion characterization for large or multiply supported structures
p. 0386 | Banerji, Pradipta

Precariously balanced rocks in Nevada and California: Implication for earthquake hazard in Nevada, particularly at Yucca Mountain
p. 0395 | Brune, J. N.

Research Communications
Equation of estimation of sedimentation rates: Applications to sequence stratigraphy
p. 0396 | Aslam, M.

A simple test to identify aluminum-tolerant rice cultivars at the level of signal perception
p. 0398 | Sivaguru, M.; Paliwal, Kailash

Book Reviews
The future of large projects in the Himalaya-overcoming incomplete knowledge and unsound beliefs. High dams in himalaya-Environment and sociocultural Implications. State of India's Environment-A Citizen report No. 3 floods, Flood plains and environmental
p. 0400 | Qureshi, M. A.

Himalayan Tectonics
p. 0402 | Sorkhabi, Rasoul B.

Geology of the Lower Himalaya
p. 0402 | Virdi, N. S.

Measurements Principles and Practices
p. 0403 | Roy, S. D. Dutta

Review Articles
Linus Pauling (1901-1994)--A colossus in chemistry and an unparalleled crusader, an obituary by C. N. R. Rao
p. 0405 | Rao, C. N. R.

Biology and Linus Pauling
p. 0409 | Balaram, P.

Linus Pauling and vitamin C
p. 0411 | Kartha, C. C.

Vasvik Research Awards
p. 0415

Biodiversity, Environment and Sustainable Development
p. 0416

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