Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 67 - Issue 02: 25 Jul, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0067

A report on the seminar on 'Biological control of social forestry and plantation crop insects'
p. 0069 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Forestry for food: Challenges for 2000 AD and beyond
p. 0071 | Dobhal, Rajendra

Earth science scenario in Indai: A perspective
p. 0074

Scientific Correspondence
A liliaceous inflorescence
p. 0078 | Awasthi, N.; Mehrotra, R. C.; Bonde, S. D.; Kumaran, K. P. N

Characterization of structural proteins of A/Equine-2/Ludhiana/87
p. 0079 | Uppal, P. K.; Yadav, M. P.; Gupta, Ashok K.

Can Eremostachys superba be saved from extinction
p. 0080 | Rao, R. R.; Garg, Arti

General Articles
Report on Fermat's Last Theorem
p. 0082 | Murty, V. Kumar

Research Articles
Identification of paleosols in the Precambrian metapelitic assemblages of peninsular India --A major element geochemical approach
p. 0089 | Sreenivas, B.; Srinivasan, R.

Epitope analysis of IPN virus isolates from feral and hatchery salmonid fishes by neutralizing monoclonal antibodies
p. 0095 | Shankar, K. M.; Yamamoto, T.

Geochemical basis of tropical endomyocardial fibrosis
p. 0099 | Valiathan, M. S.; Kartha, C. C.; Nair, R. R.; Shivakumar, K.; Eapen, J. T.

Research Communications
Geochemistry of ilmenite from Ratnagiri coast, Maharashtra
p. 0105 | Sukumaran, P. V.; Nambiar, A. R.

Temporal clustering of earthquakes--A fractal approach
p. 0107 | Dattatrayam, R. S.; Kamble, V. P.

Localization of chromosome scaffold by transmitted and incident light fluorescence microscopy
p. 0109 | De, Deepesh N.; Ghosh, Rekha

Evaluation of growth behaviour of deodar and blue pine by using tree ring data from Uttarkashi, UP Himalaya
p. 0112 | Yadav, R. R.; Bhattacharya, A.

Plant regeneration in barley through microtillering and multiple shoot differentiation
p. 0116 | Kachhwaha, Sumita; Kothari, S. L.

Short-term storage of coconut zygotic embryos in sterile water
p. 0118 | Karun, Anitha; Sajini, K. K.

Fatty acid profile of a marine Nostoc calcilcola under saline and non-saline conditions
p. 0120 | Venkatarman, Sujatha; Kaushik, B. D.

Book Reviews
Endomyocardial Fibrosis
p. 0123 | Ramalingaswami, V.

Proceedings (Mathematical Sciences), (K. G. Ramanathan Memorial Issue)
p. 0123 | Raghunathan, M. S.

Annual Review of cell biology 1993
p. 0125 | Parnaik, Veena K.

The Physics of Karma
p. 0126 | Pisharoty, P. R.

Historical Notes
Causes of the failure of Rayleigh-Jeans radiation formula as speculated by some physicists and the ultimate answer from Einstein
p. 0127 | Nigam, Amar Nath

Leaf gas exchange in lightflecks of plants of different successional range in the understorey of a Central European beech forest
p. 0133 | Paliwal, Kailash; Kuppers, Manfred; Schneider, Hans

A Laboratory Course on Flow Cytometry in Molecular Biology
p. 0134

Human Resource Development Group
p. 0134

3rd International Conference on DNA Fingerprinting
p. 0135

Intensive Course on Modelling of Oceanic and Atmospheric Processes
p. 0136

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