Current Science
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Volume 66 - Issue 09: 10 May, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0615

Emerging frontiers in corneal transplantation and keratoplasty
p. 0617 | Murthy, C. S. H. N.

Kalinga awardees - An analysis
p. 0618 | Jain, N. C.

Scientific Correspondence
Comment on 'Quaternary sedimentation in the Indo-Gangetic Basin: A review' [Curro Sci., 1993, 64, 855-862]
p. 0620 | Ghosh, D. K.; Pant, Cham C.; Sharma, A. K.

Indian strain of HCV [Curro Sci., 1993,65,477-483]
p. 0621 | Bhattacharya, Dilip; Das, M. R.

Meeting Report
Union Budget 1994-95: Extracts from Finance Minister's Speech and Finance Bill relevant to Science and Technology
p. 0623

Improper fish breeding practices and their impact on aquaculture and fish biodiversity
p. 0624 | Padhi, B. K.; Mandal, R. K.

Special Section
The pufferfish genome: Small is beautiful?
p. 0627 | Mileham, Philip; Brown, Stephen D. M.

Development of the zebrafish nervous system: Mechanisms of cellfate specifica­tion and axonal pathfinding in the central nervous system and periphery
p. 0629 | Roy, Sudipto

Need for genetic and molecular biological research in Indian fish
p. 0633 | Pandian, T. J.; Mathavan, S.; Marian, L. A.

Problems and prospects of transgenic fish production
p. 0635 | Pandian, T. J.; Marian, L. A.

General Articles
Cytochrome c oxidase: The unique enzyme at the terminal step of electron transfer in the respiratory chain
p. 0650 | Mazumdar, Shyamalava

Review Articles
Epidemiological analysis of epizootic ulcerative syndrome of fresh and brakish water fishes of Karnataka, India
p. 0656 | Mohan, C. V.; Shankar, K. M.

Research Articles
Radiolarian abundance and geochemistry of the surface-sediments from the Central Indian Basin: Inferences to Antarctic bottom water current
p. 0659 | Gupta, Shyam M.; Jauhari, Pratima

Cloning and sequence analysis of DNA gyrase genes from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
p. 0664 | Madhusudan, K.; Ramesh, V.; Nagaraja, V.

Root-shoot communication in drying soil is mediated by the stress hormones abscisic acid and cytokinIn synthesized in the roots
p. 0668 | Abida, P. S.; Sashidhar, V. R.; Manju, R. V.; Prasad, T. G.; Sudharshana, L.

Research Communications
Low temperature susceptibility of manganese ores from the Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0673 | Lakshmipatiraju, A.; Kedareshwarudu, U.

Magnetic susceptibility and mineralogical studies of the beach placer deposits, central east coast of India
p. 0675 | Rao, B. Nagamalleswara

Influence of oxidative and non-oxidative pathways of radiation damage on peroxidase activity in barley seeds
p. 0677 | Tiku, Ashu Bhan; Singh, S. P.; Kesavan, P. C.

Tertiary structural categories of leiurotoxin and some other scorpion venom toxins
p. 0680 | Narayanan, P.

pH in the digestive system of some gastropod mollusks
p. 0682 | Misra, Kumud; Shrivastava, Minakshi

Courtship, amplexus and advertisement call of the frog, Microhyla rubra
p. 0683 | Kanamadi, R. D.; Hiremath, C. R.; Schneider, Hans

Historical Notes
Role of entropy in Einstein's thoughts on constitution of radiation
p. 0685 | Nigam, Amar Nath

Indian Science Congress Association
p. 0690

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