Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 65 - Issue 2: 25 Jul, 1993
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In this issue
p. 0111

And thus waits the cat
p. 0113 | Rao, K. Subba

Basic science
p. 0114 | Khokle, W. S.; Varshney, K. C.; Varma, A. N.

Delhi-the R&D capital of India
p. 0114 | Jain, N. C.

Brainstorming session on development and differentiation in plants-cellular and molecular aspects
p. 0115 | Johri, M. M.; Farooqui, Parveen

Research News
Imprintor gene identified
p. 0116 | Brahmachari, Vani

Researching condensed matter theory in two continents
p. 0118 | Shastry, B. Sriram

Why man has no predator
p. 0120 | Watve, M. G.

Special Section
The Crab Nebula
p. 0123 | Woltjer, L.

Jan Hendrik Oort (1990-1992), an obituary by L. Woltjer
p. 0131 | Woltjer, L.

Jan Hendrik Oort
p. 0133 | Srinivasan, G.

Jan Oort and radio astronomy
p. 0134 | Radhakrishnan, V.

Galactic rotation
p. 0138 | Jog, Chanda J.

Jan Oort and interstellar clouds
p. 0142 | Malik, D. C. V.

Oort's review of stellar dynamics
p. 0144 | Nityananda, Rajaram

Oort and the comets
p. 0145 | Bhatt, H. C.

General Articles
Garlic: A product of spilled ambrosia
p. 0148 | Jain, Mahendra Kumar; Apitz-castro, Rafael

Review Articles
The role of 'pro-sequences' in protein folding
p. 0157 | Khan, M. Yahiya

Research Articles
Genetic differentiation at Adh locus in Indian natural populations of Drosphila melanogaster
p. 0159 | Parkash, Ravi; Shamina

Isozyme analysis of VAM spores help in taxonomic enumeration
p. 0165 | Shankar, Ajay; Varma, Ajit

Research Communications
Sr-REE rich carbonite dyke from Sarnu-Dandali, Barmer, Rajasthan
p. 0170 | Srivastava, R. K.; Wall, F.; Lebas, M. J.

First record of marine macroinvertebrate from Bhuj Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous) of eastern Kachchh
p. 0171 | Shukla, U. K.; Singh, I. B.

In vitro developed desirable somaclone of upland rice (Oryza sativa L. ) cultivar, Halubbalu
p. 0174 | Vajranabhaiah, S. N.; Reddy, P. Chandrasekhara

Cryopreservation of panaeid prawn embryos
p. 0176 | Subramoniam, T.; Newton, S. Samuel

Effect of mixed inoculation with isogenic strains of Bradyrhizobium on total nodules of pigeonpea
p. 0178 | Bala, Madhu; Gaur, Y. D.

An unusual giant pycnogonoid (Pycogonida-Colossendeidae) Declopoda qasimi sp. nov. from Antartic waters
p. 0179 | Sree, V. Jaya; Sreepada, R. A.; Parulekar, A. H.

Personal News
Dilip Kumar Banerjee (1912-1933), an obituary by M. V. Bhatt
p. 0182 | Bhatt, M. V.

p. 0183

Central Electrochemical Research Institute
p. 0184

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