Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 63 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 1992
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0503

Guest Editorial
Saving Indian Science[Guest editorial]
p. 0505 | Rao, C. N. R.

Special Section
Indian biology research at cross roads
p. 0509 | Padmanaban, G.

Funding chemical sciences research in India
p. 0512 | Mehta, Goverdhan

Earth sciences in India: the concerns ahead
p. 0514 | Gaur, Vinod K.

The physics in our future
p. 0517 | Ramakrishnan, T. V.

Engineering science in India: some issues and challenges
p. 0522 | Mashelkar, R. A.

General Articles
The quality of scientific journals published in India--some random thoughts
p. 0529 | Ramaseshan, S.

Scientific Correspondence
Enzymatic activity of ribosomal RNA
p. 0535 | Chatterji, Dipankar

Research News
Raman scattering, spectropolarimetry and symbiotic stars
p. 0536 | Schild, H.; Schmid, H. M.

The strange case of the naked mole-rat
p. 0540 | Sinha, Anindya

Support for science in India
p. 0541 | Vijayan, M.

Multi-lingual admission test for IITs--Changes under socio-ppolitical compulsion?
p. 0543 | Mookherjee, Asoke

The real brain drain
p. 0544 | Sukhatme, S. P.

Review Articles
Organometallic chemistry in water
p. 0547 | Samuelson, Ashoka G.

RNA world and ribosomes
p. 0550 | Burma, D. P.

Research Communications
Global search for optimal biomolecular structures using mutually orthogonal Latin squares --A novel algorithm
p. 0560 | Gautham, N.; Rafi, Z. A.

Reciprocal relationship between magnesium and cerium as a common basis for coconut root (wilt) and a human cardiomyopathy
p. 0565 | Valiathan, M. S.; Eapen, J. T.; Mathews, C. K.

Stable isotopic variations in foraminiferal test from Arabian Sea and its relation to the annual south-west monsoonal rainfall over the Indian subcontinent
p. 0567 | Borole, D. V.

A new occurrence of alkaline lamprophyre near Kellampalle, Prakasam District, Andhra pradesh, India
p. 0569 | Ratnakar, J.; Ramakrishna, D. V.; Kumar, K. Vijaya; Sarma, V. Nagsai; Babu, E. V. S. S. K.

Chemical analysis of a sediment core from Paradip Lake, Orissa and its application to environmental reconstruction for 450 years
p. 0571 | Sekar, B.; Rajagopalan, G.; Nautiyal, B. D.; Dube, R. K.

Comparison of codon usage in genes of plant viruses and their hosts
p. 0573 | Sudha, S. N.; Krishnaswamy, S.; Sekar, Vaithilingam

Book Reviews
The Physics of Monsoons
p. 0576 | Pisharoty, P. R.

Applied Elasticity
p. 0576 | Simha, K. R. Y.

Personal News
A creative library scientist, A centenary tribute to Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan by M. A. Gopinath
p. 0577

Meeting Report
UK Government. Annual Review of Government Funded Research and Development -- Third world science and Environment Perspectives
p. 0579 | Siddhartha, V.

Special Section
J. B. S. Haldane: His life and science
p. 0582 | Nanjundiah, Vidyanand

The rate of spontaneous mutation of a human gene
p. 0589 | Haldane, J. B. S.

Disease and evolution
p. 0599 | Haldane, J. B. S.

Animal communication and the origin of human language
p. 0604 | Haldane, J. B. S.

The cost of natural selection
p. 0612 | Haldane, J. B. S.

A defence of beanbag genetics
p. 0626 | Haldane, J. B. S.

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