Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 59 - Issue 23: 05 Dec, 1990
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1207

Laboratory-industry links
p. 1209 | Krishna, P.

Seismic hazard at Narmada Sagar dam
p. 1209 | Brahmam, N. Krishna

Give theoretical chemistry a push, says meeting
p. 1211 | Gopinathan, M. S.

The Nagarhole tiger controversy
p. 1213 | Sukumar, R.

General Articles
The science and technology of nuclear power
p. 1217 | Iyengar, P. K.

Review Articles
Plant growth regulators-their structures and interactions
p. 1228 | Pattabhi, Vasantha

Research Articles
Indian langur (Presbytis entellus) as experimental host for Brugia malayi infection
p. 1236 | Murthy, P. K.; Tyagi, K.; Chatterjee, R. K.

Research Communications
Evidence of Chernobyl fallout on a temperate Himalayan glacier
p. 1239 | Nijampurkar, V. N.; Rao, D. K.

Clear air convection observed in the boundary layer using airborne microwave refractometer
p. 1241 | Sarma, S. B. S. S.

First fossil wood (Lauraceae) from Baratang, Andaman-Nicobar Islands, India
p. 1243 | Awasthi, N.; Jafar, Syed A.

Evaluation of V A mycorrhizal inoculation in micropropagated Populus deltoides Marsh clones
p. 1244 | Adholeya, A.; Cheema, G. S.

Ethephon-induced gum production in Acacia senegal and its potential value in the semi-arid regions of India
p. 1247 | Bhatt, J. R.; Ram, H. Y. Mohan

α-Hexachlorocyclohexane: a potent insect growth regulator
p. 1250 | Saxena, V. S.; Rao, P. J.

Identification of a unique factor in quail foam, and its effect on motility and fertilizing abilityn of cock spermatozoa
p. 1253 | Moudgal, R. P.; Jagmohan

A simple method of inhibition of DNase activity in pancreatic RNase preparations
p. 1254 | Lahiri, S. S.; Singh, Ram

NMR recipe for sequencing short DNA fragments
p. 1256 | Kumar, R. Ajay; Majumdar, A.; Hosur, R. V.

Abstracts of talks given at the fiftysixth annual meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences at Bhubaneswar, 8-11 November 1990
p. 1260

Historical Notes
Materials Science and Engineering
p. 1260 | Chandrasekaran, N.

Seventy years of physics
p. 1267 | Taylor, H. J.

Indomitable surveyor of the globe
p. 1267

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Current Issue
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