Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 59 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1990
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0539

Special Section
Science and public accountability
p. 0541 | Venkataraman, G.

India's S&T budget
p. 0544

Auditing science-the Indian situation
p. 0546

policy, Procedures and performance
p. 0550

How science should be audited
p. 0550 | Bhargava, Pushpa M.

Scientific Correspondence
Platelet aggregation
p. 0555 | Jamaluddin, M.

Gala1®3Gal-specific antibodies
p. 0555 | Appukuttan, P. S.

General Articles
A rural energy system based on energy forest and wood gasifier
p. 0557 | Ravindranath, N. H.; Dattiprasad, H. L.; Somashekar, H. I.

Review Articles
Misaligned radio quasars
p. 0561 | Kapahi, V. K.

Research Communications
High-altitude Venus ionosphere
p. 0565 | Singh, R. N.; Upadhyay, Hari Om

Differential pulse polarographic study of metal ion-tetracycline binding characteristics
p. 0568 | Sabharwal, Sunil

Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, iridium anomaly and foraminifer breaks in the Um Sohryngkew river section, Meghalaya
p. 0570 | Pandey, Jagadish

Short communications
Gamma irradiation and ethyl methanesulphonate-induced changes in cotton seed oil content
p. 0575 | Bhat, M. G.; Dani, R. G.

Influence of associative rhizobia on yield of chickpea and soybean
p. 0576 | Kavimandan, S. K.; Bajaj, Deepali

Cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus infecting redpalm weevil of coconut
p. 0577 | Gopinandhan, P. B.; Mohandas, N.; Nair, K. P. Vasudevan

Book Reviews
Observatios on Medico-Botany of Andaman-Nicobar Islands, reviewed by R. Raghavendra Rao g Environmental Analysis: Water Soil and Air, reviewed by T. Ramakrishnan
p. 0580

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