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Volume 59 - Issue 01:
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In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0001

Personal News
Andrei Sakharov
p. 0003

The quality of research in Current Science
p. 0005

Peer review
p. 0007 | Gowrishankar, J.

Low-priced reprint volumes
p. 0007 | Venkataraman, G.

DST questionnaire response analysis
p. 0008

Grim reminders
p. 0011

Research News
Pulsar throws up problems
p. 0011 | Bhattacharya, D.

Indian palaeontology under a cloud
p. 0013 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

General Articles
Convergence of medical science and technology-the Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute
p. 0014 | Valiathan, M. S.

Science and nutrition in the future
p. 0018 | Gopalan, C.

Review Articles
Role of bats in the natural cycle of arboviruses
p. 0026 | Geevarghese, G.; Banerjee, Kalyan

Research Articles
A novel mechanism for the decay of neutron star magnetic fields
p. 0031 | Srinivasan, G.; Bhattacharya, D.; Muslimov, A. G.; Tsygan, A. I.

Plantlet regeneration from tissue cultures of Sesbania grandiflora
p. 0039 | Shankar, Suman; Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Research Communication
Laplace process
p. 0044 | Satheesh, S.

Optical phase conjugation in an absorbing dye by degenerate four-wave mixing using a broad-band laser
p. 0044 | Moosad, K. P. B.; Nampoori, V. P. N.

Palaeoclimatic implication of size variation in Orbulina universa in a core from the North Indian Ocean
p. 0046 | Nigam, Rajiv

Fossil flowers from kasauli Formation, near Barog, Himachal Pradesh
p. 0047 | Mehra, S.; Mishra, V. P.; Mathur, Anil K.

Alligatorine teeth from the Deccan Intertrappean beds near Rangapur, Andhra Pradesh, India: further evidence of Laurasiatic elements
p. 0049 | Rana, Rajendra Singh

Degradation of a simple lignin model substrate by microorganisms from different environments
p. 0052 | Vasudevan, N.; Mahadevan, A.

Ethanol injection into the suprachiasmatic nuclei disrupts the day night rhythm in the wistar rat
p. 0054 | Raghunandanan, V.; Marya, R. K.; Maini, B. K.; Raghunandanan, R.

Embryotoxicity of RU 486 in English albino rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus
p. 0056 | Sethi, N.; Singh, R. K.; Srivastava, R. K.

Effect of 2-deoxy-D-glucose on HeLa cells
p. 0057 | Sharma, A.; Swaroop, N.; Saxena, I. P.; Sharma, R.

Effect of hypercholesterolaemia on mobility of erythrocyte membrane proteins
p. 0059 | Kanakaraj, P.; Meerarani, S.; Singh, Megha

Review Articles
Neurosciences in India
p. 0062 | Tandon, P. N.

Annual Review of Neuroscience
p. 0062 | Desiraju, T.

Annual Review of Physiology
p. 0063 | Sharma, K. N.

Academy News
Fundamental scientific research
p. 0064 | Balaram, P.

Historical Notes
R. LI. Jones-Sir. C. V. Raman's Physics professor at Presidency College Madras
p. 0065 | Kochhar, R. K.

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 123
Issue 3, 2022