Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 20: 20 Oct, 1989
A modest proposal for glasnost in the peer review process
p. 1114 | Prathap, Gangan

p. 1116

Research Articles
Top quark search
p. 1117 | Roy, D. P.

Structure of bis(2,2'-bipyridyl)bis(2,4,6-trinitrophenolato) calcium(II) [Ca(C10N2H8)2 (C6N3O7H2)2]
p. 1125 | Padmanabhan, V. M.; Yadava, V. S.; Chandra, Ramesh; Poonia, N. S.

p. 1130

Research Articles
Solvent effects on the electric moments of some hexahydro-s-triazines
p. 1131 | Santhanalakshmi, J.

Root-mediated water transport to the shoot in rice
p. 1134 | Singh, G.; Singh, T. N.

p. 1138

Short communications
Excess enthalpy during electrolysis of D2O
p. 1139 | Santhqnam, K. S. V.; Rangarajan, J.; Mandal, K. C.; Haram, S. K.

Plasma redistribution in low latitude ionosphere during intense spread F conditions
p. 1142 | Alex, S.; Koparkar, P. V.; Rastogi, R. G.

Petrochemical behaviour of an acidic-basic contact zone
p. 1145 | Mukhopadhyay, Ranadhir

An empirical modification to Higasi's equation for the evaluation of dipole moment of a polar substance in a non-polar solvent
p. 1146 | Murthy, M. B. R.; Patil, R. L.

Unrecorded pathogen on bamboo causing blight in India
p. 1148 | Bhat, M. Narayana; Hegde, R. K.; Hiremath, P. C.; Kulkarni, Srikant

Inheritance of a puckered leaf mutant in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L. )
p. 1149 | Dwivedi, S. L.; Nigam, S. N.

A simple technique for pollen viability test
p. 1150 | Mitra, G. C.

A note on the aneuploidy in Araiostegia pulchra (D. Don) Copel. and Asplenium yoshina-gae Makino var. planicaule Morton
p. 1151 | Singh, V. P.; Roy, S. K.

Fungicidal activity of toiclofos methyl in groundnut plant and in soil on Sclerotium rolfsii
p. 1153 | Hari, B. V. S. C.; Chiranjeevi, V.; Sarkar, D. K.; Subrahmanyam, K.; Sitaramaiah, K.

A note on the spontaneous oily larval mutant in silkworm, Bombyx mori L.
p. 1155 | Rao, P. Rama Mohana; Vijayaraghavan, K.; Singh, Ravindra; Premalatha, V.

Vibration characteristics of cancer cells
p. 1157 | De, Sasadhar

Fecundity of mayflies of Western Ghats of peninsular India
p. 1159 | Sridhar, S.; Venkataraman, K.

Crystal structure of putrescine-glutamic acid complex
p. 1160 | Ramaswamy, S.; Nethaji, M.; Murthy, M. R. N.

A preliminary report on early cell type-specific antibodies in Xenopus laevis
p. 1163 | Roy, Debjani

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 1166 | Rao, C. Gundu; Kapoor, S. S.

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