Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1989
Research Articles
Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister--A brief overview
p. 0777 | Lavakare, P. J.

Correspondence--Science and audit, Earlier work of M. Fleischmann
p. 0782 | Pappu, S. V.

p. 0783

Research Articles
Some physicochemical studies on organic eutectics and 1:2 addition compounds: P-phenylenediamine-α-naphthol and P-phenylenediamine-β-naphthol systems
p. 0784 | Rai, U. S.; Mandal, K. D.

p. 0787

Research Articles
Effect of Chlorella density and temperature on somatic growth and age at maturity of the rotifer Brachionus patulus (Muller) (Rotifera)
p. 0788 | Sarma, S. S. S.

Short communications
Dipole moments of some arylmercuric chlorides--valence angle of mercury
p. 0792 | Baliah, V.; Subbarayan, P.; Uma, M.

Intensity variation of X-ray reflections in sintered materials
p. 0793 | Achari, K. M. R.; Ramachander, R. B.

A new apparatus for the determination of gel strength of phycocolloids
p. 0795 | Vyjayanthi, V.; Rengasamy, R.

Photochromic activity of 4-hydroxybenzylidenesalicyioylhydrazine
p. 0796 | Rawat, M. S. M.; Mai, S.; Pant, G.

Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of iron in steels and haematite ore using thiocyanate and chlorpromazine
p. 0797 | Ramappa, P. G.; Manjappa, S.

A rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of vanadium (V) in sedimentary rocks
p. 0799 | Sharma, Rajendra

A note on the radioactive intraformational conglomerate in Pakhal beds near Bangaru-chilka, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0800 | Singh, Yamuna; Rai, S. D.; Ramachar, T. M.

Microporellus Murr. (Polyporaceae) : a new generic record from India
p. 0801 | Virdi, Suninder S.

Farinose spot of French bean--a new disease
p. 0802 | Srivastava, L. S.; Gupta, D. K.

A mosaic disease of sissoo (Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. )--a new record
p. 0802 | Singh, A.; Singh, R.; Shaigan, S.

Scanning electron microscopic studies on hilum structures in black and green grams
p. 0803 | Iqbal, M.; Khan, A.; Rizwi, M. A.

Mechanism of leaf rolling in rice
p. 0804 | Singh, G.; Singh, T. N.

Residual mercury accumulation in exposed mulberry plants
p. 0806 | Mohapatra, A.; Das, P. K.; Panigrahi, A. K.

Inhibition of photosynthesis in leaf discs by herbicides
p. 0807 | Basuchaudhuri, P.

Genetic variation at alcohol dehydrogenase locus in some drosophilids
p. 0808 | Parkash, Ravi; Jyoutsna; Yadav, J. P.; Sharma, Manju

Plantlet regeneration from hypocotyl tissue of Strychnos nuxvomica Linn.
p. 0812 | Kumar, Anjani; Datta, S. K.

Association of geminivirus-like particles with yellow mosaic disease of Dolichos lablab L.
p. 0813 | Raj, S. K.; Aslam, M.; Srivastava, K. M.; Singh, B. P.

Microbial conversion of murrayanine to mukoeic acid
p. 0815 | Bhattacharyya, P.; Mandal, N. C.; Chakrabarty, P. K.

Acetylene reduction activity of some blue-green algae
p. 0816 | Singh, Surendra

Tropane alkaloids from Lycium barbarum Linn., in vivo and in vitro
p. 0817 | Harsh, M. L.

Preliminary report on cardiac depressant effect of Hemidiscus hardmannianus (Bacilla-riophyceae)
p. 0818 | Babuji, S.; Manavalan, R.; Subramanian, A.

Modulation of protective effects of vitamin C in aflatoxicoses
p. 0820 | Bilgrami, K. S.; Sinha, S. P.; Ranjan, K. S.

Parasites of uzi fly, Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann (Diptera: Tachinidae): a new record
p. 0821 | Kumar, Pradip; Kumar, Anand; Noamani, M. K. R.; Sengupta, K.

Effect of the essential oil from the gum oleoresin of Boswellia serrata Roxb. on the gonads of male Dysdercus similis F.
p. 0822 | Rao, D. Raghunatha; Kaur, Amarjit

Sib mating and reproductive strategy of Gryon sp. (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)
p. 0824 | Velayudhan, R.; Senrayan, R.

p. 0826

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0827 | Ramasarma, T.

p. 0832

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