Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 07: 05 Apr, 1989
p. 0337

Research Articles
Laser Raman spectroscopic evidence for the existence of oxoperoxotitanate(IV) in aqueous solution containing 'titanyl' moiety and the synthesis of an unusual peroxotitanate(IV) complex, potassium oxoperoxodichlorotitanate (IV) monohydrate, K2[TiO(O 2Cl2].H2
p. 0339 | Chaudhuri, Mihir K.; Das, Bimalendu

Enhancement of oleo-gum resin production in Commiphora wightii by improved tapping technique
p. 0349 | Bhatt, J. R.; Nair, M. N. B.; Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Discovery of Albian nannoflora from type Dalmiapuram Formation, Cauvery Basin, India--Paleoceanographic remarks
p. 0358 | Jafar, S. A.; Rai, Jyotsana

Pattern of changes in the protein metabolism of rat ovary during implantation and anti- implantation
p. 0366 | Reddy, R. Manohar; Changamma, C.; Reddanna, P.; Govindappa, S.

Antigenicity of cellular and subcellular fractions of Leishmania donovani
p. 0368 | Obaid, K. A.; Ahmad, S.; Khan, H. M.; Khanna, R.; Mahdi, A. A.

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0372

Short communications
Ultraviolet visible spectroscopy of certain rare flavonoids
p. 0374 | Nair, A. G. Ramachandran; Mohandoss, S.; Voirin, Bernard

Garlic extract inhibits accumulation of polyols and hydration in diabetic rat lens
p. 0376 | Srivastava, V. K.; Afaq, Z.

C-banding technique for kinetochore and heterochromatin differentiation in Nitella mirabilis (Div. Charophyta)
p. 0377 | Bhatnagar, S. K.; Verma, Abha; Singh, V. K.

Heavy metal inhibition of in vitro pollen germination and pollen tube growth in Amaryllis vittata (AIT)
p. 0379 | Bhandal, I. S.; Bala, Rajni

Polygloidy and radiosensitivity in Solanum americanum Mill. and Solanum villosum Mill.
p. 0380 | Kothekar, V. S.

Methyl isocyanate: A mutagen
p. 0381 | Singh, I. P.; Roy, S. K.

A new report on abnormally fast germinating seeds of Haloxylon spp. --An ecological adaptation to saline habitat
p. 0382 | Sharma, Tej P.; Sen, D. N.

Sorghum purpureosericeum (A. Rich) Aschers. and Schweif sub sp. Dimidiatum (Stapf) Garber: Occurrence, morphology and cytology
p. 0385 | Rao, K. E. Prasada; Rao, Y. Saideswara; Mengesha, M. H.

Electron microscopic studies of Xanthomonas campestris pv. ricini (Yoshi and Takimoto) Dye
p. 0386 | Choudhary, S. L.; Chakravarti, B. P.

A detached leaf technique for maintenance and multiplication of Phytophthora infestans and evaluation of fungicides
p. 0388 | Thind, T. S.; Mohan, Chander; Sokhi, S. S.; Bedi, J. S.

A leaf mutant in gram ( Cicer arietinum L. )
p. 0389 | Mishra, G. P.; Perraju, P.; Mishra, D. K.

Interactive effects of soil fertility and salt stress on the activities of certain enzymes of nitrogen metabolism in mustard
p. 0390 | Sharma, P. C.; Mali, P. C.; Garg, B. K.; Vyas, S. P.; Kathju, S.; Lahiri, A. N.

Short-term effect of urea on nitrogenase activity in Nostoc anthoceros
p. 0392 | Singh, Surendra; Prakasham, R.

Plantlet formation from callus cultures of cowpea ( Vigna sinensis L. )
p. 0394 | Pandey, Punita; Bansal, Y. K.

Leucocoprinus fragilissimus (Berk. & Br. ) Pat., a new find in Orissa, India
p. 0396 | Das, M. K.; Sinha, M. P.

Effect of streptomycin on the morphology of cowpea Rhizobium
p. 0397 | Dubey, Y. P.; Pareek, R. P.; Singh, T. A.

A new leaf spot disease of mulberry caused by Myrothecium roridum Tode Ex Fr.
p. 0398 | Govindaiah; Sengupta, K.; Sharma, D. D.; Gargi; Gunasekhar, V.

Chromosomal studies in Culex minutissimus
p. 0398 | Tripathy, N. K.; Chand, S. K.; Das, C. C.

Decontamination of sheep faeces infested with gastro-intestinal nematodes by gamma irradiation
p. 0400 | Hemaprasanth; Sharma, R. L.

In vivo sister chromatid differentiation in an amphibian model--Application of reverse banding
p. 0401 | Banerjee, S. N.; Chakrabarti, S.

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