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Volume 57 - Issue 23:
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Research Articles
Non-isothermal effectiveness factors in bidispersed catalysts under conditions of external transport resistances
p. 1267 | Tambe, S. S.; Kulkarni, B. D.

Quantitative separation of uranium as UO22+ by paper chromatography on zirconium (IV) tungstate papers
p. 1274 | Misra, Aditya K.; Rajput, R. P. S.

Flosolver: A parallel computer for fluid dynamics
p. 1277 | Sinha, U. N.; Deshpande, M. D.; Sarasamma, V. R.

p. 1285

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 1286

p. 1287

Short communications
Copper and zinc in human senile cataract
p. 1288 | Srivastava, V. K.; Chaturvedi, N.; Garg, M.; Pandey, D. C.

A comparative mass spectral study of pyridinium aldoximes
p. 1288 | Bhattacharya, A.; Tripathi, D. N.

Antimicrobial activity of sulphonylchalcones and sulphonylcyclohexenones
p. 1291 | Krishna, S. V.; Rajasekhar, A.; Reddy, T. K. K.; Naidu, M. S. R.

Manifestations of the Kurduwadi Lineament based on remote sensor data interpretation
p. 1293 | Kale, Vivek S.; Peshwa, V. V.

Formation of perfect stage of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn causing leaf spot and boll rot of cotton
p. 1295 | Lakshmanan, P.; Mohan, S.; Jeyarajan, R.

Growth regulators affect nectar-pollen production and insect foraging in Brassica seed crops
p. 1297 | Mishra, R. C.; Sharma, S. K.

Colletotrichum foliar infections on Leucaena leucocephala in Kerala, India
p. 1299 | Mohanan, C.

An induced shell mutant in groundnut
p. 1300 | Manoharan, V.; Ramalingam, R. S.

On the Occurrence of stylet-bearing nematodes associated with mangroves of Gangetic estuary, West Bengal, India
p. 1301 | Sinha, Baby; Choudhury, Amalesh

Endosperm amylase activity in pearl millet seedlings in relation to dwarfism
p. 1302 | Krishnan, P. N.; Singh, Y. D.

Increased frequency of normal plant regeneration from crown gall callus of Sesbania rostrata
p. 1304 | Mathews, Helena; Rao, P. S.; Bhatia, C. R.

Hydrocarbon emulsifying activity of bacterial strains: Potential of Arthorobacter paraffineus
p. 1307 | Singh, Manjeet; Desai, J. D.

p. 1308

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
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