Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 57 - Issue 21: 05 Nov, 1988
Research Articles
Ultrasonic dispersion studies in cycloheptanone
p. 1153 | Reddy, T. S.; Rao, N. P.

p. 1155

Research Articles
On the behaviour of velocity profile in hydromagnetic flows
p. 1156 | Ritolia, S. K.; Singh, B. P.

p. 1158

Research Articles
Why do DNA helical models exhibit wedge rolls? A mathematical rationale
p. 1159 | Bhattacharya, Dhananjay; Bansal, Manju

p. 1162

Research Articles
Surface temperature of the equatorial Pacific Ocean and the Indian rainfall
p. 1163 | Gopinathan, C. K.

p. 1165

p. 1169

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 1170

p. 1171

Short communications
Occurrence of the seagrass halodule pinifolia den Hartog in the Indian Ocean
p. 1172 | Hartog, C. dEN; Yang, Zong-Dai

Occurrence of multinucleate cambial initials in some tropical trees
p. 1174 | Venugopal, N.; Krishnamurthy, K. V.

Characterization of sheath from photoheterotrophically growing strain of Calothrix marchica
p. 1175 | Adhikary, S. P.

Fusarium species associated with grain mould and stalk rot of sorghum and their effect seed germination and growth of seedlings
p. 1177 | Mahalinga, D. M.; Anahosur, K. H.; Hegde, R. K.

Isolation and purification of a sesquiterpene lactone from the leaves of Parthenium hysterophorus--Its allelopathic and cytotoxic effects
p. 1178 | Patil, T. M.; Hegde, B. A.

Changes in DNA content in gamma-irradiated nuclei of Chara zeylanica
p. 1181 | Pul, Ruma; Chatterjee, Probir

Xeno-dissimilatory plasmids
p. 1182 | Boominathan, K.; Guru-Jeyalakshmi, G.; Balajee, S.; Mahadevan, A.

Influence of salt on the growth, nitrogenase and ammonia assimilating enzymes of Azolla pinnata
p. 1183 | Rajarathinam, K.; Padhya, M. A.

Agropyron species as collateral hosts for black rust of wheat
p. 1184 | Brahma, R. N.

Interspecific hybrid between Amaranthus spinosus and A. Virdis
p. 1185 | Mallika, V. K.; Peter, K. V.; Ramachandran, C.

Jagery Solution--Acomplete nutrient medium for multiplication of Rhizobium
p. 1188 | Annapurna, K.; Gupta, Mala; Jauhri, K. S.

Apple pomace--A good substrate for the cultivation of edible mushrooms
p. 1189 | Upadhyay, R. C.; Sohi, H. S.

A new brown spot disease of oyster mushroom caused by Pseudomonas stutzeri
p. 1190 | Mallesha, B. C.; Shetty, K. Shivappa

Trichoderma pseudokoningii rifai--A new record of lignocellulolytic fungus from India
p. 1192 | Balagopalan, C.

A new spider species from Gujarat, India
p. 1192 | Patel, S. K.

Sterilization of potato tubermoth, Phthorimaea operculella with ethyl methane sulphonate
p. 1193 | Banta, Sapna; Gautam, D. C.

Effect of juvenile hormone analogue methoprene on the prepupal and pupal stages of the potato tuber moth
p. 1195 | Reddy, G. V. Prasad; Urs, K. C. Devraj

Total developmental arrest of fourth instar larvae of Culex quinquesfasciatus treated with penfluron
p. 1196 | Saxena, S. C.; Kaushik, R. K.

Effect of various insecticides on honey bee, Apis florea Fabricius in 'ber'
p. 1199 | Patel, B. H.; Upadhyay, V. R.; Muralidharan, C. M.; Judal, G. S.

Sex ratio in normal and sex-limited strains of silkworm, Bombyx mori
p. 1201 | Nagaraju, J.; Singh, Ravindra; Premalatha, V.

p. 1202

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