Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 57 - Issue 02: 20 Jan, 1988
Research Articles
Tissue culture and gene transfer in barley
p. 0059 | Jain, S. Mohan; Newton, R. J.; Tuleen, N. A.

Holocene vegetation and climate change in Kumaun area based on palynological evidences
p. 0071 | Dodia, Rekha

p. 0073

Research Articles
Present concept of hydrogenase activity in nitrogen-fixing systems with special reference to root nodule bacterium
p. 0074 | Kumar, K. R. Sree; Sen, A. N.

p. 0078

Short communications
Synthesis and nitration of some substitued 2-(2'-furyl) cinchoninic acids
p. 0079 | Holla, B. Shivarama; Udupa, K. Venkatramana

Effect of feeding Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum gracecum) leaves on faecal excretion of total lipids and sterols in the normal albino rabbits
p. 0081 | Chaturvedi, Vinita; Pant, M. C.

Effect of exogenous amino acid application on rhizogenesis in hypocotyl cuttings of Phaseolus vulgaris L.
p. 0082 | Kakkar, R. K.; Rai, V. K.

Studies on nitrate reduction by VAM fungal spores
p. 0084 | Sundaresan, P.; Raja, N. Ubalthoose; Gunasekaran, P.; Lakshmanan, M.

Male and female gametophytes of Rauvolfia sumatrana Jack
p. 0085 | Lakshminarayana, K.

Variability of acetylene reduction assay in the estimation of nitrogen fixation in tropical forest soils
p. 0087 | Sambandham, T.; Mohankumar, V.; Mohan, N.; Mahadevan, A.

The first cytotaxonomic report in Chara braunii F. novi-mexicana (Div. Charophyta)
p. 0089 | Bhatnagar, S. K.

Nullisomic-trisomic in Coix gigantea (Poaceae)
p. 0090 | Sapre, A. B.; Barve, S. S.

Production of sheath of Calothrix marchica Lemm in photo and chemoheterotrophic culture
p. 0091 | Adhikary, S. P.; Sahu, Jayanti

Radio protective effect of gibberellic acid in wheat variety C 306
p. 0093 | Uppal, S.; Maherchandani, N.

Changes in different lipid contents in the cotyledon and embryo of germinating sunflower (Helianthus annuus L. ) seeds
p. 0095 | Bose, G.; Ghosh, B. N.; Bose, P. C.

Association of seed characters with modulation in sybeans
p. 0097 | Balasundaram, V. R.; Goswami, K.

On the occurrence of Physalis angulata L. in Tamil Nadu
p. 0098 | Ganapathi, A.

Direct plantlet formation in cotyledon cultures of Capsicum frutescens
p. 0099 | Subhash, K.; Christopher, T.

Tolerance of algal population in rice soil to carbofuran application
p. 0100 | Megharaj, M.; Venkateswarlu, K.; Rao, A. S.

Induction of sporulation in Alternaria porri in vitro
p. 0102 | Gupta, R. B. L.; Pathak, V. N.

Influence of dietary energy and protein levels on serum protein and cholesterol levels in Japanese quail
p. 0103 | Narahari, D.; Rajini, R. Asha; Prasad, I. A. Jaya

p. 0104

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0105

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