Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 56 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1987
General Articles
Experimental study of ablation and energy transport in KrF laser-plasma interaction
p. 1139 | Gupta, P. D.; Offenberger, A. A.; Fedosejevs, R.; Popil, R.; Tsui, Y. Y.

p. 1146 | Shrivastava, Nisha; Pitre, K. S.

Atmospheric estimiation of some rare-earths using Methyl Thymol Blue
p. 1147 | Shrivastava, Nisha; Pitre, K. S.

p. 1149

General Articles
Palynological dating of olive-green shales underlying the Athgarh Sandstone in Mahanadi Basin
p. 1150 | Tiwari, R. S.; Tripathi, A.; Dutt, A. B.; Mukhopadhyay, A.

p. 1153

General Articles
Cytotoxic effect of nickel chloride on the somatic chromosomes of Swiss albino mice Mus musculus
p. 1154 | Mohanty, P. K.

p. 1157

General Articles
Effect of non-narcotic analgesic drug (aspirin) on developing chick embryo
p. 1158 | Radhaiah, V.; Joseph, K. Vijay; Rao, K. Jayantha; Ramamurthi, R.

Short communications
Giant/abnormal cataclasites of Timmapur, Nilgund and Kardigud, Belgaum, Bijapur Districts, Karnataka State
p. 1161 | Gokhale, N. W.; Hegde, G. V.

Burrowing of gastropod Umbonium Link and its implication in ichnofossil study
p. 1164 | Badve, R. M.; Bhonsle, S. P.

Spectral study of the C-X system of transient mercury bromide
p. 1166 | Asthana, P. N.

Coordination polymers of cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II), zinc(II) and cadmium (II) with 3-allyl-I-(2-mercapto-4-oxo-3(4H)-quinazolinyl)-2-thiopseudourea
p. 1168 | Verma, J. K.

Biflavones from the leaves of Rhus alata Thumb.
p. 1171 | Parveen, Mehtab; Khan, Nizam U.

Dependence of crystallinity of nickel on electrodeposition conditions
p. 1172 | Nageswar, S.; Ramachandran, A.

Sterility and meiosis in five species of jasmine
p. 1173 | Karmakar, P. G.; Srivastava, H. C.

Effect of mercury on Pistia stratiotes
p. 1175 | Jana, Sasadhar

An easy method of preserving cultures of aspergilli and penicilla
p. 1175 | Lal, S. P.; Kapoor, J. N.

A preliminary report of cone toxins to fishes and crabs
p. 1176 | Rajendran, N.; Kasinathan, R.

Effect of magnetic fields on the sex expression and yield in the Cucumis pubescens Willd
p. 1178 | Rao, M. Babu; Bhalla, J. K.

Plate assay to screen fungi for proteolytic activity
p. 1179 | Rajamani, S.; Hilda, A.

Cytology of a tetrasomic plant of Capsicum annuum L.
p. 1181 | Lakshmi, N.; Nalini, P.

Ashy stem blight of soybean in India
p. 1182 | Dhar, Vishwa; Sarbhoy, A. K.

Fertility of frozen semen in Surti buffaloes
p. 1183 | Dhami, A. J.; Jani, V. R.; Kodagali, S. B.

Validity of the genus Chlorolepiota--a member of agaricales
p. 1184 | Deshpande, Sandhya

A new weed host of rice tungro virus complex
p. 1185 | Mohanty, S. K.; Bhaktavatsalam, G.; Singh, S. K.

Reversal of chlorofluorenol-induced inhibition in elongation barley seedlings by gibberellic acid
p. 1186 | Mathew, T.

Mycoflora on unbloomed floral buds of Papaver somniferum L.
p. 1188 | Nigam, N.; Rai, B.; Mukerji, K. G.

Stage-specific proteins during the ontogeny of Dysdercus koenigii (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 1189 | Bhola, R. K.; Srivastava, K. P.

On the identity of a lymantriid defoliator of cashew and cocoa in south India
p. 1191 | Ramaseshiah, G.; Bali, Ramesh

Record of mealybug species on grapevine in Karnataka
p. 1192 | Mani, M.; Thontadarya, T. S.

Records of Blepharella lateralis Macquart and Carcelia sp. --two indigenous parasitoids of Spilosoma (=Diacrisia) obliqua Walker from Bihar, India
p. 1192 | Kumar, Nawin; Yadav, R. P.

p. 1193

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