Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 56 - Issue 20: 20 Oct, 1987
General Articles
Nonlinear analysis of an electroencephalogram (EEG) during epileptic seizure
p. 1039 | Varghese, Lalaja; Nampoori, V. P. N.; Pratap, R.

p. 1041

General Articles
Histopathological observations on pink disease of eucalyptus
p. 1042 | Subramaniam, S. V.; Ramaswamy, V.

Distributional resume of coastal floristic elements in the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands
p. 1045 | Rao, T. Ananda; Chakraborti, Swapna

Spores of the fungus Alternaria brassicicola as a clastogen in treated mice
p. 1052 | Manna, G. K.; Banerjee, M.

Short communications
X-ray evidence for the presence of single crystals of sodium salts in Kevlar 49 fibres
p. 1055 | Vijayan, Kalyani

On the lifetime of the excited state of 4-methyl-6, 7-dimethoxy coumarin
p. 1056 | Giri, R.; Rathi, S. S.; Machwe, M. K.; Murti, V. V. S.

Presence of ingenol and a new diterpene 4-deoxy ingenol in the latex of Euphorbia megalantha (Boiss)
p. 1058 | Upadhyay, R. R.; Mohaddes, G.

A preliminary study on root associated diazotrophs of cotton
p. 1059 | Bala, Indu; Kundu, B. S.

Improvement of carrier material for development of rhizobial inoculants
p. 1061 | Jauhri, K. S.; Gupta, M.

Embryology of Euphorbia maddeni and Euphorbia nivulia
p. 1062 | Bhanwra, R. K.

A new species of Septocyta Petrack, from India
p. 1065 | Purohit, D. K.; Chawla, G. C.

Pure culture synthesis of Pinus patula ectornycorrhizae with Scleroderma citrinum
p. 1066 | Kannan, K.; Natarajan, K.

Induction of proline accumulation by methylparathion in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. )
p. 1068 | Deshpande, A. A.; Swamy, G. Sivakumar

Viability of Cercospora canescens conidia under simulated airborne conditions
p. 1070 | Rao, P. Bhaskara; Mallaiah, K. V.

A new species of asterina
p. 1071 | Nair, L. N.; Kaul, V. P.

A rapid staining technique for staging of microspores in rice (Oryza sativa L. ) and rice bean (Vigna umbellata)
p. 1072 | Gupta, H. S.

Amanita flavofloccosa--an addition to Indian agaric flora
p. 1073 | Purushothama, K. B.; Natarajan, K.

Electrophoretic studies on seed protein profiles of diploid and auto-tetraploid green-gram (Vigna radiata (L. ) Wilczek)
p. 1074 | Vardhan, Z. Vishnu; Pulivarthi, H. R.; Prakash, N. S.

A note on colehicine-induced interchange heterozygosity in Capsicum annuum L.
p. 1075 | Harini, I.; Lakshmi, N.; Prakash, N. S.

Batch spawning on larval survival in Macrobrachium lanchesteri
p. 1077 | Charles, P. Maria

Phomopsis ichnocarpi sp. nov. on Ichnocarpus frutescens
p. 1078 | Yesodharan, K.; Sharma, J. K.

Statistical interpretation of the hatching percentage of carp eggs
p. 1080 | Mohan, M. V.; Sankaran, T. M.

Neuroendocrine involvement in the regulation of lactate and succinate dehydrogenase activities in the freshwater crab, Barytelphusa guerini (H. Milne Edwards) (Decapoda, Potamidea)
p. 1081 | Venkatachari, S. A. T.; Gangotri, M. S.; Vasantha, N.

New records of natural enemies of Spodoptera litura (Fab. ) in Kolhapur, India
p. 1083 | Sathe, T. V.

p. 1084

p. 1092

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