Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1986
Special Section
Noise and its Role in Instrumentation
p. 1219 | Neelakantan, K.

The Interference of Polarized Light as an Early Example of Berry's Phase
p. 1225 | Ramaseshan, S; Nityananda, Rajaram

The Corpus Luteum of the Indian Fruit Bat, Rousettus Leschenaulti Desmares
p. 1227 | Gopalakrishna, A; Badwaik, N; Nagarajan, R.

p. 1231

Short communications
Geometries of Guanine in Free State and in Thin Film: Non-Planar To Planar Modification (
p. 1232 | Mishra, P. C.

Hydrogen Diffusion in Low Temperature Annealed Nickel
p. 1233 | Kapoor, Namita; Nigam, A. N

Scolecite as an New Adsorbant for the Chromatographic Separation of Phospholipids
p. 1235 | Shrivastava, P. K; Prakash, R.

Pigeon Pea Strains: Deficient in Phytohemagglutinin Activity
p. 1236 | Vasishta, Renu; Dhindsa, K. S; Batra, V. I. P

Interaction of Nitrogen Molecules with Pre-Assorbed H 2 O2 On Rutile TiO 2
p. 1237 | Vishwanathan, V

Activities of Albolase, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Glucose-6-Phosphatase and Arginase in Perchlorate Toxicity
p. 1238 | Sangan, P; Motlag, D. B.

Late Holocene Evidence of Neotectonics in the Upper Vashishthi Valley (Western Maharashtra)
p. 1240 | Kale, V. S; Rajaguru, S. N; Rajagopalan, G.

Grain Size Analysis and Surface Textures of Coastal Red Sands Around Muttom, Kanyakumari District and their Implications on Environment of Deposition
p. 1241 | Rajendran, C. P; Chitraprabha, J. P

Alpha-Amylase and Isoperoxidases in Differentiating Callus Cultures of Datura Innoxia
p. 1244 | Jain, R. K; Maherchandani, N; Chowdhury, V. K.

Relationship of Rice Grassy Stunt Virus with its Planthopper Vector
p. 1245 | Mathew, S. K; Basu, A. N

Hendersonia Punithalingamii SP Nov from India
p. 1247 | Reddy, V. R. Thulasi; Manoharachary, C

Utilization of Hydrocarbon in Crude Oil by Fungi
p. 1248 | Savitha, J

Some New Rusts from Hyderabad
p. 1250 | Bagyanarayana, G; Ramachar, P

Histo-Morphology of Spermatheca of Sphaerodema (= Diplonychus) Rusticum Fabr (Belostomatidae--Heteroptera--Insecta)
p. 1251 | Jawale, S. M; Ranade, D. R

A Mercurial Fungicide-Induced Nuclear changes in the Oocyte of the Teleost, Channa Punctatus (Bloch)
p. 1253 | Ram, Raj Narayan; Sathyanesan, A. G.

Gamma-Ray-Induced Meiotic Abnormalities in Mulberry ( Morus L)
p. 1254 | Chakraborti, S. P; Sarkar, A

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